10 Best Wood & Metal Full-Size Futon Bed Frames in 2023

Are you looking for the best futon frames? Read our reviews of the most popular models and find out which one is the best for your needs.


While the futon has significantly evolved from its initial design, its association with college dorm room furniture remains strong. It’s interesting to note that there is currently a wide variety of futon frames available that can be converted into a chic sofa or bed.

If you need a well-built futon frame that can easily fit the interior decor of your house, you should do some research. Start with our top ten recommendations of best full-size futon frames, then check the buying guide included later to choose the right futon frame for your house.

We have included both metal and wood full-size futon frames from different price categories. Match these variants with your lifestyle, personal preferences, and requirements to invest in the right product.

10 Best Futon Frame Reviews – Laurel & Wolf

1. Nirvana Futons Arden Futon Frame Full Size

Manufactured in Indonesia, the Arden frame is for environment enthusiasts looking for a three in one piece of furniture for their house. There are no wood veneer or particle involved in the construction; it’s all durable hardwood. So, expect the smart Arden frame at your service for a long time.

Our first recommendation comes from Nirvana Futons. Arden is a beautiful bedding system made of hardwood generated from sustainable plantations. Whether you need a sofa, bed, or lounger, this frame will work just fine.

As the frame has a solid construction, it remains stable and quickly transforms from upright to the sleeper or reclined state.

This wooden futon frame is fit for a full-size futon mattress so that you can easily convert it into a sleeper whenever required. Backed by a five-year warranty, the structure is available in several colors.


Heavy-duty construction.

Five-year warranty.

Made of sustainable wood; echo-friendly.


Does not include the mattress.

2. Nirvana Futons Westfield Futon Frame Queen Size

The Westfield gives a warm welcome to your guests. Its natural wood grains give it a vintage look while the ability to convert makes it useful for many purposes.

This elegant piece of furniture from Nirvana Futons gives you supreme comfort. Made of heavy-duty solid wood, the Westfield has an attractive design that will enhance the decor of your guest room. It quickly transforms into a sofa, lounger, or full-size bed according to the requirements.

Natural grains on this futon frame looks warm while its opposing wooden slats and curved armrests add some style to the weekend party. Due to heavy-duty construction, Westfield is durable and can last for many years. If there should be any problem, you have a 5-year warranty.


Eco-friendly solid wood construction.

An anti-slip mechanism to keep the mattress in its place.5-year warranty.


Takes time to assemble.

3. Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon

This is for a modern living space where you can use the futon as a sofa in the day and transform it into a full-fledged bed at night. Changing the form factor is easy and takes a few seconds. Due to the solid metal frame and wood, this piece of furniture is durable.

Innovative design, durable construction, and versatile usage are three features that afforded Wood Arm futon a place on our list. It’s metal bi-fold frame has a solid construction that will last longer than you expect.

The Wood arm futon includes an 8-inch twill covered mattress that has coils encased independently to give you superior comfort. The cushion is available in three colors – tan, navy, and grey. Its weight capacity of 600 pounds is comparatively higher than many other variants available in the US market. It’s easy to assemble as well.

Overall, you are getting a long-lasting, durable, sturdy wooden futon frame at a relatively low price. Once required, the futon can also convert into a full-size sleeper.



Easily converts from sofa to bed.

Decent weight limit.


Cheap quality buttons on the mattress.

4. Nirvana Futons Stanford Futon Set Queen Size

If you need a futon set that has the style of a sofa and the comfort of a bed, Stanford is an ideal option. Moreover, you will not have to look for a futon mattress because it’s a set.

Suitable for a guest room or office, the Stanford is constructed from solid hardwood. Four slats on both its armrests and a rich-colored finish add elegance to any decor. The Stanford frame can be used in three positions, and its transformation from a recliner to a sleeping bed is quick as well as secure.

It comes with a thick and comfortable mattress. The frame has a warranty for five years; however, the bed is covered only for four years. As the set comes in many different colors, you can choose one of them depending on your preference and interior match.


Sustainable construction.

