10 Best Humidifiers for Sinus Problems in 2023 [Expert Selection]


If you suffer from sinus and are living in an extra dry area, then you may incur additional problems. Dry air stops the natural flow of nasal mucus, resulting in the interrupted drain of sinuses. Due to such complications, you can experience severe sinus pain. To fight the depression and gain some relief, you can use one of the best humidifiers for sinus problems. Humidifiers will add an extra amount of moisture to the environment, protecting you from sinus problems.

So, looking to buy an air humidifier for sinus problems? You have come in the right place, we have spent endless hours finding the right and relevant information for you. This list was created by our experts after considering all the features and user reviews. After the discussions, we have also added a buying guide which will help you choose the right humidifier.

10 Best Humidifiers for Sinus Problems Reviews

Do not have enough time to read? Pick your suitable one from this quick suggestions list:

1. Pallas 5L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Whether you have a flat or you are the owner of a big house, Pallas humidifier works for you. All you have to do is change the knob settings. The peaceful nature of this humidifier also makes it eligible to be in your professional cabin.

  • Type: Ultrasonic.
  • Water tank capacity: 5 liters.
  • Mist time: Up to 20 hours.
  • Coverage area: Up to 300 square feet.

All our experts praised the humidifier from Pallas. A knob on the unit gives you easy control over the amount of vapor you want and you can adjust the knob to increase the fan speed depending on the area the humidifier has to cover.

Ease of use is not the only factor that drives the humidifier to the first position on this list, it has a large five-liter tank that can release continuous moisture for up to 20 hours. All the mist comes out filtered from negative ions and microorganisms, thanks to its carbon cotton fitted filter which promotes clean and healthy mist. It gives relief to sinus patients, keeps your skin moisturized, reduces snores, eases asthma, and prevents cold and flu spread.

Due to its 360-degree nozzle, all the areas are moisturized in a parallel manner. The humidifier has a sober and simple design which fits any home decor or office arrangement. It works utilizing ultrasonic technology and does not makes much noise.


Water level indicator.

Convenient usage.

Refund within 24 hours if you are not satisfied with the performance.


Can damage wooden furniture if kept on the same for a long time.

2. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Sinus causes pain and inflammation of nasal cavities, resulting in interrupted sleep. Running low on sleep hours is a health risk, however, with this quiet humidifier that has user-friendly settings and a calming fragrance, you can suppress sinus or any other airborne allergy to live a healthy life.

  • Type: Ultrasonic.
  • Water tank capacity: 6 liters
  • Mist time: Up to 50 hours.
  • Coverage area: Up to 400 square feet.

Offering up to 50 hours of moisture between refills, this humidifier from Everlasting Comfort has one of the most prolonged mist duration. You do not have to replace the filters from this moisture enhancing machine. Well, that’s how it justifies its comparatively high price tag.

Its smooth and sleek design fits into any decor, whether you want to place it in the bedroom on a side table or in the living room at the coffee table, or in an office, it looks good everywhere. Moreover, it has an anti-bacterial feature, which is not only simple to clean but also reduces the risk of sinus and other airborne allergies.

On the front, there is a knob to control the mist output and LED light that can be turned off. It works on ultrasonic technology, so it makes no noise at all. Due to low noise levels, it is an ideal device for overnight and office usage or any other place where you need silence. Everlasting Comfort humidifier comes with an oil tray that releases your favorite scent all day long.


Stylish and attractive appearance.

50 hours of running time.

Very quiet.

No filters used, so you will not have to invest in its replacement.


Comparatively expensive.

3. VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier

Offering the right level of moisture for small areas, Cool Mist is ideal for keeping your bedroom humid while you sleep. If you are looking to target a bigger space, you need better-humidifying power.

  • Type: Ultrasonic.
  • Water tank capacity: 2 liters.
  • Mist time: Up to 24 hours.
  • Coverage area: 270 square feet.

This reasonably priced humidifier is useful, but only in small spaces like the bedroom or living room. Due to low power consumption and lack of filters, it has less operational cost as well.

This humidifier is convenient to clean, you need a small amount of vinegar and water to scrub and rinse it off. Even if you need little scrubbing, its 3.35-inch opening allows you to use a brush. If you want to prevent mold growth, you should clean it once a week.

