10 Best Modern Bathroom Mirrors (Contemporary Design Ideas)

This article will list the best bathroom mirrors. You'll learn why they're the best and what features they have.


A modern bathroom mirror has to tick a few boxes. It has to be a functional space for personal grooming and makeup application, but it also has to be a decorative piece that fits in with your overall bathroom decor.

Picking the right modern bathroom mirror can make a statement while reflecting natural light and making the room appear bigger and more open than it really is.

Once the basics are covered, there are a number of extra features to choose from. Do you want LED lighting or anti-fog panels? You can even find mirrors with digital displays that are connected to WiFi!

This guide walks you through 10 of the best modern bathroom mirrors.

The 10 Best Bathroom Mirrors of 2022 – Laurel & Wolf

1. QiMH 32×24 Inch Wall Mounted LED Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Touch Button and Plug

Try this mirror if you’re looking for a sleek design with LED lighting to match your modern bathroom decor.

Are you looking for a sleek and fluid mirror to compliment your bathroom decor? This modern bathroom mirror gives you a unique style with a lot of extra functionality.

The 32 x 24 mirror surface is crisp and clear and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. A 5.5 round 3x magnification mirror is embedded in the surface. The frame is made from aluminum, with rust-resistant paint and an almost invisible screw hole, and it weighs 21lbs.

The LED light strip is IP44 waterproof, making it ideal for use in a moist setting like a bathroom. The light is comfortable, non-UV, and will not flicker. There are three options for color temperature:

  • Warm Light (3000K)
  • Daylight (4000K)
  • White Light (6000K)

Brightness is controlled by long-pressing the touch switch on the surface of the mirror and there is a dimmer range from 1% to 100% with a dimming option. Although the LED strip cannot be replaced, it is good for over 40,000 hours and has a low power consumption. The power source is AC120v, 50/20Hz, and the output source is DC12v, 35W. The maximum lumens is 5000 lumens in 6000K.

The mirror is made from environmentally friendly copper-free silver nitrate with an anti-rust treatment and is resistant to oxidizing and rusting. The safety explosion-proof glass means that even if a break occurs, the glass will stay contained to the mirror backing, you won’t have shards flying in every direction.

The plug-and-go installation is simple, with no hardwiring is required. The mounting accessories include 4 screws, 4 wall plugs, and 2 mounting brackets. Wall mounting is required, this mirror is too large to be installed on a door.


LED Lighting

Selectable color temperature and dimmer

Environmentally friendly

Easy to install


Cannot be mounted on a door

2. Hamilton Hills Large Pivot Rectangle Mirror with Wall Anchors

This modern bathroom mirror is recommended if you are looking for a clean and elegant design to match your bathroom decor. But if extras like LED lighting or magnification are a priority, this one is not going to be for you.

This modern bathroom mirror is clean and elegant to add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom with no extra features such as LED lighting or surface displays.

It is a beveled rectangle with a floating, frameless design resting on two pivot adjustable wall brackets. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and multiple sizes are available:

  • 20 x 30
  • 24 x 36
  • 30 x 40

Select from the following color options for the metal accents:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Gold
  • Polished Chrome

The mirror weighs from 17.35 “to 37.1 lbs (depending on size) and is backed with safety vinyl suspended by adjustable rotating polished glass clamps to add stability and protect in the event of breaks. The swivel bracket can be tightened with a hex key so that the swivel is not too loose.

All mirrors undergo a rigorous 8-point inspection for quality control. Two people are required for installation. The entire weight of the mirror is on two points, so take extra care to ensure proper installation.


Tilts on pivot brackets

Clean and elegant design

Multiple sizes and color options


Not as easy to install

3. Belle Electrical Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror

This modern bathroom mirror may be for you if you are looking for a clean, simple design that almost seems to float on the bathroom wall. Keep looking for extras like LED lighting and anti-fog functions.

Do you want an ultra-thin modern bathroom mirror that seems to float on the wall? This rounded rectangular mirror is only 4mm thick in a .66 aluminum alloy frame that can only be seen on the sides, it is invisible from the front.

The lines are smooth and clean, and the mirror is high-definition. It comes in two different sizes, 32 x 24 or 36 24, with the option of either black or gold for the frame.

The mirror and frame are integrated, safe, durable, and strong. It is made with a scatter prevention coating using multi-layered silver nitrate and anti-rust treatment.

The mirror weighs 10.5 lbs (32) or 11 lbs (36) and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically using 4 hanging V hooks (2 for vertical, 2 for horizontal). Expansion tubes and screws are included for a quick and easy installation.

The ultra-thin glass means that you will want to be a little more careful with cleaning. Use a soft, dry, non-abrasive cloth and diluted cleanser. Wash cleanser off with clean water after.


