Best Japanese Kitchen Knives Reviews in 2023

Read our complete Best Japanese kitchen knives review to figure out whether to go for this knives or not. Well, it is not a bad one but read the cons too.


There is broad recognition for the exceptional skills of the Japanese in manufacturing knives. Without a doubt, they produce and conceptualize some of the most excellent and effective knives around the globe.

The craft, the skill, the cutting edge- there’s nothing in the world quite like it. And we think everyone could own at least one Japanese knife in their kitchens. And we are here to do exactly that! Stay with us and read along as we introduce you to some of the best Japanese kitchen knives out there.

3 Best Japanese Knives of 2023 

Now, We going to review 3 types of Japanese kitchen knives for you, What are those? Let’s see this list:

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1. ZELITE INFINITY 7-inch Santoku Knife Alpha-Royal Series

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Let’s kick start our search for the best Japanese kitchen knives with one of the most well known and cult favourite Japanese knives in the market today: the 7-inch Santoku Knife from none other than ZELITE INFINITY’s Alpha Royal Series.

The Alpha-Royal Series 7-inch Santoku Knife is made from imported Japanese stainless steel,- the very coveted AUS10. It is made with 67 layers of compressed and sandwiched high carbon steel that creates something truly solid and striking.

The blade is also nitrogen cooled for enhanced durability and hardness. Speaking of which, this knife scores a hardness of 61 Rockwell which is pretty impressive for a Santoku knife this affordable.

And it is resistant to rusting too! With a cutting edge of 12°on each side, this chef’s knife can do a whole array of work in the kitchen like a pro.  Glides through food like it’s nothing! Now, getting to the handle, the Alpha-Royal Series 7-inch Santoku Knife features a triple riveted and full tang G10 handle.

It has a nice and rounded contour which fits into your palms like a puzzle. It also features an uncommon tapered bolster on the knife for added comfort and unparallel grip. What you get is a smooth, buttery slicing and dicing experience without the fatigue or resistance. 

Aesthetics wise, the Alpha-Royal Series 7-inch Santoku Knife is quite the theatrical piece. It features the very popular Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern with just the right amount of drama. If you are looking a for chef’s life that’s going to wow you and your guests, then the Alpha-Royal Series 7-inch Santoku Knife from ZELITE INFINITY is a great way to start!

But wait, that’s nearly not it. The Alpha-Royal Series 7-inch Santoku Knife also comes with a protective sheath. You also enjoy a 100% satisfaction with money back guarantee. To add to all these, you furthermore get a lifetime warranty against any defects from the manufacturer’s side.


High carbon steel

Stain and rust resistant

Minimal friction; multilayer Damascus pattern

Full Tang

Ergonomic handle

Hand polished

Includes protective sheath100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee

Lifetime warranty


Dulls easily; needs regular sharpening

Cutting edge tends to chip


2. DALSTRONG 8-inch Chef’s Knife Shogun Series X Gyuto

Did you really think we’d put together a list for the Best Japanese kitchen knives without DALSTRONG? Nope! DALSTRONG produces some of the most high performance and quality knives out there. And the 8-inch Chef’s Knife Shogun Series X Gyuto surely lives up to its name!

The DALSTRONG 8-inch Chef’s Knife is made from the super sharp AUS-10V vacuum treated and 66 compressed layers of premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel.  It resists corrosion and rusting and also produces a super smooth gliding and knife feel to slice through food like magic.

Using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method, this chef’s knife is hand-finished to have a cutting edge of 8 to 12° on each side. This offers you the ability to use the knife for a variety of purposes without the fight and friction. The knife is nitrogen cooled to create a blade that’s truly solid and durable.

It has a 62+ Rockwell hardness and is definitely not flimsy light blades. One thing we really like about the blade, in particular, is the height of this thing. It has a good 55mm height which offers your knuckles sufficient deal of protection while you are slicing away with the blade. Losing a finger to this knife would be too nice, would it?

Now, let’s get to the handle which is no less important the blade. The handle of the DALSTRONG 8-inch Chef’s Knife showcases a military-grade G10 handle that’s handcrafted and hand polished to fit into the contours of your palm like a glove. It is a full tang tile riveted handle so you know it will not do you injustice from all the long hours of slicing. 

As for the looks of it, you know it’s going to be good if it’s coming from DALSTRONG. This knife features a gorgeous tsunami-rose Damascus layer that’s sure to catch some eyes. And to counter that jazzy blade is a subtle and muted handle that makes the overall piece truly elegant and graceful.

Definitely a wower!

And last but not least, the DALSTRONG 8-inch Chef’s Knife Shogun Series X Gyuto includes a sheath,  comes with a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty on defects! Not bad. Not bad at all.


Lifetime warranty against defects

Stainless blade; vacuum heat treated

Nitrogen cooled

Full tang

Comfortable handle

Good blade height

Hand polished

Includes sheath

Comes with money back guarantee


The cutting edge isnt the sharpest

3. ZELITE INFINITY 8-inch Chef Knife Alpha-Royal Series

And the last, but not least by any means, knife to make it to our list of the Best Japanese kitchen knives is a full circle back to ZELITE INFINITY.

Only this time, we are back with the 8-inch Chef Knife Alpha-Royal Series!