When it comes to ease of use, the Cool Mist gets ten out of ten, all thanks to its carrying handle, a single knob for all the controls, easy water filling, and automatic shutdown once the water tank is empty. It lacks any advanced features like remote control and auto timers, however, we cannot expect everything at this price tag.

This humidifier operates at a noise level of 32 dB, which is even less than a sound of a computer. With such peaceful operation, it never disturbs while you are sleeping, working, studying, or watching television.


One knob control.

Works at a low noise level.

Easy to use and refill.


Easy to use and refill.

4. UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier

Our experts praised this model for its peaceful behavior, you will not hear anything while it is at work. Apart from that, it will never let you down in terms of keeping your environment humid and giving you relief from sinus problems. Also, it looks simple and straightforward to fit any decor.

  • Type: Ultrasonic.
  • Water tank capacity: 2 liters.
  • Mist time: Up to 10 hours.
  • Coverage area: Up to 200 square feet.

This super silent humidifier from Ucareair is a perfect solution for moisturizing small areas like bedrooms and kids’ rooms. Its high-quality motor and unique air tunnel combine to give a humid air that can relief you from sinus problems. Overall, it gives you a soothing stream of moisture that instantly gives you relaxation from dryness or any other respiratory trouble.

This humidifier uses ultrasonic technology, so the moisture quickly mixes with the air, so you’ll feel the difference within seconds. You can choose between different moisture settings using the power knob. With a decent 2-liter water tank, it runs continuously for ten hours, so you do not have to wake up late in the night due to extra dryness or sinus pain.

As the device does not have any filters, you do not have to invest in filter replacements. Once the water tank is empty, it shuts down automatically and saves some of the electricity bills as well.


Easy to operate.

Super quiet.


May leak after a few months.

Not durable.

5. Vicks Mini Cool Mist Humidifier

If you want a cold mist in your bedroom or you are dealing with sinus problems, the cool mist humidifier from Vicks can be an essential part of your life. If your kid has a cold and he or she cannot sleep, you have the best solution from Vicks. Clean it regularly and you will get an irritation free sleep every night.

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  • Type: Evaporative.
  • Water tank capacity: 0.5 gallon/1.90 liters.
  • Mist time: Up to 20 hours.
  • Coverage area: Up to 200 square feet.

Easy to fill and quiet working personal steam inhaler from Vicks is a compact unit that will not take much space on your table. Due to a running time of 20 hours, it never leaves you dry and keeps you free from the irritation and pain caused by sinus.

Vicks Cool Mist never spoils the wooden furniture with extra moisture, which is one of the frequent complaints from evaporative moisturizers. Clean it once in a week and there won’t be any mold growth inside.

Vicks Cool Mist humidifier is well recommended for your kid’s room, bedroom, and living room, especially if you’re living in a dry area or you suffer from cold or sinus problems. It will never need any replacement filter, which is another benefit if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for dryness.



Gives instant relief from cold and sinus.

Safe for kids.


Not durable.

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6. LEVOIT Humidifier

If you clean it regularly, you can get unexpected results. Cleaning is difficult due to the complex build; however, it is necessary to prevent any mold or bacteria development.

  • Type: Ultrasonic.
  • Water tank capacity: 6 liters/1.5 gallons.
  • Mist time: Up to 36 hours.
  • Coverage area: Up to 753 square feet.

If you are looking for one of the best solutions for dry skin and allergies, check the humidifier from Levoit. A sleek design and useful features are the two factors that will attract you the most.

To start with, it has a large 6-liter tank that can run up to 35 hours, depending on the settings you select. This device is made of ABS plastic which is resistant to leaks and cracks, so this device will stay with you for a long time.

This device has different settings for both cold and hot mist so that you can choose them according to your sinus condition. It automatically detects the natural moisture of an area and stops itself once it reaches that level. For added convenience, it shuts down automatically once the water is below the required standard.

Levoit humidifier uses a silent motor, includes a remote control, and a fragrance releasing box. It uses PTC heating system which kills all airborne microbial, so what you will get is pure and healthy air to breathe.


Dual functions for cold and warm mist.

Auto shut down features.

Comes with a remote control.

Large water tank.


Difficult cleaning process.

Cannot be used with hard water.

7. AIRCARE 831000 Humidifier

Users looking to invest in an easy to maintain humidifier that can keep them safe from sinus problems can buy Aircare 831000.

