10 Best Fogless Shower Mirrors in 2023 for Better Self-care


Every person experiences times of hurry, unless you’re flawlessly punctual like Mr. Perfect, of course. There could be perfectly good reasons for being delayed to work or school, or you may have simply overslept and languished in bed for too long. The true annoyance begins when you’re rushing to get a speedy shave in the bathroom and your mirror persistently fogs up every few moments.

Since you must also battle the condensation by wiping each time it forms, you get dragged back and irritated. We guess you won’t entertain this situation the next day, right? If so, you need to buy not only a new shower mirror but the best fogless shower mirror the foggy struggles will surely be past tense.

While the market comes with as many mirrors as there are buyers, we have done the hard part, and here we present you the 10 best fogless mirrors.

The 10 Best Shower Mirrors of 2023

1. ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

Classically designed but a modern piece of furniture with light grey linen upholstery that fits any house decor and looks good in the center of the bedroom or when placed against the wall. This product has robust and sturdy wooden slats that’ll ensure extended use over a long period of time.


  • 5 x 6.5 x 2.6 inches.
  • Built-in shelf.
  • Adjustable bracket.
  • Tilt function.
  • Easy mounting.

ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee is a perfect middle-size mirror that has been designed to be sturdy and shatterproof, and it will remain fogless throughout your whole shower. The measurements of 8.5 x 6.5 x 2.6 inches make it the right one for your showering and shaving needs.

Featuring a built-in shelf, you can keep your thingamabobs like razors, sponge, and tweezers safe and still easily find them intact as opposed to keeping them elsewhere and having to locate them because you forgot.

For the men and women who get pissed off by stationary mirrors, this model has an adjustable bracket. This bracket allows the mirror to be tilted in different angles so that nearly every user is accommodated. Besides, just unfasten the mirror from the bracket and fill the acrylic reservoir behind with warm water to ensure that your fogless view is maintained.

ToiletTree have designed this mirror to ensure hassle-free mounting on the shower walls. You don’t need the sometimes messy suction cups that keep falling off, with a powerful water-resistant double-sided tape, this mirror is securely mounted on the wall easily.


Easy to mount.

It is shatterproof, making it highly durable.

Perfect size for use in showers.


It is difficult to remove the mirror from the wall.

Continued use of the tilt function makes it weak.

2. Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror

This mirror is one of the best budget-friendly shower mirrors for shaving. This low price, however, doesn’t mean that it’s a very bad product, in fact, it ranks as the second-best mirror on this list in terms of the results it gives.

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  • Measures 6.83 x 5.25 x 0.125 inches.
  • No suction cups.
  • Flat design.

Upgrade your shower with this small-sized mirror that offers an assurance of safe hanging on the wall. You know the heavier the mirror, the more difficult it becomes to hang, this is not the case with Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower mirror, it can easily be tucked in a toiletry bag and carried elsewhere.

The good thing is that it doesn’t come with the ever-annoying suction cups for mounting, instead, the mirror is stuck on the wall by a more powerful adhesive hook that can hold it permanently – this gives you peace of mind.

You will definitely need to warm up this mirror by keeping it under a shower stream for a few minutes before each use. This enhances a fogless view.

With its low price, just under $15, it’s something you can buy every year for your information, the mirror does lose its mirrored area with time, which means you might have to buy a new one every end of the year.


Excellent customer service in case there’s an issue.

Can be easily hung on the wall using a hook.

No need to re-treat your mirror.


The reflective background flakes off after some time.

3. Upper West Collection No Fog Shower Mirror with Rotating, Locking Suction

Most fog less mirrors with suction cups are a straight no if you know something regarding these locks. However, this isn’t the major problem with Upper West Collection No Fog Shower Mirror. Amazingly, these suction cups hold on very strongly and with just a simple flick of a switch, you can remove them again.


  • Measures 6.5 inches.
  • 360-degree rotating arm.
  • Razor holder.
  • Suction lock.

Upper West Collection No Fog mirror has a unique stylish design that fits the bill of modern-day showers. The design is a beauty on the wall as it extends away from it. A 360-degree rotating arm hangs this mirror on the wall and allows the mirror to swivel around all angles so that you can efficiently position it for your shower or shave.

It also features a razor holder which you can place in a different location, or if you wish you can stick it on the mirror itself. Although many people are coming to detest the suction cups for justifiable reasons, this mirror is held in place using suction locks that are attached on the walls.