Ultra-thin floating design

High-definition mirror

Two sizes and frame colors to choose from


Not as easy to clean

4. ANDY STAR Round Wall Mirror for Bathroom, 30 Inch Black Circle Mirror with Modern Premium Stainless Steel Metal Frame

If you are looking for the specific touch that a circular modern bathroom mirror will bring to your bathroom, this may be the one for you.

If you are looking to get away from the usual rectangular modern bathroom mirror, you may want to give this elegant circular mirror a try.

The simply designed mirror floats in the frame with a 1/16 gap. The overall thickness is 1 with three round sizes to choose from:

  • 20
  • 24
  • 30

The stainless steel metal frame is fully sealed with double scratch, stain, and fingerprint-proof paint in three colors, black, gold, and silver.

The 4mm HD polished mirror reflection is crisp and clean, and the silver glass comes backed by a 9mm thick TSCA certified MDF backing, preventing corrosion in humid environments. It is shockproof and stable, each passes a rigorous 10-point drop test. Although there is no anti-fog protection, fog is easily wiped away using a cloth.

The mirror weighs between 12 and 18 lbs (depending on size) and is easily installed with two D-rings on the back. Simply mount the included screws and hooks on the wall.


Easy to install

Multiple size and color options

Unique circular design


No extras like anti-fog

5. Keonjinn 40″x 24″ Backlit Bathroom Mirror Wall Mounted Anti-Fog Makeup Mirror with LED Light Over Vanity

Go for this modern bathroom mirror if you are looking for an extra-large mirror that still offers the extras like an LED light and defogger.

Do you want an extra-large modern bathroom mirror that includes additional features like LED lighting and anti-fog? Look no further than this backlit, dimmable mirror with defogger.

It is made from 5mm high-quality glass with silver coating in an aluminum alloy and acrylic frame. Copper-free materials are used in the silvered reflection layer. It can be hung horizontally or vertically and there are multiple rectangular sizes to choose from:

  • 24 x 36
  • 40 x 24
  • 40 x 32
  • 48 x 36
  • 55 x 36

The dimmable LED feature is a backlight, it is not lit on the front edges of the mirror. This means that it will not be bright enough to replace the primary light source in the room. Press the power button for three seconds to change intensity from normal to brightest (10%, 50%, 100%).

The LED has a lifetime of 50,000 hours (with 3 hours of use a day it will last for 45 years). The IP54 waterproof rating ensures safe lighting in a wet bathroom environment.

No need to treat the mirror with fog-free spray or rinse after each shower! The defogger feature is controlled by a separate button from the dimmer and can be used according to to need.

Each button has a memory. The next time the mirror is turned on, the settings will be the same as the last time it was turned off. No need for constant re-selecting of options.

Each mirror has passed drop and impact testing and weighs between 20.7 and 60.9 lbs (based on size). Mounting hardware and plug are included. It can also be hardwired to a light switch for optimal use.



LED backlight


Settings are remembered with each on/off


LED backlight is not as bright as front edge lighting

6. BYECOLD Vertical Vanity Bathroom Mirror with Dimmable LED Light

If the extra WiFi-connected features are a selling point for you, you will love this modern bathroom mirror.

Are you in the market for the most modern bathroom mirror you can find? This mirror connects to WiFi to show you time and weather on an on-surface digital display.

The frameless mirror is made from tempered glass and aluminum. Both vertical and horizontal orientations are available for purchase, but keep in mind that each mirror can only be used one way due to the digital display. The following sizes are available:

  • Vertical “ 23.6 x 39.4
  • Horizontal “ 31.5 x 23.6
  • Horizontal “ 39.4x 23.6
  • Horizontal “ 47.2 x 23.6

The Smart Touch Switch on the face of the mirror has multiple functions: one-click to turn on/off the LED light, double-click to open the Smart Interface, and long-press to activate the anti-fog function and ensure that water droplets or mist will never blur the mirror surface.

The LED strip has a lifetime of 50,000 hours. Press the switch on the black box on the back of the mirror to choose from 3000K warm light or 6000K white light.

Once connected with the WiFiClock app, the digital display will show the date and time, as well as a real-time weather forecast with 11 icons denoting anything from sunny to foggy conditions. From the mobile app on your phone, set 12 or 24 hours, day and month mode, temp unit (Celsius/Fahrenheit), and multiple alarm settings. Note that light on/off cannot be controlled by phone, only by the Smart Touch Switch or manually on the mirror back.

The mirror can be hardwired to a light switch, and weighs between 21.6 and 32.8 lbs, depending on size.


