10 Best King Size Pillows of 2023 – Better Sleeping Solution


Are you uncertain about the right pillow selection for your king-sized bed? It’s recommended to opt for king-sized pillows that are specifically designed for king-sized beds, especially if your partner frequently moves or rolls over while sleeping. King-sized pillows, exclusively made for twin beds, deliver exceptional back support if you enjoy reading books or using your laptop when you’re in bed.

Pillows differ in shape, size, and comfort factors and are particularly made as per the personal preference of the user. Some are comfortable while others are beautiful to look at. After a hard day’s work, what you need is a comfortable bed with plush ultra-cozy pillows. As there is no standard pillow for everyone since the needs of every person differs, what you can do is choose the Top king-size pillows for you.

List Of King Size Pillows for Comfortable Sleep

In a hurry? Pick suitable pillows from this quick suggestions list:

This review will make it easy to choose the right pillow for your needs. We did extensive research on various pillows having different cover materials and fill types and came up with this list. The list of king size pillows also considers the sleeping positions of individuals. These pillows have maximum positive reviews and impressive pillow ratings.

This section covers the description, pros, and cons of each pillow, there is also a buying guide and a FAQ section to inform you further. So, let’s get started.

1. Snuggle Pedic Ultra-Luxury King Size Pillow

As Snuggle-Pedic Pillow is filled with shredded memory foam, it is comfortable and good for the back. It is also machine-washable and comes with a 20-year warranty. What more do you want, you should go for it. This pillow is resistant to dust mites and hypoallergenic.

Shredded style ultra-relaxing memory foam pillow never becomes flat no matter how much you use it. It is soft, luxurious, extra breathable with micro-vented cover, and is purely manufactured in the USA. Its composition is 43% bamboo viscose, 56.4% polyester, and 6% lycra that keeps you relaxed and cool throughout the night.

This King size pillow comes from a certified manufacturer that uses environment-friendly and Certifur–certified foam. There are additional features like the zipper and outer cover to help you adjust the level of comfort and thickness. Memory foam gives additional support to the back and prevents pain. This ultra-luxury pillow is extremely popular and rated high on leading shopping sites.


Shredded memory foam makes it ultra-relaxing and cozy.

Machine washable.

Adjustable thickness

120-night trial available.

20 years warranty.

Supports all sleeping positions.

CertiPUR-US certified.


May have an unpleasant smell in the beginning.

A bit pricier.

2. Xtreme Comforts Pillows Adjustable Thickness and Hypoallergenic

Good sleep can improve your productivity at the workplace the next day. With so many features in a memory foam king size pillow, this is a great option for you.

It hardly matters what position you sleep in when you use Xtreme Comforts Pillows by Xtreme Comforts. The brand has not left any stone unturned to manufacture the best-in-the-class king size pillow featuring shredded memory foam. With memory foam, movements do not matter, this pillow accommodates different positions and relieves pain in regions of the body. It comes with Microvented Technology rayon cover and is machine washable. The fact that the pillow is CertiPUR-US certified makes it reliable and genuine, you won’t regret spending your hard-earned money on it. It accommodates all the sleeping positions, including stomach, side, and back.

This memory foam pillow allows the sleeper to sleep fast and comfortably than ever before. We have a lot to say about its features, it is being voted as the best pillow of the year 2019. The inner zipper featured on this pillow allows easy adjustability, allowing you to adjust the thickness of the pillow.


CertiPUR-USA certified.

Promotes optimum muscle relaxation and improves spine health.

A fully adjustable pillow can be made flat, thick, or fluffy with the inner zipper.

Kool-flow feature.

Machine washable.

Made in the USA.

Micro Invented Technology.

Dust mite resistant.


Ultra-comfortable king size pillow for less movement, tossing and turning.


An excessive foam may make the pillow a bit lumpy.


3. viewstar Queen Pillows

Among so many pillows, Paragon Woollen Dreams Pillow is trustworthy and comfortable, it invites a relaxing sleep. It is a winner among many other pillows in the market. The cover seems well made despite adjusting the wool.

Paragon Woollen is the leading brand of hypoallergenic woolen pillows and Dreams Pillow is a simple kind of pillow that uses hypoallergenic wool fill material. The hypoallergenic wool is collected from sheep in New Zealand, so it is of the finest quality. The pure wool manages moisture quite well as it does not become wet despite having moisture equivalent to 30% of its weight. It is easy to reshape Paragon Woollen Dreams Pillow as you can remove excessive wool or fill it up with wool.