You will not necessarily need to treat this mirror as you would standard ones, but to improve its reflection quality for the perfect grooming or makeup, splash the mirror with hot soapy water once in each shower.

Don’t worry what to use when you travel, you can remove this mirror without hassle and store it for the journey.


360-degree adjustable mirror for convenience.

Easily removable for traveling.

Sleek, modern design.


It fogs up easily.

Over time, the suction cups become unreliable.

4. The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror

There is everything good with this great little mirror from The Shave Well Company, the most notable being the extremely low price it is almost cost less. So, if you are after a great budget buy, here you go.


  • Measures 6 x 4 inches.
  • Travel mirror.
  • Weight: 1.76 oz.
  • No suction cups.

The size of a mirror matters and this one is compact, making it well applicable to the shower environment. This small size makes it a reliable travel mirror that you can carry to other places like the gym and so on.

This mirror is not hung on the wall by use of suction cups (no use to explain these cups), but rather it has an adhesive hook. You can be dead sure this hook won’t detach leaving your mirror broken into pieces on the floor.

In order to maintain the crystal clear anti-fog reflection, saturating it under a stream of water to warm it up is the right practice. During cleaning, don’t hassle much, the mirror comes with a special coating to help you eradicate water spots or soapy sticks on your mirror this increases the durability of the mirror.

This little mirror is surely under priced; it goes for a mere $9, what an embarrassment! And still, it produces a great shadow-free clear view for the smoothest baby shaves and makeup.


It is extremely cheap.

Compact small size good for travel.

Easy to clean.


The coating on the back scrapes off easily.

5. JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror

By bringing this mirror on board, JiBen has brought a convenient, easy-to-use mirror to the limelight. The mirror comes with a variety of unique features which make it stand out in its own right. For example, the 360-degree swivel function is a great addition for fun-loving makeup artists.


  • Measures 5.75 inches in diameter.
  • 360-degree swivel.
  • Built-in razer hook.
  • Lightweight for traveling.
  • Suction lock.
  • Anti-fogging chemical coating.

JiBen Fog less Shower Mirror is the ideal mirror for those of us who are attracted to sleek, modern designs, but this model of the fog less mirror is made from high-quality shatterproof plastic material which enhances its durability. The small size of the mirror is one of the best when you travel away from home.

The 360-degree swivel feature is unique to this mirror and it enables you to tilt the mirror in the angle you are comfortable with for the perfect makeup session. Combine the fact that jiBen Fog less Shower Mirror is lightweight with the powerful suction cups and you’ll find out just how easy and straightforward mounting this product is.

The good aspect of the suction cups is that you can remove them effortlessly and re-position your mirror for better viewing results. This mirror also incorporates a built-in razor hook in which you can keep your razors and other related stuff for ease of access and convenience.

To handle fogging, a special anti-fogging coating has been applied to the mirror. Before you shower, make an effort to splash or wipe the mirror with soapy water to make it fog-free throughout your shower.


Compact, lightweight, and portable

Ideal for travel.

360-degree swivel.


The suction cups will eventually wear out and become weak.

6. ReflexXL Shower Mirror

This mirror has a patented design that incorporates a laminated backing, and on top of that it’s made of full-strength acrylic material that definitely beats glass 18 times or more. These features make it a durable Mirror on A Rope’s product that many people appreciate.


  • Measures 7.6 x 5.6 inches.
  • Patented lanyard design.
  • Anti-shadow function.

This is a truly large fog less mirror for makeup diehards who want to take nothing for granted. With its patented lanyard design already a mark of durability, you will love the long-enduring performance of this mirror, and the quality of the mirror won’t deteriorate soon, even with a back lamination.

Talking about mounting mirrors, it’s all different with Mirror On A Rope mirrors; these offer hanging versatility. For instance, it doesn’t use either the silicone glue or suction cups, it uses non-wall mounting procedures to stay in place, enabling you to change the location, angle, or height of the mirror for high-quality reflection at will.

There is an adjustable 5-feet paracord in the accessory kit which can be used to hang this mirror over the wall if you don’t want to hold it for long. Wall mounted mirrors sometimes can be seriously affected by the mess of water droplet shadows, however, the shadow-free function on this model gives you the edge regarding clear reflections and there are no problems of shadows.



