10 Best Laptop Stands for Bed (Working From Home Edition)

Looking for the best laptop stands for bed? We review the top 10 laptop stands for bed.


Most of us are now operating from home. Setting up a practical workspace in a confined space might be tough. But, a laptop stand designed for bed use may just be the perfect solution for your circumstance! You may be looking for a stand that can be easily folded and stowed away under the bed at the end of the working day, or maybe something that can serve a dual purpose – as a laptop stand for your sofa or even your dining table.

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to configuration, adjustability, storage space, and aesthetics. This guide will help you choose a bedside laptop stand that is right for you.

Best Laptop Stands for Bed and Home

In a hurry? Check  this quick buying decision list:

1. Seven-first Laptop Table

Seven-first Laptop Table

Seven-first Laptop Table

This multi-use laptop stands for bed and is a great option for getting maximum comfort without sacrificing adjustability or functionality.

Are you worried about the possibility of your laptop overheating when used on a laptop stand for bed? This stand features two CPU-cooling fans that attach via USB and create airflow under your laptop for active heat dissipation.

Do you want one leg on the floor and the other on the couch? No problem! The adjustable legs are fully independent, allowing you to settle into work in almost any position. The desktop can be set and locked into multiple angles, with an ergonomic design that helps to save your wrists and neck from the effects of bad posture and stress.

The main work surface is an aluminum tray measuring 10.4 x 16.5 with an additional surface measuring 6.3 x 7 for a mousepad (right-handed configuration only). Two adjustable board clips allow you to accommodate different sizes of computers without slipping off when at a tilt.

It has a maximum adjustment height of 18.9 and a bearing weight of 33 lbs. The stand itself weighs in at 3.3 lbs. It is light and portable enough for multiple uses; from working in bed, and using it with a second monitor, to gaming.


CPU-cooling fans

Independently adjustable legs

Additional surface for a mousepad


Right-hand mouse configuration only

2. SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Desk for Bed

SAIJI Adjustable Bed Desk for Laptop

SAIJI Adjustable Bed Desk for Laptop

This laptop stands for bed and is a great option if your work requires room for a computer, tablet, book, and/or cellphone.

This extra-large laptop stands for bed and gives you plenty of workspace for your computer, with enough room for your wireless keyboard, mouse, tablet, and cellphone. This is a great feature if your work involves a lot of external research or cross-referencing.

The quick-change auto-lock buttons adjust to five different heights, from 10.6 to 15.4, with sled-style legs allowing the stand to be slid back and forth with ease. Two side clamps adjust to three different surface angles, from 0° to 36°. A movable laptop stopper slides across the bottom of the desktop, allowing you to set up your workspace however needed.

The desktop is made from MDF board with PVC leather, with legs made of steel and aluminum alloy. When it comes to storage, it folds flat to a 3 folded height. It is light but sturdy, weighing 9.48 lbs, but with a bearing weight of 99.2 lbs when the desktop is not tilted.

The desktop surface area is 23.6 x 17.7, but an adjustable folding bookstand and side storage drawer give you even more space. The storage drawer has a measurement of 7.5 x 3.75 x 1.25. It is great for glasses, cellphones, highlighters, or pens. The bookstand is 1 deep with a lip to secure your book in place.

The stand is compatible with an 18.4 laptop or smaller and has an adjustable height of 10.6“ 15.4. The extra room makes it a good option for use with a left-handed mouse, and the adjustable height ensures that you will have no problem crossing your legs under the tabletop.


Extra-large work area

Storage drawer

Foldable bookstand

Left-hand compatible


Bookstand is not compatible with some hardback books

3. HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk

HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk

This laptop stands for bed and is a great option if you suffer aches and pains from working for too long. But if the option to adjust height and angle is a must, you have to keep looking.

Don’t want to bother with adjustable legs and angles? This laptop stands for bed and is essentially a wooden desktop on a foam pillow.

The desktop is made from sturdy MDF with a cushion made from solid foam (as opposed to microbeads; firmer than your standard neck pillow). This gives you added comfort to your lap, a great option if you suffer from knee pain or leg exhaustion. The desktop itself is a brown woodgrain pattern, and the cushion is grey; there are no color options.

The desktop dimensions are 17 L x 12.5 W x 3.5 H, and it weighs a mere 2.84. Laptops of 15.6 or smaller can be accommodated. There is no built-in mousepad, but if your laptop is smaller than 14 you should have plenty of room for both. This also makes it a good option for left-hand configurations.

A non-removable wrist pad runs across the bottom of the desktop, and a 1 x 12 slot runs across the top, allowing you to keep your phone or tablet handy while working. An additional pocket on the back of the cushion allows for even more storage.

