16 Best Gas Grills under $200 Reviews of 2023

Discover the top-rated gas grills under $200, offering exceptional value, quality, and performance for budget-conscious grilling enthusiasts.

The traditional charcoal grill has its advantages for barbecuing, but long heating times and the production of smoke are among its downsides. Because of this, the best gas grill for under $200 can be an excellent substitute. Not only does it start safely with simply a button press, but it is also straightforward to use.

Additionally, grilling without fretting about hooking up charcoal and fatty deposit in addition to ash would be the best way to do it. The new generation gas grilling setup is the perfect technique composed of each tiny thing that you want from density to transportability, hence we have the best barbecue gas grills you require for the very best grilling that may additionally aid you to reduce cooking time.

To save your time, we’ve gathered recorded below what we consider are the best gas grills under $200 easily available on the marketplace as below

List Of 16 Best Gas Grill Under 200 Reviews

1. Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane, Grillster 8,000 BTU Portable Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane, Grillster 8,000 BTU Portable Gas Grill

  • Grill masters everywhere appear to agree on something: this slick Cuisinart Grillster is among the very best gas grills under $200 available on the current market, particularly because of its price.
  • Weighing in at only 10 pounds, this little man can easily reside on a picnic or balcony table and may reach up to 600 degrees in a couple of minutes, placing lots of grilling power at your fingertips.
  • And because you need about 72 square inches of cooking per individual, the Grillster is also an excellent alternative for couples or individuals, as it’s 146 square inches.

2. Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

  • The Char-Broil Standard 360 3-Burner is a top-performer for its under $200 group delivering 3 burners in addition to a strong, dependable experience deserving of this larger rate arrays. Sometimes it is possible to snag the 4-burner variant for under $200 during purchase and also may check directly here. If you do this is a take for top quality.
  • The very first thing that jumps out is just how much cooking place you get for the speed, along with exactly how much electricity they have packed in. It’s the largest grill at our best 3 and you’ll be able to see precisely how spacious it’s simply at first glance.
  • In general chef electricity on the 360 is a strong 30,000 BTUs, using 360 square inches of primary cooking distance and 3 burners. Additionally, it provides 170 square inches of porcelain-coated cable heating up the plate (great for corn or vegetable grilling) for over 530 square inches of total cooking place.
  • The side tables within this grill are roomy in addition to terrific for any prep work you need to perform and for keeping vital tools though you stay from the grill zone. The electronic ignition makes the grill startup quickly in addition to simple, addition to the stainless steel inline breaker give high durability to get a protracted grill life.

3. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill

Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill

  • The Char-Griller 3001 Grillin’ Pro Gas Grill is a bigger grill that falls well under the $250. Having a durable heavy-duty construct, this grill is designed for years of usage for all from small parties to midsize audiences.
  • The Grillin’ Pro includes over 400 square inches of grilling area with a different 192 square inches accessible over the grill for keeping food hot after it has been cooked. Users have access to your side burner to help prepare extra dishes while grilling.
  • This grill can be fitted using porcelain-coated, cast-iron grates for added non-stick protection and long-term durability. A side shelf and utility hooks offer space for food storage and prep for utensils and other things.
  • At about 50 inches tall and wide, the Grillin’ Pro is a fantastic match for most backyards and patios and could make a fantastic grill for families or a couple of pals.

4. MASTER COOK Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill

MASTER COOK Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill

  • The grill from MasterCook is also a superb outdoor gas grill under $200. This version has a couple of items in common with all the Char-Broil Classic 360 in terms of design and features. However, as you may see, there are also some significant differences between both.
  • It’s a cooking surface region over which you may accommodate massive dishes. An inexpensive gas grill does not need to mean cheaply assembled. This grill includes wire cooking grates that have been coated with ceramic, a stainless steel handle, two foldable side shelves which may be used for homework room, a rack to keep food warm, and 2 heavy 6-inch wheels casters for portability.
  • The lid and the firebox are built-in stainless steel coated in ceramic and are designed to stand up to rough weather. This product was designed with an outside frame of mind. Additionally, it has the ability to heat up fairly fast.
  • With all that said, setting this one up may be somewhat tricky. Additionally, a couple of users have the view that the starter device frequently disappoints in relation to its guaranteed operational capacity.

5. Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

  • If it comes to gas grills, we often favor the ones that provide portability and a first-class temperature controller. As luck would have it, this tool includes both aspects and considerably more, making it the best gas grill under $200 outside there.
  • What makes the machine mobile is its lightweight and compact body, which will enable you to choose it anywhere you desire. What’s more, you won’t even need to select the trouble of building it, since it’s going to be constructed for you.
  • This compact yet spacious grill includes one burner, which generates an outcome signal of 8,500 BTU per hour. The 189 square inches of the entire area will permit you to cook adequate portions of meals in one go.
  • To be certain that you won’t need to substitute the instrument anytime soon, it includes porcelain-enameled cooking consists of cast iron and cast aluminum lid and body, and this will prevent corrosion and rust in any way times.
  • The push-button ignition setting of the machine makes it totally simple for its customers to start this up. And the boundless control burner valve configurations will also let you control the temperature and run it according to your own requirements.
  • On the flip side, the grill uses a disposable liquid oil cylinder, which may be substituted or disposed of if required. In addition, you will just have to preheat the grill for 10 to 15 minutes until you’re able to begin cooking.

6. Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle

Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle

  • The Royal Gourmet is a portable tabletop grill under $200 to readily carry away everywhere for friends or family outings. The grill includes a massive oil cup that readily hastens the deposit of dirt while cooking also makes it a lot easier to clean up quicker.
  • It’s 2 individually controlled leftovers able to supply 8,500 BTU from each and a total of around 17,000 BTU high heat output of cooking energy.
  • It provides a total of 238 square inches of porcelain-enameled griddle region in order to perform more than simply grilling. Its stainless steel heating control panel using its piezo ignition system making it much easier to begin.

7. Cuisinart CGG180 CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG180 CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Gas Grill

  • I recommend that grillers on a budget look into mobile grills along with “conventional” grills. The rationale being, you may frequently get a perfectly excellent barbecue which has the extra advantage of portability. They are fantastic alternatives for camping or tailgating too!
  • The Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Portable Gas Grill lands on our listing of the best gas grill under $200 because of its flexibility. It is compact enough to carry everywhere and weighs just 17 lbs. Its layout is unique and permits you to utilize the device for a freestanding or tabletop grill based on what your requirements are.
  • So far as cooking electricity goes, it sports a 5,500 BTU burner and contains 160 square inches of cooking space, which can be more than enough for 4 to 6 people. The special design also enables you to take the device just like a briefcase, so it is ideal for camping or other mobile outdoor use.

8. VIVOHOME Tabletop Stainless Steel 2-burner Gas Grill

VIVOHOME Tabletop Stainless Steel 2-burner Gas Grill

  • This grill is small and designed to be mobile. It is extremely handy and easy to set up and break down. It’s legs that fold, a locking mechanism, and a grip that makes it effortless to carry around. Plus it only weighs 25lbs, so it is simple for anyone to handle.
  • It is made from stainless steel and can be hardy and durable, and is simple to wash. It’s two dishwashers and 277 square inches of grill area, which is a fairly good amount for a grill. The flexible heat knobs are simple to use and it’s an integrated thermometer too.

9. Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

  • This cooking channel by Blackstone is greater than a standard gas grill: in 28 inches, the griddle flat top can undertake considerable quantities of food simultaneously and offer even heat distribution, providing well-cooked meals every time in addition to making grease maintenance easier.
  • As a full-size griddle, this gas grill under $200 channel considerably expands your menu choices. The flat-top permits you to incorporate more complex breakfast food recipes into your everyday diets, like omelets, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, French toast, quesadillas, and even more.
  • Concerning conventional party foods, you’ll have the ability to enjoy making succulent steaks and other meats in addition to your favorite Mexican foods, hash browns, corn, and Japanese-style grilled bites.
  • This Blackstone griddle employs regular 20-pound propane tanks also includes two different heating knobs on the front panel, letting you control each burner independently. The entire output of double presses reaches 30,000 BTUs, which makes it a strong yet flexible griddle top. You do not require any games to begin the grill because the ignition is still automatic.
  • According to Blackstone convention, the flat-top is made from cold-rolled steel designed to withstand a long time of usage, while the framework is reinforced using powder-coated black steel designed to electricity through any outside problems. The burners are made from stainless steel for additional protection against premature rust and corrosion.

10. Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Propane Grill

Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Propane Grill

  • The Coleman RoadTrip X-Cursion is a portable propane grill under $250, which means it’s lighter and smaller. It folds up into a readily manageable size, which is around the size of a diminished vacuum cleaner.
  • As with other grills within this class, it is likely to rust if you leave it exposed to the elements. Another problem I’ve discovered on this grill is that the weight to size ratio. Given that the small and portable size, the item is rather heavy. Brace yourself when choosing this up.
  • It’s simple to comprehend the directions and the assembly procedure is a cinch. You do not require any tools since all of these are supplied for you. It folds up easily. Cooking on the grill moves well and the heat is easy to control, together with the warmth controls functioning perfectly.

11. Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill Stainless Steel Two-Burner BBQ

Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill Stainless Steel Two-Burner BBQ

  • Giantex Tabletop is a great stainless steel shredder gas grill under $200 supplying 2 heaters providing a consequence of a total of 20,000 BTUs.
  • Each heater warms up quickly immediately using its adjustable knob. It gives great durability along with easy-to-clean surfaces. It’s quite simple to operate using the specified 2 push-and-turn ignition replacements for easy quick startups.
  • The cooking area of 22 from 18 by 15 inches may accommodate a superb amount of meals at one time. It’s light-weighted and includes a locking hood which makes it a lot easier for storage and mobility.
  • Additionally, it has collapsible legs in addition to great to use for outside biking, excursions, dinner parties, or home use. It’s quite simple to put together with the hardware required to be crammed from the package which makes it a practical product.

12. MASTER COOK 3 Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill

MASTER COOK 3 Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill

  • Master Cook 3 Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill is just another wonderful deal and among the very best mid-range gas grill under $200 possibilities offered for under 200 bucks. It gives a roomy 472 square inches of cooking area together with a 133 square inch warming rack. That is a lot enough room to cook a meal for a big family.
  • Three stainless steel burners put out 30,000 BTUs of overall warmth across porcelain-coated cooking grates constructed for rust resistance and effortless maintenance. It’s two side shelves for a suitable prep area that folds up for storage when not being used. The lid and firebox are created from porcelain-coated steel using a comprised thermometer.
  • What I like best about this version is that the value it gives at its low cost. It’s everything you need, like lots of distance, a warming rack, side tables, and electronic ignition.

14. Masterbuilt SH19030819 Propane Tabletop Grill

Masterbuilt SH19030819 Propane Tabletop Grill

  • Another place, another best outdoor gas grill under $200. This tabletop grill comes in a mobile layout, which can be a perfect selection for BBQ grillers seeking to have an on-the-go device. The Masterbuilt SH19030819 Smoke Hollow PT300B Propane Grill includes a solid stainless steel structure, which provides you an amazing outdoor cooking experience.
  • Moving further, this gas grill includes folding legs for protected storage, a locking lid, and a big carry handle in the front to create carrying this version handily. This Smoke Hollow runs on a tiny, disposable propane cylinder.
  • It is accompanied by an ample 205 sq inches of total grilling area. Another impressive thing about this particular tabletop grill is the chrome- heating rack, which lets you toast your buns though you cook on the primary grill area.
  • Masterbuilt SH19030819 Smoke Hollow PT300B Propane Grill has a huge 10,000 BTU cooking energy from a stainless steel “U” burner, which ought to be more than sufficient to cook just about anything.

15. Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

  • Now for one which may be used for on-the-go grilling. This Liquid Propane Grill comes in Char-Broil, so you know that you are getting a product constructed with the wisdom and expertise that this firm has.
  • This is only one of the best portable gas grills under $200 and is perfect for tailgating, camping, or grilling on the shore. You merely require a 1-pound propane gas tank to power the only burner.
  • It just weighs 22 lbs and it’s a carrying handle, making it effortless to transport. It’s a cooking surface region that’s big enough to fit approximately 6 to 8 hamburger patties. The body is constructed with painted ceramic and has sturdy legs allowing for this to be used on a desk, on the floor, or even on the beach.

16. Megamaster 820-0033M Propane Gas Grill

Megamaster 820-0033M Propane Gas Grill

  • If you’d like a compact gas grill that accompanies a broad cooking area, then you’ve just stumbled upon the best small gas grill under $200 on your own. Discover more about this wonderful product within this review.
  • You won’t believe how suitable this item actually is. For example, it includes two stainless steel burners with a push and works ignition system, which eliminates the hassle of igniting the leftovers individually and saves time and energy.
  • What’s more, every one of the burners creates warmth around 8,000 BTU, which unites and creates 16,000 BTU total. For this reason, you will not be disappointed as it comes to performance and power, either.
  • The heat retention of this tool is the thing that sets it apart from the rest. Having a cooking place of 199 square inches together with the 2 burners, you can control your cooking with absolute ease.
  • On the flip side, the machine includes a stainless steel cooking grid plus a 16-inch stainless steel firebox. These facets ensure the correct supply of heat across the whole grilling surface, making excellent outcomes.

Buying Guide for the Best Gas Grill Under $200

It is natural to presume that budget grills, particularly versions under $200, are much less flexible, but today’s marketplace is brimming with a large number of alternatives for virtually every type of outdoor grilling. The real key to getting the proper grill to your requirements would be in establishing which grill works play the most essential role in your cooking.


This covers not just the overall measurements of the grills’ framework, such as width and height (together with the side tables, even if they’re available) but the dimensions of the major cooking surface.

Based on how frequently you cook and also for the number of men, the best cook-top size will fluctuate between approximately 150 square inches and 630 square inches.

Bigger grills would be best suited to garden parties or stationary campsites, whereas smaller and more mobile grills are a fantastic alternative for solo travelers or couples that prefer automobile camping.


If you’re planning to cook mainly in open character and while on the move, try to select a grill that’s both light and durable. Aluminum grills using cast-iron and stainless-steel components are particularly great for this sort of camping.

People who wish to just install their gas grill under $200 in the yard or in their porch to summertime can opt for completely cast-iron grills or griddles. But most top brand gas grills of the type contain stainless steel burners or porcelain-coated grates to guarantee the whole unit will persist for quite a very long time even under the constant onslaught of these components.


Although the amount of burners frequently is reflective of their warmth power level of the whole grill, some versions pack enormous electricity in two-burner or even three-burner grills. Again, if you’re planning to cook several meals simultaneously or will need to serve large groups of individuals at the same time, it is ideal to decide on grills with three or more leftovers, by way of instance, three-burner versions with grills.

More portable units using single burners can also be strong enough for their function as they create enough electricity to support a couple of people. It is almost always a fantastic idea to search for grills using electronic ignitions which don’t need the use of games, but remember you will always be in a position to light one using a match or lighter whether the sparkler fails at any point later on.


The best gas grills under $200 are those that are made from durable materials such as stainless steel that’s quite simple to wash and maintain. It’s also wise to take a look at the details concerning the accessories that come in addition to these models. This will make sure that you purchase something which is most suitable for your cooking requirements.

Deciding on this equipment requires one to think about a couple of aspects. Broadly, while the price assortment of the goods may vary extensively, spending approximately $150 to $200 on a grill looks more than acceptable for all of the characteristics you would like.