Support brackets built of metal.

Adjustable to three positions.


Needs two people to fold or unfold.

5. KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon

This chemical-free and organic wooden futon frame from KD frames can be an attractive addition to your home, office, or living room. If you like a versatile bed that can adjust according to your mood, go for the Studio Bifold.

Whether you want to sit up straight with your friends or want to rest in comfort, the Studio Bifold futon frame is an ideal choice. It transforms into five different positions that give you and your friends a customized place to hang out.

Made of Tulipwood, the futon frame is smooth and looks sober in your living room. You can put it together within an hour. The Studio is covered under a five-year warranty if any unlikely defect occurs. Unfortunately, the beautiful frame does not include a mattress.


Made of durable Tulip poplar.

Covered under a warranty of 5 years.

Can be adjusted in five different positions.


An uncomfortable centre where the frame folds.

6. Nirvana Futons Tri-Fold Wood Futon Frame

An excellent choice for individuals looking for a space-saving seating, lounge, or sleep solution. Made of hardwood, it’s going to be at your service for long.

Loveseat? Couch? That’s what most futon frames are. But this full-size futon frame might be more versatile than you would expect from a futon frame. Made of solid hardwood, it can be remodeled to a chair, lounger, or bed. In total, you have thirteen positions wherein you can adjust the structure.

The frame does not have much height, and that’s what adds a unique style to it. Its natural wood grains have a protective coat that enhances durability. With such sturdy construction, the futon frame can hold up to 300 pounds. You can use a few more pounds without worrying about any squeaking noise. Even if you face any problem, you have a five-year warranty.

You can trust the manufacturers because they are prominent in sending any missing parts. Overall, it’s a useful piece of furniture that you can invest in, especially if you host weekend parties.


Solid hardwood construction.

Five years of coverage.13 positions.

Easy to assemble.



Wobbles while using it as a bed.

7. Nirvana Futons Eastridge Futon Frame Full Size

Eastridge has all the qualities to be the next addition to your guest room. You will like the props under the armrests. Plus, it looks good in any surroundings, whether it’s a living room or office.

Made of solid hardwood, the Eastridge can add some more brightness to your living room. Easily convertible into a bed, it’s a seating cum sleep solution from Nirvana Futons with three positions to relax or rest. It has a long-lasting color that maintains the same shine throughout its life span.

When in sofa state, Eastridge is comfortable to sit, work, or enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends. Here comes the unique part; it includes an arms prop up beneath the armrests. The props can work as excellent support for trays while you serve breakfast to your friends.

Due to its heritage finish, it complements any decor. As Eastridge is made from sustainable plantations, you are not harming nature by investing in it. To complete the set, you will need a full-size futon mattress. Makers offer a 4-year warranty on this product.


Four years of warranty.

Ideal sitting height.

Adjusts into three positions.


The seating position is not suitable for individuals suffering from back pain.

8. Nirvan Futons Cottage Style Futon Frame Full Size

The cottage styled futon frame will make way for some of your old memories, that’s for sure. It’s simply beautiful and durable at the same time.

The cottage-style futon frame is a stylish and relaxing place to hang out. Its white satin finish gives you an invitation to relax. The structure can be converted to three different styles of resting positions; sofa, lounger, and bed. So, whether you have some of your friends invited for an evening party or night stay, you’ve got it covered.

Made of solid hardwood, the full-size futon frame comes with a 5-year warranty. It doesn’t come with a mattress or pillows, so you have to purchase a separate futon mattress to complete the set. Whether it’s your farmhouse or beach hut, the structure will complement the early morning air or the ocean breeze alike.


Ideal sitting height.

5-year warranty.

Adjustable to three positions.



9. DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame Black

An easy to assemble sturdy frame makes a useful, cost practical, and valuable addition to your dorm or living room. Aiden features a black color that suits any decor, so its applications when it comes to interior design are endless.

Sturdy metallic construction and a durable mesh back support are the two features why Aiden is featured on this list. We liked its stylish circular armrests, it suits modern as well as traditional interiors. The frame has three positions you can switch to, you can use it as a sofa or lounger. It has useful retainer clips that prevent the mattress from falling.