Large size.


The back lamination peels off easily.

7. ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror

Without a doubt, this mirror scores more than just average on its performance. With its abundance of really nice features, we don’t see the leaders leaving this mirror too much behind.


  • Measures 6.5 x 8.
  • Ultra-wide water chamber.
  • Redesigned Shelf.
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Adjustable bracket.
  • Includes a squeegee.

Another mirror from ToiletTree Products with excellent performance. This mirror is designed never to fog during a shower; and with a reservoir right behind it, you will only be required to add warm or hot water in it. The rest is a smooth fogless view for the perfect grooming moment.

The adjustable brackets are capable of tilting up and down so you find the right altitude for your shower. Together with a 360-degree rotation function, it is very easy to find the best angle and position you want the mirror to be for a great view of yourself.

The removable double-sided tape does a solid job of attaching the mirror on the wall of your shower so intact that you won’t have to worry about it collapsing any given time. The above features rolled together with the built-in shelf where you can store accessories like razors or tweezers for easy access make this wall mounted fogless mirror a legend of its own kind.

Don’t forget that a squeegee accompanies ToiletTree Products mirror.


Easy installation.

You get a fogless view throughout your shower.

Cannot fall off.

Nice size.


If the water in the reservoir is not changed regularly, you may not experience the best results.

Not a magnifying mirror.

8. ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror

You don’t expect more than what this mirror provides for the listed price. Simply put, the functionality and features of this mirror are excellent – just like the other ToiletTree Products mirrors. Emphasis has been placed on its compact design. This product is a great travel mirror


  • Measures 4.8 x 1.2 x 5.5 inches.
  • Patented design.
  • Suction cups.
  • Water chamber.
  • Squeegee and toiletry bag.
  • Lightweight and portable.

The difference between this mirror and its other ToiletTree Products counterparts is the bag that comes along with it. The mirror has a small-sized compact design, making it a great fit for many bathrooms. Being lightweight, this mirror is one of the travel versions you want to try out sooner than later.

This patented mirror incorporates shatterproof materials, making it a high-quality product that will quickly become a reliable companion for many years. Like many ToiletTree Product models, this mirror also features a water chamber where you can fill either hot or warm water in order to keep the mirror fog-free for the rest of your shower time.

You can’t get wrong with mounting this mirror on the wall as the suction cups brought alongside are easy to use just press the mirror on the wall and it’ll stick there. Unlike other strong adhesives that usually damage or even discolor surfaces they are stuck on, the suction cups on this mirror won’t create such a mess.

A squeegee is also included in the mirror’s package to help you with removing stubborn water spots on the mirror before or after use, it also comes with a toiletry bag which you’ll certainly find handy while on a travel trip. Just tuck the mirror in this bag and you’re ready to go.


Easy to install using the suction cups.

A truly perfect fogless mirror.


Suction cups can weaken eventually and lose grip.

Very tiny for some people.

9. InterDesign Forma Metal Suction Shower Mirror

InterDesign Forma gives you exactly the stylish stainless steel design you want for longevity. This model, unlike others using single or two suction cups, comes with four of them – a call to ensure that the mirror is strongly attached to the wall once you mount it. Things won’t be wildly bad for you given these features.


  • Measures 6.25 x 2.5 x 11 inches.
  • Stainless steel design.
  • 4 super-strong suction cups.
  • Curved shelf and two hooks.

There are a number of people who have placed all their eggs in one basket, they only get stunned by stainless steel products. If you are one of them, prepare for the joy because interDesign Foma Metal Suction Shower Mirror is your like-to-like companion.

InterDesign Foma mirror inspires with a brushed stainless steel construction which not only turns this accessory into a typical classic style but also matches your bathroom decor to give the perfect setting. Besides, we all know stainless steel products are always durable and there to serve for long periods of time.

First, when mounting this mirror on the wall, you won’t have to struggle, make use of the four super-strong suction cups that come along to stick it on any non-porous wall surface. The curved shelf and hooks included with this mirror definitely makes it an upgrade to your life. Your razors, loofahs, shaving cream, or soap among others can be stored or hung more easily.

Finally, we consider the compact design of this model. This size has become an ideal functionality perfect for use in small spaces.


Perfect compact design.

Stainless steel construction.

Easy to mount on the wall.