The 8-inch Chef Knife Alpha-Royal Series is made from high carbon Japanese stainless steel that made by compressing 67 layers of AUS-10 steel into a solid and robust blade. 

The blade is hand polished and finished to have a Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern, which isn’t just beautiful to look at but makes the knife non-stick. What you essentially get long slicing motions that are smooth and interrupted and void of any resistance.

Made with the traditional 3-Step Honbazuke method, this knife is hand fished to features a cutting edge that’s 12 of pure razor sharpness. The blade of the ZELITE INFINITY 8-inch Chef Knife Alpha-Royal Series is also nitrogen cooled to the point of Rockwell hardness of 61. And the fact that it is rust and stain resistance also does wonder!

This chef’s knife is capable of doing a wide range of kitchen chores without the need bring out your specialist knives. As for the handle, this chef’s knife feature a triple riveted and full tang G10 handle that is designed to echo the shape of your palms.

As a result, you get to use this knife more comfortable and confidently without user fatigue or risk of slipping and slicing a thumb. You will also be awed by how beautiful looking the overall knife is with its distorted mirror-like pattern and a super elegant handle. Great showoff in the kitchen!

And then finally, for easy and safe storage, the knife comes with a protective sheath.

But that’s not all. You also get a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee along with a lifetime warranty on defects. A great deal!


High carbon steel

Stain and rust resistant

Minimal friction; multilayer Damascus pattern

Good hardness level

Full Tang

Ergonomic handle

Hand polished

Includes protective sheath

100% satisfaction and money back guarantee

Lifetime warranty


Cutting edge tends to chip

Rusts easily

Speculated to be from China

Benefits of Japanese kitchen knives:

Higher quality

Japanese is nothing like a Japanese knife. Everyone knows it and you should too. Japanese knives are some of the best knives in the world. They are made from exceptional quality materials and components and have a reputation of lasting a lifetime of care for the right way.


Many, in fact, most, Japanese knives are hand polished and hand finished starting from the finish to the hammering. And one thing the skilled blacksmith does exceptionally well is creating a razor sharp and herculean cutting edge that’s thin and low in angle.

They are so versatile and high performance that you can expect to cover a wide range of kitchen jobs without much problem.  Japanese knives are sharp enough to slice through foods like butter and yet gentle enough to leave a clean, precise cut.. . …..


And one of the best perks of owning a Japanese knife is the artistic aspect of it. They are usually handmade by very skilled and experienced blacksmiths using high-quality materials and traditional methods that are almost at the verge of extinction today.

A lot goes into making a proper Japanese knife- time, skills, experience and a lot of patience.  A great culinary artefact to have in the kitchen!

How To Choose Best Japanese kitchen knives (Buying Guide)


There are several different types of steel to choose from, but whatever it is that your choice, just make sure that try and get something along the likes and quality of high carbon steel. High carbon steel blade tends to be more solid and durable than your low carbon kinds. They also need less maintenance and sharpening.


There’s not much to say about the sharpness of a knife since it is always a personal preference. What we will say though is that sharp doesn’t always ensure quality. Stick to the level of sharpness you know you can work with and then gradually move upwards.


But if there’s anything that is always constant about good Japanese knives, or any knives at all for that matter, it is the hardness. The hardness of a knife is measured in Rockwell and for a Japanese chef’s knife; you want to look for something at 61 or above. Proper hardness will ensure that your blade is not as vulnerable to chipping or cracking.


The handle is the medium between your and the cutting edge of the knife so you want to make sure you get it right. Try and get something that is made to fit into your hands. Also makes sure that the material of the handle is immune from getting slippery from the moisture of your hands. Try and get something that is solid, but yet, lightweight enough to not wear out your wrists.


And finally, you have the finish of the knife. The finish of a knife will determine a lot about its performance and longevity. We personally recommend getting a hammered finish, called tsuchime in Japanese. Or, the Damascus rose finish which is known to create a non-stick barrier so that foods do not stick to the blade of the knife.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I etch on the blade of my blade?

Answer: You can, but we aren’t too convinced the manufacturers here are going to do that for you, though. But you may have some luck getting it done at a professional blacksmith.

Question: Is there a way to prevent rusting?

Answer: The first thing to do is to get a rust-resistant Japanese knife in the first place. But to prevent rusting, you can do a very effective and inexpensive DIY of rubbing the blade and handle with the lightest layer of coconut oil.

Question: What are some of the most popular Japanese knives?

Answer: Almost all Japanese knives are a winner for everybody. But the most popular knives are the Nakiri knife, Gyuto knife, and the Santoku knife.

Final words

Once you go Japanese knife, there’s no going back! These amazing knives are one of the best investments in the kitchen. But finding the best out of the crowd is a task.

And that’s exactly what this article is for. We put together everything you need to know about Japanese knives to help you pick the best out of the lot. Our buying guide is tailored to serve as your checklist. Or, if you are feeling exceptionally lazy, we have for you our top 3 picks for the Best Japanese knives. You will not leave empty-handed and that’s a promise!

We are almost at the very end of our article. We hope we were able to give you all the info and detail you were looking for. Thank you so much for staying with us. And we will see you next time. Take care!