LED light

Anti-fog function

Real-time weather forecast via WiFi


No universal control by phone app

7. Calenzana 24×36 Wall Mirror with Black Frame, Explosion-Proof Beveled Hanging Mirrors for Bathroom

This modern bathroom mirror is going to be a good option for people who believe that less is more when it comes to bathroom mirrors.

Give this modern bathroom mirror a try if you are looking for a simple and classic style to open up the room.

This high-definition glass mirror reflects without distortion and is 0.2 thick in a 1.0 thick black frame. It comes in two different sizes, 22 x 30 or 24 x 36. The polished beveled edge and plastic frame will brighten any room, day or night.

It is made from real glass with an explosion-proof membrane and scatters prevention; even if the broken shattered glass will not spill out.

There are no extra features such as lighting, magnification, or defogging; it is just a clean, simple mirror that can be hung horizontally or vertically and is quick and easy to install.

It weighs 14.33 or 16.53 lbs (depending on size) and comes with screws and anchors for easy hanging.


Simple and classic

Easy to hang


No extra features

8. Cozy Castle Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

This modern bathroom mirror is a good option when LED lighting is the only feature that you are interested in, but if the hard wiring is a deal-breaker you will want to keep looking.

This modern bathroom mirror has a contemporary style that goes great with pedestal sinks or vanity tables.

It has a frameless ultra-thin rectangular design and a flat, non-beveled edge for brilliant reflection. The dimensions are 32 x 24 with a depth of 1.5.

The LED light border casts a glow throughout your space and to the back of the mirror, but at 23W will not illuminate an entire room. Turn on and off with the touch-sensitive button.

Press the button for 3 seconds to change color temperature from white light (5000K “ 6000K) to warm light (3000K). The memory button remembers the last option used, eliminating the need for constant re-setting.

The mirror weighs 16lbs and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Note that it comes with the option for hard-wiring only, no plug is included.


Contemporary style

LED border light

Memory button


Not as easy to install

Hard-wired only

9. B&C 48×36 inch Super Slim Bathroom Mirror

This modern bathroom mirror is a great option if you are looking to furnish a space with less harsh lighting, but be prepared to hard-wire it to a light switch.

Do you have sensitive eyes that find most LED lighting too harsh? This modern bathroom mirror is lit by LED covered by frosted glass, making it softer and easier to look at for extended periods of time.

This super slim mirror has a frameless polished edge and is made from glass and a rectangular aluminum frame of 1 1/16 that is invisible from the front.

The following sizes are available:

  • 20 x 30
  • 30 x 36
  • 48 x 36
  • 72 x 30

The LED backlight has a 30,000-hour lifetime and saves up to 95% energy. Its IP44 is waterproof and rated for safe use in humid bathroom environments. There are three buttons on the mirror surface color changer (between 3000K and 6500K), dimmer (from 5% to 100%), and on/off.

The buttons are memory touch, the last setting used will be remembered the next time they are turned on. This prevents you from having to constantly re-select your preferred options.

Two defogging panels are embedded in the mirror, giving you plenty of fog and mist-free surface area for washing your face or putting on makeup. The defogger turns on and off with the lights, and cannot be operated separately.

The glass is 5mm with a copper and lead-free silver reflective layer. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically and weighs 15lbs. The highest temperature for operation is 113F. The power supply is 110v“ 120v/60Hz, and the power consumption is 38W. Note that the only option is for hard-wiring. No plug-in option is included.


LED lighting under frosted glass

Multiple size options

Dimmer and color temp options

Two defogging panels


Defogger cannot be operated separately from lights

Hard-wiring only

10. ANDY STAR Black Bathroom Mirror for Wall 22 x 30 x 2 | Modern Matte Black Rectangle Frame (2 Deep)

This one is nice and simple, it`s just a modern bathroom mirror with a clean, contemporary design.

This is a simple, clean modern bathroom mirror with a classic floating design and no extra frills.

The plate glass mirror floats in a wooden frame of 2mm pine wood, surrounded by a gap. The recessed lip and modern design open up any small space.

The following sizes are available:

  • 18 x 48
  • 22 x 30
  • 24 x 36
  • 30 x 40

The pine wood frame is solid and heavy duty and comes in black, matte white, or walnut. The pine has a gypsum surface and 3 layers of waterproof paint, making it suitable for a humid bathroom environment. The non-distortion silver-backed HD mirror has a durable MDF backboard to protect against corrosion.

It can be hung vertically or horizontally and weighs between 15.43 and 28.6lbs (depending on size). It comes with reinforced D-ring hanging clips and wall hardware for easy installation. Each mirror passes a 10-point drop test, so you can be sure that your mirror is safe and durable.