While the nature of a fabric cushion means it’s not easy to keep it clean, compared to other stands made of different materials, spot-cleaning should be relatively easy with a damp cloth.


Foam cushion

Storage pocket

Device slot


Adjustable height

Hard to clean

4. Nearpow Adjustable Laptop Bed Stand

4. Nearpow Adjustable Laptop Bed Stand

Get this laptop stand for bed if you want something functional and also easy to use. But if you are looking for more deluxe configurability, you will probably want to keep looking.

This medium-sized laptop stand for bed is sturdy and simple; it gives you basic adjustability without being cumbersome or confusing (a larger size is also available).

The tabletop has a dimension of 20.5x 11.8, with two removable ledges to keep your laptop and mouse in place (the ledge is rigid for the laptop, and squishy for the mouse). There are two auto-lock buttons on each side for five quick-change height settings, from 9.4 to 12.6. Two clamps set the surface angle to three settings, between 0° and 30°.

The tabletop is made from silicone and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene with metal legs. There are three color options; black, brown woodgrain, or white. It weighs only 3.13 lbs and collapses to a folding height of just 2.3 ensuring easy storage and transportation. It even lays flat enough to be packed in a suitcase!

It comes fully assembled, and the simplicity of the mechanics makes it easy enough for even children to use. It is compatible for use with a 17 or smaller laptop, and the adjustable ledges make left-handed configuration possible.


Simple mechanics

Folds flat for storage/transportation

Color options


Limited configuration

5. Laptop Desk Laptop Bed Tray | Laptop Notebook Stand Desk with iPad and Cup Holder

Laptop Notebook Stand Desk with iPad and Cup Holder

If basic functionality is all you need, this laptop stands for bed and may be a great option for you. It has the bonus of doubling as the perfect serving tray!

 If basic functionality is all you need, this laptop stands for bed and may be a great option for you. It has the bonus of doubling as the perfect serving tray!

There are no adjustable height or angle settings. The MDF desktop area is 23.5 x 15.5 and it stands 10.75 high. The curved desktop edge is ergonomic with a protective layer around the desktop and anti-slip aluminum alloy tube legs.

It comes in two colors, black or woodgrain, and the smooth, scratch-resistant surface features a cup holder and a slot for your tablet or mobile phone. It is suitable for 15-inch laptops; there is plenty of room for a mouse if your laptop is on the smaller side. The smooth surface means you will have no problem keeping it clean.

The legs fold in for storage or transportation, and it has a folded height of only 1.5. It weighs 4.7 lbs, with no assembly required.


Slot for tablet or phone


Scratch-resistant surface


Height or angle can’t be adjusted

6. Laptop Desk Tray | Breakfast Serving Bed Tray

Breakfast Serving Bed Tray

This laptop stand for bed is classic and beautiful in design, and the independently adjustable panels make it easy to set up your workstation with a snack or drink on the side!

Are you looking for a laptop stand for a bed that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing? This stand is made from 100% bamboo (with metal hardware). It features cut-out flower designs on the desktop for heat dissipation and added style.

The desktop is comprised of two flip-top panels that tilt individually, 14.37 W and 7.28 W, and it stands at 17.7. The total width of the desktop is 21.65, and the legs are wide-spread, allowing 6 of clearance to the underside of the desktop, plenty of room to spread your legs.

Bamboo is eco-friendly and more durable than maple and oak. It weighs only 5.7 lbs, with a bearing weight of 100 lbs. A ledge at the bottom of the desktop prevents your laptop from slipping when tilted, and there is a small drawer on the side with a built-in magnet for storage (great for highlighters, pens, etc.).

Although paperwork may be difficult with the cutouts on the table surface, it is coated in a protective layer to ensure the life of the bamboo and to allow for easy cleaning with a damp cloth (just be sure to not soak).

No assembly is required. The stand folds completely flat for storage or transportation.



100% bamboo

Two flip-top panels


Not the best option for paperwork

No color options

7. Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light and Mouse Pad

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

This is the perfect laptop stand for bed when you need a functional space for paperwork as well as your laptop, tablet, and phone. If height and angle adjustment is a priority, this one may not be for you.

Do you need a workspace that will allow you to do paperwork easily? This laptop stand for bed features a durable slide-out panel that can be configured on either the right or left, and features a USB light!

The sturdy tabletop is 18.5 x 14(not including the slide-out panel) and sits atop a memory foam cushion, keeping you comfortable and cool. The wrist rest is also memory foam, and the stand comes in three colors, black, silver, or woodgrain.