Aiden weighs less than 50 pounds, that’s why it’s easy to convert from sofa to bed and vice versa. Its comparatively inexpensive and can be adjusted to your monthly budget, especially if you do not want to spend much on the living room right now. DHP Aiden one of the bestsellers on Amazon.






Squeaks after a while.

10. DHP Vermont Metal Futon Frame Classic Design

If you need an easy way to utilize the available space in your small flat or house, DHP has the solution; Vermont. It’s inexpensive, convertible, and durable. Good luck with assembly though!

If you need a living room furniture that can be useful as well as attractive at the same time, Vermont is another offering from DHP. It looks cool and has the versatility to offer you a sitting as well as sleeping solution. It works both as a sofa and a full-size sleeping bed.

The weight limit of Vermont is 600 pounds. There are metal slats to provide the necessary support to your mattress. There are also retainer clips to keep the cushion in its place. It offers proper back support and guarantees a comfortable rest.

The futon frame has a minimal assembly procedure. So, please use two minds; call a friend of yours to help.


Sturdy construction.

High weight capacity.

Convertible to two positions.


Bad instructions to follow.

How to choose the better futon bed frames?

A sturdy structure is the first thing you should look for in a full-size futon frame. Apart from that, there are several other features wherein you will need guidance so you can make the right investment. In this section, we will talk about several factors that you should keep in mind while looking for a futon frame.


Let’s talk about some of the original features that you should look out for. The first step is to measure the available space where you will place the futon frame. It’s one of the most important things to consider. There is nothing worse than buying one of your favorite furniture and then unable to use it because of space constraints.

Other primary points to keep in mind:

  • Try to find a supportive futon frame, it’s better if it has extra legs in the middle.
  • Choose armrest according to your preference.
  • Colour and appearance depend upon the existing interior.
  • Plastic or wood? This again depends on your choice. However, we will discuss the same later in this post.


Futon frames are a great example of modern furniture. You have different colors and styles available to choose from. A collection comes with a mattress as well as the framework. However, if you already have a full-size futon mattress or you are looking for a replacement, then you can opt to purchase only the frame.

Metal or wood?

As you must have guessed, futon frames made of metal are cost-effective. So, if you are looking for a budget buy for your guest room, then a metal full-size futon frame will be appropriate.

Furthermore, they are lightweight and can be converted by any of your family members. Talking about wooden frames, they are common but expensive. The high price tag brings durability, but some added heft as well.

Wood frames are comparatively heavy and need two people to change their position, not with all the variants, but with heavier versions, yes. So, compare the options, check your budget, and invest in something that can be useful for a long time.

FAQs about Futon Bed Frames

What is the difference between a futon and a sofa bed?

A futon is a Japanese-style mattress that can be used as a couch or bed. A sofa bed is a piece of furniture that has a fold-out mattress to be used as a bed.

How much does a futon cost?

A futon typically costs between $100 and $300, depending on the quality of the futon.

What are the dimensions for a futon?

Futons come in different sizes, but the standard size is about 80 inches by 36 inches.

How do I clean a futon?

There are a few ways to clean a futon. You can either spot clean it with a damp cloth, or you can machine wash it on a gentle cycle. Be sure to air dry the futon before using it again.

Can I use my futon as a bed?

Yes, a futon can be used as a bed. It is important to make sure that the futon is comfortable for sleeping on and that it is the right size for your needs.


Everyone has a different choice in terms of furniture additions, especially if it’s going to be placed in a guest room. That’s why we have included a variety of full-size metal and wood frames in this list from different price categories and styles.

Choose any of the above-mentioned products, depending on your requirements and included a buying guide. Finally, we want to conclude that Nirvana Futons Arden, Westfield, and Stanford are the best available full-size futon frames. Whether you need design, support, or durability, they have it all.

These variants are reliable and can comfortably accommodate two of your guests so that you can get some compliments after your next weekend party, not complains.

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