  • Type: Evaporative.
  • Water tank capacity: 7 liters.
  • Mist time: Up to 16 hours.
  • Coverage area: Up to 2700 square feet.

Instead of purchasing different humidifiers for every room, you can buy Aircare 813000 which can moisturize the entire house. Utilizing its large water tank, this humidifier can run for a whole night or day, depending on the air dryness and settings.

All the controls and indicators are located on the top, you will see one power switch and two knobs – one to control the moisture level and another for fan speed. There is also an indicator that shows you when to add water to its tank.

You notice the added convenience when the humidifier automatically shuts down once the water level is low or the required moisture level is achieved. The water tank has a smooth front filling mechanism. This device also has coasters which make movement manageable. This humidifier has a fragile case, so you have to be extra careful while it is in locomotion.

To give you a healthy environment, this humidifier comes equipped with Trapmax Filter Technology that eliminates all microbes from the mist.


Easy setup and convenient water filling.

Huge water tank.

Wheels for easy transport.


The thin case does not look durable.

The high noise level on maximum settings.

8. Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

If you want to improve the air quality in your house or office, HCM350W is a competitive product with all the necessary features. Removing all the allergens is an added benefit for you, so you do not have to suffer from the pain of sinus anymore.

  • Type: Evaporative.
  • Water tank capacity: 3.78 liters/1 gallon.
  • Mist time: Up to 24 hours.
  • Coverage area: Small or medium-sized spaces.

Honeywell is not a new company in terms of providing sinus relief. Coming with the same mindset, HCM350W is a reliable solution if you want to moisturize your home or office to moisten the sinus passage.

This device comes with a filter and removes all impurities from the water, keeping you safe from airborne diseases. With three speed settings, you will be able to control how much vapor you need in an area. It also has sound controls which allow you to increase or kill the sound depending on requirements.

With a decent water tank of 1 gallon, this device keeps spraying a healthy mist for up to 24 hours. Due to a no-nonsense design, Honeywell HCM350W can be used in all decors. However, it will be useful in small or medium-sized areas like a bedroom or living room, even if you keep it in your office cabin, it will still do a great job.


Removes 99.9 percent impurities from the air.

Robust break resistant build.

Settings to silence its sound.


Its internal parts are difficult to clean.

Not durable enough.

9. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers

With many positive aspects and a few negatives, this humidifier from Crane is a right choice if you want to enhance the air quality in your house or office. Energy efficient, economical, and practical, it will fulfill your requirement if used in a small area.

  • Type: Ultrasonic.
  • Water tank capacity: 3.78 liters/1 gallon.
  • Mist time: Up to 24 hours.
  • Coverage area: Up to 500 square feet.

Another popular choice among humidifiers, this Crane device runs for up to 24 hours with the help of its 1-gallon water tank. In this duration, it produces 2.3 gallons of moisture, giving you a fresh and healthy atmosphere.

This device is capable of moistening an area of up to 500 square feet and consumes less electricity than a bulb. Moreover, it does not require any filter to work, so the device saves your costs on filter replacements.

Due to a feature-rich device, this Crane humidifier offers straightforward functionality and convenient operation. You have to remove the top lid, fill the tank, and set the knob at medium for optimal moisture.

If you suffer from any chronic respiratory trouble, then choosing this humidifier from Crane can be very beneficial for you, it reduces the chances of any airborne allergies or diseases that are common breathing barriers. As it is highly capable of improving the quality of air, you can breathe easily throughout the year, even in the driest and harshest months. Also, it protects you from dry skin or any other loss that may occur due to dry air.


360-degree nozzle to release mist.

Variable settings.

Auto shut down feature.


Starts making noise after a few years of usage.

Low water tank capacity.

10. Vicks Personal Sinus Steam Inhaler

This personal steam device from Vicks gives instant relief from sinus, nose congestion, and other airborne allergies. If you want an easy to use and effective steam inhaler, then look no further.

  • Type: Evaporative.
  • Water tank capacity: 200 ml.
  • Mist time: Up to 15 minutes.
  • Coverage area: Face.

Vicks cannot go wrong, nor can you if you consider this portable solution for your sinus problems throughout the year. The personal sinus steam inhaler from Vicks is one of the best steam inhalers that gives relief from sinus, inhaling congestion, cold, and other allergies.