Paragon Woollen Dreams Pillow has everything you can expect from a pillow. The hypoallergenic material it is made of manages moisture quite well and is best for people suffering from breathing problems, while the peanut size woolen balls maintain the loftiness of the pillow. Attain your comfort level by removing excessive wool by unzipping the pillow.


Natural wool has a moisture-wicking property that allows it to manage moisture quite well.

The fill material is devoid of harmful chemicals and toxic materials.

Environmentally safe.

Low maintenance required.

Flame retardant wool devoid of harmful chemicals.


Not good for those who sleep prostate.

It may get lumpy at times.

4. Coop Home Goods’ Eden Pillow

When the memory foam is cut in such a unique manner, there won’t be any lumping. Besides, this CertiPUR-US certified pillow offers the best neck support. It comes with 5 years warranty and has a rating of 9.0. What more do you want? Just go for it.

The Eden Pillow makes use of gel-infused memory foam and a cover of 40% rayon and 60% polyester. The gel-infused memory foam is the striking feature of this pillow which maintains an ideal temperature. You may not be aware that the foam is cut in cross-cut fashion to prevent clumping or the pillow getting heavier. This pillow is CertiPUR-US certified, which is enough to establish its credibility.

Using this pillow will not affect your health in any way. It is easy to add or remove the foam from this pillow, making it easily adjustable. This pillow comes with a 30-day trial whereby you may use it and see how it is.  You will get a complete refund in case you are not happy with the purchase.

While filling the pillow for adjustability, make sure there are no voids in-between, if there are voids in-between, it can make you uncomfortable. The Eden Pillow offers much better neck support to wake you up refreshed the next morning.


Gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool.

Supports all kinds of sleeping positions; side, stomach, and back.

CertiPUR-US certification.

Machine washable.


The odor is quite strong and maybe unpleasant for many.

Air pockets may be inside when adjusting.

5. Coop Home Goods’ Premium Adjustable Pillow

The memory foam pillow will let you stay in a comfortable position throughout the night, so you can wake up fresh the next morning. It has 4.3 stars out of 5, so there is really nothing stopping from getting this pillow for your room.

Coop Home Goods, the premium brand of king-sized pillows has come up with an ultra-cozy, adjustable loft for those who complain of neck pain and back pain. Yes! It is ideal for people who have bodily aches for it is made up of Viscoelastic shredded memory foam filling to make it cool and breathable. Ranked as one of the bestking size pillows, this premium-grade loft is devoid of toxic substances and harmful chemicals, so you need not be concerned about it negatively affecting your health.

For durability and performance, this pillow is CertiPUR-US certified. To enjoy comfortable and sound sleep, it is possible to adjust the material. Besides, it comes with a case made up of Rayon, 40% bamboo, and 60% polyester. The mixture of rayon and polyester keeps the case hypoallergenic and dust mite free.

Goods’ Premium Adjustable Loft supports all sleep positions and also comes with a 5-year warranty. You may avail it on 30-days trial basis to get a feel of how it is.


CertiPUR-US certified memory foam pillow.

Hypoallergenic pillowcase with bamboo and polyester material.

30-night trial available.

5-year warranty available.


You may only wash the pillowcase in the washing machine.

Memory foam can form clumps.

6. Pillow of Health Pillow

This is the ultimate customizable pillow, you can add or remove filler according to your preference. You will fall in love with it after using it for only a short while, no longer waking up, tossing, and turning in bed, it is a good buy.

An adjustable and premium-grade pillow with moisture-wicking property comes from The Pillow of Health Choice, a leading manufacturer of king size pillows. This particular pillow is manufactured by keeping in mind the health and comfort of the sleeper. The material is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and devoid of toxic substances. This product is of high quality and medical-grade pillow which is adjustable and versatile. You can decide on the thickness of the pillow depending on your needs. This customizable pillow has a zipper opening that allows for the customization of the filling. With the patented zipper you may access the stuffing to add or eliminate the foam. As the pillow has several unique features, it is considered the healthiest of pillows.

This high quality and medical-grade adjustable foam pillow use urethane foam, a foam recommended by an independent laboratory. The high-density cellular structure of this pillow makes it fungi and dust mite resistant. It is washable and may be dried under high heat.


CertiPUR-US certified.