The main desktop area has a tablet slot of 9.6 and a removable USB light (it can alternately be run by 4 AA batteries). When not in use, store the light in the built-in compartment on the back of the cushion. Note that the USB port is for powering the light only, it cannot be used to charge your phone.

The slide-out panel slides from left to right, allowing you to configure it on either side. It also has an additional 3.5 slot at the top so you can keep your cellphone handy. This is great for use as a mousepad, or as an area next to your laptop for doing paperwork.

It is compatible with a 15 laptop, or larger if you take out the USB light. There are no height or angle options, and it sits at 3.5 high and weighs 4.85 lbs. A built-in carrying handle makes for easy transportation.


Slots for tablet and phone

Slide-out panel

USB light


No height or angle options

8. Cooper Mega Table [XXL Folding Laptop Desk] for Bed & Sofa

Cooper Mega Table XXL Extra Large Laptop Lap Desk for Bed

This laptop stands for bed and is nice and simple, with tons of workspace and little fuss. If you need more options for height and angle, this isn’t the best option for you.

This XXL laptop stand for bed gives you plenty of room for a laptop, tablet, and cellphone with room left over for paperwork or even a snack on the side!

The surface area is 25.6x 19.3, it can easily accommodate laptops up to 17. You can easily use the slot at the top of the included bookstand to hold your tablet. Although it does not tilt, its curved ergonomic design supports up to 88 lbs and includes a side storage drawer with an additional slot at the top for your cellphone.

The height is non-adjustable at 11, but the legs are positioned wide, with 26 of the stretching room. The tabletop is constructed from MDF, with aluminum alloy legs that fold in for storage. It weighs 6.82 lbs, with a bearing weight of 88 lbs.

The tabletop is black with a faux leather finish. It is only 2.5 thick when folded and includes a rope handle for easy transport. The leg hinges are reinforced, with the feet tipped with non-slip pads.


Rope handle

Storage drawer

XXL size


No height or angle adjustment

9. Tribesigns Overbed Table with Wheels, Unadjustable Queen Size Mobile Desk

Tribesigns Overbed Table with Wheels, Unadjustable Queen Size Mobile Desk

If you want to turn your bed into the workspace of your dreams, look no further. If you value portability and adjustability, this one is not for you.

Does your bed double as your dedicated workspace? This table is the perfect option for when you want a massive desktop that you can roll to the foot of the bed during off-hours.

It is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame on wheels and a sturdy particleboard desktop (white is the only color option). Although the desktop does not tilt, it has a total surface area of 71 x 16. This allows you to have a dedicated workspace with plenty of room left over for additional office equipment such as a dual monitor, keyboard, or printer.

The height is not adjustable, and it stands at 35.4(2.56 wheel height included). Although it weighs a hefty 57.2 lbs, it is built for stability with a bearing weight of a staggering 350 lbs! The wheels roll easily on either bare floors or carpet and can lock in place when in use.

The inner diameter is 66.14 L x 34.9 H, making it suitable for use with bed sizes ranging from twin to queen (there is no king-size option). The raised lip at the back of the desktop ensures that nothing will slide off the edge during use.

Be prepared to put it together, as the assembly is required.


The sturdy metal frame on the wheels

Massive surface area

Bearing the weight of 350 lbs


No height or angle adjustment

No king size

Assembly required

10. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder

This one is all about less is more. If a sturdy plastic laptop stands on a cushion is all you are looking for, you are good to go.

If you are looking for a simple laptop stand for bed that will allow you to work while sitting up either in bed or on the sofa, this stand will get the job done comfortably while remaining functional.

It is sleek and simple, with a plastic desktop and lap cushion of polystyrene foam beads. The workspace is 21 x 21.1, including the 5 x 9 non-removable mousepad on the right-hand side (no left-hand option).

The dual-bolster cushion conforms to your lap while keeping you cool. It’s 2 high on the far end and 1 at the close end. It is not removable for washing, but the 100% polyester fabric should be easy to spot-clean.

The stand will easily accommodate laptops 15.6 or smaller. Larger laptops will fit but will extend over the mousepad. The 5 x .75 slot at the top of the workspace will hold your cellphone (vertically only), and the ledge at the bottom keeps your laptop in place.

There are five color options to choose from; black carbon, espresso woodgrain, oak woodgrain, silver carbon, and white marble. The smooth, flat surface ensures proper laptop ventilation but can be slippery. Although it weighs only 3.04 lbs, its rigidity may make it cumbersome during travel.


Lap cushion

Easily spot-cleaned

Color options


No adjustable features

No left-hand configuration

Not good for travel

How to choose the best laptop stand for bed?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a laptop stand for the bed. Your workspace requirement is chief among them. Be sure to select a stand that gives you all the room and storage you need.