Floating design

Multiple size options

Simple installation


No extra features

Buyer’s Guide on Modern Bathroom Mirrors

There are some basic considerations when selecting a modern bathroom mirror:

Consider Your Space

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a modern bathroom mirror is the size and shape. Look at your space, how much height do you have from your vanity to the ceiling? How wide is your vanity? As a general rule, you will want at least a foot of clearance between the top of the vanity to the bottom edge of the mirror. The width should be around 70 “ 80% of the vanity width. For a wider vanity with multiple sinks, two mirrors may be a good option. Also, consider the walls of your bathroom. Are they tiled or wallpapered? Are they one flat color, or patterned? These factors may weigh on the style of mirror you choose. If you have a pedestal sink, you might want to consider a round or oval mirror. This can bring a softness to your decor that is reflected by the curved lines in the vanity.

Think About Light

If you have a smaller bathroom that doesn’t get much natural light, a lighted mirror can help to open up space and make it look bigger. Alternately, if you have light fixtures on either side of the mirror providing light, a mirror with LED lighting may be overkill.

Frame Options

The frame that a mirror comes in can completely change its character. A wooden frame can give a comfy traditional feel, while a thick black frame feels more modern and contemporary.

The dimensions of your mirror will be exaggerated by the frame. A taller, thinner mirror with a noticeable frame will draw the eye up to a vertical reference of the entire room; while a wide mirror will draw the eye out to the sides.

Go for a frameless or floating mirror to minimize the impact of the mirror on the room, while still maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.

Extra Features

Pretty much any mirror is going to cut it as a reflective surface for everyday use. However, there are many additional features offered by modern bathroom mirrors that go above and beyond the basics.

Do you want a mirror that can double as a light source? Go for an LED-lit mirror. Almost all have variations of color temperature and dimming to find the perfect lighting for your bathroom.

Are you sick of getting out of the shower only to find that your mirror is so fogged up that you can’==t even see into it? Go for a mirror with built-in defogging. You will never again have to wipe away mist before you can apply your moisturizer and toner.

Mounting and Installation

A mirror is the last piece of furniture that you want to come crashing down on you. Be aware of the anchor points when browsing to ensure an easy and stable installation. Locate the studs in your bathroom wall for the most stability possible. When purchasing a mirror with LED lighting or other electrical features, be aware that many have the option for hard-wiring only. Be sure you know what you are purchasing if you require a mirror with a plug.

FAQs about Modern Bathroom Mirrors

Can I Hang this Modern Bathroom Mirror on a Door?

As a general rule, the answer to this question is going to be No. Bathroom mirrors are made specifically to be wall-mounted and are too wide and heavy to be mounted on the standard bathroom door.

If you are determined to make one work, be aware of the dimensions and go for the most lightweight mirror possible.

Can I Mount this Modern Bathroom Mirror to the Front of a Cabinet?

A mirrored door to a cabinet is a specific item to shop for, you are not going to find what you are looking for in a modern bathroom mirror.

A bathroom mirror is intended to be wall-mounted, with specific anchor points to bear the weight. A cabinet door must be much lighter, with anchor points that allow for the easy functioning of the cabinet.

Can this Modern Bathroom Mirror with LED be used as the Primary Light Source?

If you want to use your LED mirror as the bathroom’s primary source of light, make sure that you select a mirror with surface or edge lighting. A lot of LED mirrors are backlit and would not provide enough illumination to replace your bathroom light.

A smaller bathroom with some natural light stands a better chance of being adequately lit by the LED mirror alone, in a larger space it is just not going to be bright enough.

Is this Modern Bathroom Mirror Made from Silver?

A mirror is essentially a pane of glass with some sort of reflective backing applied to one side. Historically, this reflective surface was made from copper or lead. These materials are now known to be harmful/not environmentally sustainable. The preferred material for the reflective surface of a modern bathroom mirror is silver.

Will this Modern Bathroom Mirror Rust or Corrode in Humidity?

Any household mirror cannot be used in the bathroom. The main difference is the mirror’s ability to withstand humidity and moisture. As long as the mirror is specifically marketed as a bathroom mirror, you can be reasonably sure of the following:

  • Any aluminum or wooden frame will be sealed and protected with anti-rust treatment
  • A non-corrosive backing of MDF or other materials will be applied to protect the reflective surface of the glass
  • Any electronic features such as lighting or anti-fog will be waterproof-rated for use in a humid environment

Keep an eye on the specifications when browsing, these details will be clearly stated.


Chances are that you already have at least some idea of what kind of modern bathroom mirror you are looking for. You know your space, let the mirror play with the light and open it up.

Keep your bathroom layout in mind, and beware of obstacles like light fixtures or window frames that may get in the way.

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to size and shape, style, and extra features. Take your time and select the mirror that will give you the most benefit.

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