Moisture-wicking feature.

Washing is hassle-free.

As the pillow is breathable, it keeps you cool and absorbs sweat.


May get lumpy and cause discomfort.

Pretty expensive.

7. White Down Pillow by East Coast Bedding

This pillow is great when it comes to supporting but may feel firmer than what you expect, it supports all sleeping positions, this it’s a striking feature, you may go for it.

This is a down pillow by East Coast Bedding which comes with a cotton pillowcase. The stuffing of this pillow is such that it absorbs excessive moisture. The fill power of the White Down Pillow is 550, which is exactly the space occupied by 1 ounce of down filler. The thread count is around 300, a good thread count for pillows. The cover of this pillow is such that it doesn’t wear away with the passage of time. This medium-firm pillow offers quite good support to the user, but you cannot wash it in a washing machine and may dry clean only. The dimension of this king size pillow is 20-by-36inch, it is filled with white down where the weight of the filling is 29oz. This pillow is absolutely allergy-free and designed to offer neck and head support.

White Down Pillow is a superior quality pillow offering the comfort and softness of down and gives support to the face and stomach. This pillow is particularly ideal for side sleepers.


Perfectly cushions neck and head.

Luxury white down filling,

100% pure.



Pillow may be a bit lumpy.

Only dry clean.

8. Luxuredown White Goose Down Pillow

This medium-firm Goose Down Pillow has impressive features but it is not machine washable. It has impressive ratings, consumers have said positive things about it, you can go for it if budget is not an issue for you.

Are you a side sleeper? If you are a back sleeper or side sleeper and want a perfect pillow for a comfortable sleep, then you can go for Luxuredown White Goose Down Pillow. It comes with a cotton case and is meant for dry cleaning only. Just as the name suggests, this goose down pillow uses goose down filling and also has a cotton cover. Since the pillow is soft and medium-firm, Luxuredown White Goose Down Pillow provides quite good support. The best part is that it holds its shape and never gets lumpy.

y drawback. Its fill power is 650, so it is not very firm. The size of this king size pillow is 36â€X20â€. It works perfectly for all the seasons. With this pillow, you are assured of a blissful and relaxing night sleep, it gives the right support and is also hypoallergenic. Using this pillow, you can sleep for 6-8 hours continuously.


Extremely comfortable goose down pillow.

The pillow is moisture-resistant and stays cool.

Gives adequate support.

Best for side sleepers and back sleepers


It is quite expensive for budget buyers.

It may lead to allergy in some very rare cases.

9. Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Ultra Comfortable

Going by the reviews of Beckham Hotel Collection ultra-comfortable pillow, people are very happy with their purchase, they have nothing to complain about, so it is the best bet for you.

Are you in search of an ultra-comfy and beautiful looking versatile pillow for a good night sleep? Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Ultra-Comfy pillow is your best bet. This pillow is dust mite resistant, soft, mild, easy to wash, and comfortable, it is mold resistant and allergen-free at the same time. If you have people suffering from allergies, then you should go for it. This hypoallergenic pillow is perfect for those suffering from allergies and breathing issues like asthma. Its padding is made from plush material such as gel fiber of superior grade, so this product is outstanding and gathers only positive reviews on major review sites.

Featuring amazing tailoring, this pillow offers the best comfort to users. What you may have is 7-8 hours of continuous sleep without any interruption.

It is great to know that the construction of this pillow is no-shift and reliable which keeps the pillow free of lumps. This pillow is also case resistant, stain-resistant, and constantly feels fresh. It is machine washable and a 30-day trial is also available.


30-day trial available.

Ultra-comfortable pillow, machine washable.

Supports all sleeping positions.

No shift construction.



10. Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow

For those who want to buy both king-sized and queen-sized pillows, this choice is great for them. This pillow is quite easily available on major shopping sites and has a 4-star rating out of 5.

What you get here is a pack of two premium quality pillows featuring microfiber gusset material having double stitching and piping to give a superior look. This pillow is not only durable, but it is also extremely posh to look at. Utopia Bedding offers both king-sized and queen-sized pillows for those who want the entire set. The entire product seems to be made up of premium grade material where the firmness is medium. All throughout the night, your sleep will not be disturbed.

It is free of toxic substances and devoid of chemicals. This pillow is suitable for all sleep positions, whether it is back, stomach, side, or a combined position. This pillow is durable, and to increase its life you must avoid washing it in the machine, send it for dry washing to maintain its color and versatility.