This inhaler from Vicks eliminates 99.9 percent of microbial from the mist, so within five to fifteen minutes of use, you will notice relief from dryness, congestion, and unnecessary irritation. The smooth steam not only opens up your respiratory system but also gives you an irritation-free and fresh feeling. There is a switch for mist control as well, so you can decide the amount of steam you want on your face.

Vicks steam inhaler works with tap water, and once the water is empty, the device automatically shuts down. Using menthol vapor pads, you can get extra soothing mint steams from this inhaler, however, you can only use a couple of them. This unit comes included with one of the pad, and if you like the mint flavor, you can purchase it separately.



Steam controls.

Compact and portable.

Works effectively for sinus problems.


Hot to touch when heated.

Works via boiling water, which can be dangerous if it spills or leaks.

Buying Guide for Humidifier

Now you know that all the humidifiers for sinus problems are manufactured differently. You should check some of the factors before making a purchase.


We discussed three different types of humidifiers:

  1. Ultrasonic: Most popular moisturizing devices, ultrasonic humidifiers can spray both cold or hot mist depending on the model and available settings. Depending on the brand and size, these humidifiers are available with a variety of price tags. An ultrasonic humidifier is one of the best solutions for sinus problems or any other airborne allergy.
  2. Evaporative: Humidifiers from this category utilize a fan to push moisture through a filter into the targeted area. There are chances that an evaporative moisturizes can spray too much of mist around them to soak the furniture to grow mold.

Due to their compact nature, it is comparatively easy to carry an evaporative humidifier from one room to another. Also, they are available under a cost-effective price range, so you can also purchase more than one unit if required.

If you are not in a mood to carry a small unit from one room to another, then you should invest in a large humidifier with comparatively higher water capacity sold as a central unit. A central humidifier comes with a relatively high price tag; however, you will not have to invest in any other moisturizing device or product once you have a central humidifier.

Water Tank

As discussed for all the humidifiers above, water tank capacity decides the running hours of a moisturizing unit. Tabletop or portable humidifiers come with a low water storing capacity while central moisturizing units are available with large water tanks so they can keep moisturizing an area for extended hours. Overall, a high water storing capacity means the unit will be active for longer.

Similarly, you should consider the mist time and coverage area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Humidifier for Sinus Problem

Can I add oils that can help in easing sinus problems to a humidifier?

Depends upon the model. All the variants will mention whether you can add oils to the fragrance tray or not. In our list, LEVOIT Humidifier is one of the humidifiers where you can add essential oils to its fragrance box. Using oil that kills allergens in the atmosphere will help in easing sinus problems for sure.

Is it safe to use humidifiers around kids or babies?

Most of the moisturizing machines are suitable to use in a kids’ rooms, however, it entirely depends upon the model. Humidifiers that release steam while working can be dangerous for kids as the steam is too hot for them to handle. Evaporative humidifiers sometimes create too much moisture, which is not hazardous for your kids but can cause discomfort while they are playing or crawling around.

Are anti-microbial humidifiers competent enough to kill allergens?

We have listed some of the humidifiers that kill microbes from the mist before they release it, so yes, they can eliminate the agents that can double your sinus trouble. Also, be aware that ultrasonic humidifiers release some bacteria and virus while evaporative units do not.

If you want to inhale bacteria-free healthy air, then dump extra water daily and clean the unit once a week. Keep it dry when you are not using it to prevent any mold growth.

What kind of humidifier will be best for sinus problems?

Any moisturizing unit that can release warm mist is helpful for sinus problems, especially in winter. During the season, the atmosphere goes dry and causes your sinus troubles to enhance pain and irritation, resulting in lack of sleep. Using a humidifier will keep the area humid so that you will get the required comfort and relief from sinus.

Final Words

An efficient humidifier is a must for dry areas, especially if you are dealing with any sinus problems. All the discussed options on this page are one of the great units that can keep the targeted area moisturized and prevent any discomfort due to sinus pain. However, there are a few options that surpass the expectations of our experts that will give you value for your investment.

Humidifiers from Pallas and VicTsing are the ones we are talking about here. While the humidifier from Pallas has everything you will ever need from a moisturizer, VicTsing has an easy operation that makes it convenient to use.

We hope that we have given you some ideas that can help you buy what you need. Always remember, humid and clean air is always helpful if you are dealing with sinus problems.

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