The classic problem of suction cups, they dont hold on for long.

10. ReflexXL Shower Mirror by Mirror On A Rope

This is a go-to fogless mirror for those who want something big and permanent in a home.


  • Measures 7.6 x 5.6 inches.
  • Patented design.
  • 3-year warranty.

This is the largest fogless mirror model on the list and it is from Mirror on A Rope. Now, for homes, this is the perfect addition to bathrooms and showers. The advantage of this size is that you get to see yourself fully, making your grooming routine a breeze.

Keep in mind not to expect to mount this mirror it is a non-mounting type. This feature is very important because most mounted mirrors usually result in being trapped in shadows, which is not a welcome situation for makeup enthusiasts, but this one is shadow-free because you can place it anywhere you feel there is enough lighting to have a clear view of yourself.

That said, the backing of this mirror is laminated, roll this with the patented, shatterproof design and you have an industry leader in terms of quality and durability. As a bonus, make sure you stream your mirror with hot or warm water to eliminate fog and leave it fog-free for the whole session.

Another thing you need to look at on this mirror is its straightforward 3-year warranty, this shows that indeed Mirror On A Rope have completely good faith in the quality of their product, which should be a plus on your side as a buyer; as quality is what you are definitely chasing.


Patented design.

No shadows in the mirror.

Large mirror for home use.


Not ideal in small spaces.

Buying Guide: Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Fogless Mirror

Fogless mirrors are numerous on the market. If you use a blind approach, it is likely that you will land poor-quality products that will end up frustrating your everyday grooming routine. Consider these hacks to pick the right mirror.

The Size of the Mirror

You need to check for a mirror that fits your bathroom space perfectly, a perfect fit will make turning it around in different positions and angles a simple task. But again, what is the point of having a very small accessory which won’t help you view different parts of your body clearly?

Mounting System 

There are three different methods of mounting; suction cups will work for a few days and simply fall off, adhesives like glue are very strong for attaching but are difficult to break when you eventually want to dismount your mirror, a paracord rope is not common and may not be the perfect idea of getting a suitable angle.


Two types are known; heated shower and powerless mirrors. The first comes with a heating element (powered by electricity) that heats the mirror to attain the same temperature as that of the bathroom, this helps to prevent moisture from condensing on it. The powerless mirrors use a special technology to eliminate fogging on the mirror.

The heated shower mirrors are more effective.


A magnifying shower mirror has a variable magnification power which makes it offer both regular and zoom views of the image. You may want to consider this feature it is handy when focusing on a specific part of the body.

Resistance to Breakage

In case of a shortfall, your mirror should or shouldn’t break. This purely lies in the ability of a mirror to resist cracking or breaking when it falls. Consider a shatterproof fogless shower mirror.

FAQs about Fogless Shower Mirrors

How do I clean a mirror?

Normally, all the mirrors come with clear-cut instructions on how to clean them. Some of the mirrors come with a squeegee for cleaning while others don’t. For the ones without squeegees, ensure you get gentle cleaners that won’t harm the surface of the mirror.

How do I dispose of my mirror at the end of its life? Does it need to go into a landfill?

Some mirrors are recyclable, just like scrap metals, but you could spend some time and check whether the local recycling company does this job too. Ordinarily, mirrors aren’t recyclable – take care not to throw your old mirror into the recycle bin. Make all efforts to take the mirrors to a recycling center instead for safety reasons.

How do you remove a mirror from a bathroom wall?

Begin with your safety; put on heavy duty hand gloves. You may cover the mirror with heavy packing tape to prevent the glass from shattering and utilize the space between the mirror and walls by inserting wooden shims in those gaps gently. Start working the bar behind the glass using another shim. Do it gently, applying very little pressure and reaching along the top and sides of the mirror – making sure you a little bit at a time.

When you approach the bottom of the mirror, pull some support at its top to prevent the structure from falling off. Once you are confident that it is loosened, carefully remove it from the wall.

Final Thoughts

If you want to wake up for a lucky morning, you better consider buying a fogless mirror with the features that can serve you perfectly to kickstart your day. There are many of them on the market, you can easily be fooled into purchasing poor quality models unless you decide to carefully go through this guide. This guide provides you with comprehensive reviews of different models. Lucky for you-you just need to choose.

More importantly, remember to look at the features; size, type, mounting and breaking resistance, among others. Best of luck!

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