Are you going to use the laptop stand for bed as a workspace only, or do you want it to serve other useful functions after-hours? Some stands double perfectly as serving trays or spaces for your children to color on, while others are more specialized in their intended usage.

The following factors will help you decide on the perfect laptop stand for you.

Pick the Right Configuration

There are two main configurations for laptop stands for bed:

  • Flat Desktop Panel on a Lap Cushion. If you want a stand that will allow you to sit up in bed while not having options for adjustable height or angle, a flat panel on a cushion might be all you need. Be sure to take note of the cushion specifications, they come in anything from solid foam to microbeads and memory foam. This may be a good option if you suffer from aches and pains from sitting in one spot for too long, although the lack of free-standing legs may make stretching out more difficult.
  • Desktop on Free-Standing Legs. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to sit up straight in bed while working. The configurable height and angle mean you will to be able to recline as much as you want while being able to cross your legs or stretch out. There are many different options for stands with legs, from a single point of configurable height to the ability to adjust each leg individually.

Make Sure the Laptop Stand for Bed Meets Your Workspace Needs

This one comes down to what you need from your workspace. If one flat desktop to place your laptop on is all you need, pretty much anything will work. However, if want the ability to use a mouse or to reference other materials such as a tablet, book, or cellphone while you work, you will need a stand with more features.

Most stands come with at least one slot to hold a tablet or cellphone; some come with two. If you will be using the stand for paperwork, be sure to get one with enough surface area to allow for the paper alongside your laptop or a slide-out panel. Also, some stands come with slots on the surface for heat dissipation. This feature would not be compatible with paperwork.

Some stands even come with two panels that adjust independently, perfect for a laptop on one and a reference book on the other.

Storage Space and Additional Details

If your workspace needs to be as functional as office space as possible, be sure to keep your eye on the smaller details. A lot of stands come with slide-out storage drawers, perfect for pens, highlighters, paperclips, etc. Additional slide-out platforms can be used as writing spaces or even to hold a snack or a drink. You can even find models with USB-powered extras such as CPU coolers or lights!

FAQs about Laptop Stand for Bed

Will this laptop stand for the bed fit my computer?

It is important to know both the dimensions of your laptop and the dimensions of the laptop stand before buying. You will rarely see a laptop over 17 wide, pretty much any laptop stands for bed will accommodate this maximum width. However, a lot of stands have options like mousepads or configurable panels to one side or the other that may be overtaken by a wider laptop.

Is this laptop stand for bed left-hand compatible?

If you are left-handed and require a configuration that allows for the use of a mouse, this is a detail you will want to be clear on before purchasing. While there are many models with configurable left-to-right options, there are just as many with built-in options on the right only. Look for laptop stands for bed that either has a configurable option for the left, or has no built-in mousepad at all, but a wide enough surface area to allow for either a left or right configuration.

Can I cross my legs under this laptop stand for bed?

Very few people can comfortably stay in the same position for hours on end. If the ability to stretch out and cross your legs is a priority, you will want to be sure to get a laptop stand for bed with standing legs (as opposed to a flat desktop on a lap cushion). While most stands with legs will have adjustable height options, some are configured more like breakfast in bed style serving trays. Be sure to choose a model that will allow you to have a minimum clearance of at least 6 to the underside of the desktop.

Can I use my wireless keyboard with the laptop stand for the bed?

In most cases, the answer to this question is going to be no. The average laptop stands for bed and does not have the length required to accommodate both a computer and a wireless keyboard. However, that doesn’t mean that it is hopeless, it just means you may need to look a little harder for a stand that will fit both. Be sure to know the dimensions of both your laptop and wireless keyboard, as both vary; there’s no standard specification. Look for extra-large options and compare carefully before buying.

Will this laptop stand for bed slip-around?

This question can generally refer to one of two things, the surface of the desktop or the legs that the laptop stands on bed rests. If you are concerned about your laptop sliding around on the surface, pretty much every stand comes with a ledge of some sort at the bottom, preventing the device from sliding off. If side-to-side sliding is an issue, look for a stand with a textured surface like faux leather. As for the legs, most stands come with anti-slip tips of some kind, although be wary of features such as legs, as they are designed specifically to glide back and forth with ease.


A laptop stands for bed and has to walk the line between providing the function that you need out of your workspace while remaining comfortable and easy to use. Make sure you know what your preferences and requirements are before buying; there are plenty of options to choose from!

If you just need something that will allow you to use your laptop while sitting up in bed, you will find what you are looking for quickly. But if you have more specific needs when it comes to the surface area, adjustability, or portability, you will want to browse through all your options before making a selection.