Best for all sleeping positions.

Durable and soft.

Available in pair.

No toxic or harmful substances present.


It can only be dry-cleaned.

How to Buy a King-Sized Pillow? Buying Guide

The king-sized pillow is by far the largest American pillows that are longer than standard pillows. The approximate dimension of the pillow maybe 20â€X36†and what you need is two king-sized pillows to suit your king-sized mattress. But if you use a twin-sized mattress of regular size, then only one pillow will do. Make sure the width of the mattress matches with the pillow you choose. A buyer who is unable to find a fairly large-sized pillow for a standard king-sized mattress may easily go for a king-sized pillow. The most important consideration is the size of the pillow as per the bed and your body size. Before you settle for a king-sized pillow, there are some factors to consider:

The material of the pillow

As you already know, some pillows are made up of memory foam and pure goose down while others are manufactured of polyester fill, foam, or others. Read the description of the pillow to know about the material. Each kind of material is suitable for certain users, for instance, memory foam is best for those who sleep in only one or two positions. On the other hand, the down pillow is exactly for those who want more fluffiness. The material of the pillow must suit your sleeping position or the sleep requirement.

The firmness

When you are buying a king-sized pillow, firmness also matters. Know whether the pillow is soft, medium-firm, or firm. Buy something which is in between.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position is the determining factor when you choose a king-sized pillow. The pillow should meet your sleep preference for sure. Choose a full pad if you are a side sleeper. Look for gusset pillow with additional height. Those who sleep on their stomach must opt for thin pillows. A thin pillow will adjust to the body contour and the curvature of the neck and spine.

How lofty is the pillow

Pillow loft implies the actual thickness of the pillow. People have their own preference when it comes to the height and thickness pillows, a pillow with ideal height will provide you comfort and the much-needed head and neck support. But different pillow heights work for distinct sleeping positions. When talking about loftiness of pillows, a pillow may be a lower height pillow, high loft, or medium loft. High loft pillows have a thickness of more than 5†while low loft pillows have anything around 3†thickness, the medium loft is in-between them.

Pillowcase material

Besides the above-mentioned factors, you also need to consider the cover which comes with the pillow. A pillow may come with a luxurious case featuring fabric wheel of optimum grade. If the thread count per inch is more, then it is of superior grade. Watch out for the durable quality of the pillowcase and look for a soft and silky case. If the thread count is more, impurities won’t be able to make it through the pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are soft pillows better than firm ones?

Pillows are subjective items and the choice is yours. As long as your chosen king-sized pillow allows you to enjoy a relaxing sleep, it is good. We cannot say whether firm pillows are better or soft ones are better, it all depends on the sleeping. If you are a back sleeper, then choose a firm pillow and vice versa. Side sleepers must choose a pillow with more height to give support to the shoulders. For those who are stomach sleepers, opting for flat pillows is a good idea. Well, you have the option of a 30-day trial, 20-day trial, or a week’s trial. Use the pillow and then judge for yourself.

What is 30-night or 100-night trial all about?

Leading brands of king-sized pillows want you to try out their pillows for a certain period of time and then make a purchase. During the process of trial, you can judge whether the pillow is the right one for you or not. If you wake up relaxed and pain-free, you may buy it. If you find that the pillow is not right for you and there is neck pain or back pain, you may return the pillow. A full refund will be issued by the company.

Why should I use a pillowcase?

Covers are machine-washable most of the time, but we still recommend the use of a pillowcase. The use of a pillowcase prevents the build-up of skin cells, oils, and dirt. It also increases the time between washing the cover. Your pillow will also maintain its performance if you use a pillowcase. Maintenance is breeze easy, just wash the pillow every 4 to 6 months.


So, if you are in the process of replacing your old pillow and are looking to buy a new one, you may consider the above-mentioned list of top 10 best king size pillows. With so many options available, you are sure to find the right one that will suit your sleeping position and the height preference. These pillows are the most comfortable pillows made up of premium grade materials. Pillows are incredibly fascinating, and a perfect choice lets you sleep undisturbed.

It is that sanctuary which brings comfort, and this is the foremost consideration. The down material absorbs moisture while a mixture of viscose, bamboo, and polyester cools down the pillow. Consider the features of the pillow, its warranty period, and the trial offer. Don’t forget to read reviews on the pillow and then make a purchase.

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