Best Outdoor Solar Spot-lights For Your Yard 2

If you are looking to get the best outdoor solar spot lights for your yard, look no further. Here are the ten best options.

Best outdoor solar spot-lights For Your Yard

Outdoor solar spotlights have comparable performance to electric lights, but these lights use solar energy. Solar lights can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Fitting your yard with the best outdoor solar spot lights will not only power up your space but will create an attractive setting.

The solar spotlights are energy-efficient, convenient, and require low maintenance, which will reduce your energy bill. The best bit is that the lights will provide consistent performance, not fizzling out. This means you are guaranteed that the lights will not compromise your security. Again with these solar lights, you will not need any wiring to install them.

Additionally, the solar lights usually have a built-in darkness sensor that will automatically turn when it’s dark and shut off when it’s daytime. This makes your work much easier since you will only need to install them, and they will work on themselves automatically.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of options, and the solar lighting industry is very competitive. So, it can be difficult to get the best one that will cover your particular needs. Therefore, we have created this enlightening guide to help simplify your search for the best outdoor solar spotlights.

What is an outdoor solar spotlight?

Solar light is also commonly referred to as a solar lamp or solar lantern. Basically, it is a lighting system that uses solar cells to convert sun energy into electricity stored in rechargeable batteries. The only thing you need for the light to work is to expose the solar panel to direct sunlight. The best bit is that you can install these lights in different areas.

This lighting system is composed of an Led lights or lamps, solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, and some may have an inverter. Solar lights can, in most cases, replace other sources of lights since they can be more convenient. These lights can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes and do not pollute the air. Also, learn more about indoor air quality.

Additionally, solar lights can also charge your devices like smartphones. The downside is that all solar lights are weather-dependent and have high initial costs. Having understood what outdoor solar spotlights are, let’s dive in and look at the best outdoor solar spotlights that you can purchase.

The Best Solar Lights you can buy today

  1. Sensor Security Solar Panel Lights
  2. Solar String Lights Outdoor
  3. TomCare Solar Light
  4. InnoGear Solar Lights
  5. LEREKAM Solar Spot Lights
  6. Solar Spotlights, Magictec Warm
  7. Lemontec Solar Lights
  8. Solar Spot Lights Outdoor Garden
  9. Solar Lantern Outdoor Lights 
  10. ROSHWEY Solar Spotlights Outdoor

1. URPOWER 40 LED Motion Sensor Security Solar panel Lights

Sensor Security Solar Panel Lights

Urpower 40 LED motion sensor solar panels from a well-known brand. These lights are offered in different styles, including lights by Urpower.

We will start with the URPOWER 40 LED Motion Sensor Security Solar panel lights. These lights are from the well-known Urpower brand with different types of lights. Moreover, the light is designed with IP64 waterproofing, enabling it to withstand extreme weather conditions making it an amazing option.

The Urpower solar lights are super affordable, and installing them is easy. The light features two brightness settings modes that allow you to choose depending on your mood. Plus, they can easily adjust the brightness automatically from high to low, and they will also automatically turn on and off to save on battery power.

The best part is that the Urpower solar lights have a 2200mAh battery which can run for up to nine hours with a full charge which is pretty sufficient. In addition, the solar system that comes with this light can adjust up to 180 degrees to allow the sun’s rays to reach them perfectly. The light heads are also adjustable to 90 degrees, and they have a light intensity of 200 lumens.


Have Waterproof and Dustproof protection

It can easily be installed on the ground or wall mounted

Two lighting modes

Has 6 to 10 hours of battery power


The lights automatically turn

Adjustable angle for both the light head and solar panel



They don’t offer any warranty

2. Solar String Lights Outdoor

Solar String Lights Outdoor

Solar string lights are perfect for high-quality gazebo lights. They feature a panel with a 180-degree bend that can soak up less sunlight so that your lights will work very efficiently.

If you are looking for high-quality gazebo lights, the Solar string lights are the best options. They have a 180-degree adjustable solar panel system that absorbs more natural light allowing your lights to perform quite well. They also have an inbuilt NiMH 800mAh rechargeable battery that will help retain all the energy absorbed.

The landscape lights can automatically work for up to 10 hours. The solar lights are constructed with high-quality material that has IP65 waterproof function. This way, the lights can be used for outdoor purposes and withstand extreme weather conditions. Also, the string solar panel lights are 35.6 feet long, making them more convenient to use in large spaces.

The best bit is that these lights have eight lighting modes: waves, gradual, sequential, combination, slow fade, and twinkle flash. This way, you can fit the lights to whichever mode you like best based on your mode.


Easy installation process

Beautify any outdoor area with Eight lighting modes


Has overcurrent protection

Waterproof and heatproof durable construction

The lights automatically turn

Ideal for any kind of weather condition



No on/off indicator 

3. TomCare Solar Light Upgraded, 43″ Waterproof Flickering Flames

TomCare Solar Light

If you want to make your home a little more welcoming with an aesthetically pleasing solar spotlight, choose the TomeCare solar light with an upgraded 43-inch lumen. This light presents an incredibly soothing fire effect that will reliably cast some calm ambiance.

If you are looking for solar spotlights with an attractive design, then the TomeCare solar light upgraded 43-inch lights are the perfect option. These lights have a stunning flame design that is super-secure and safe from actual flames. In addition, they will offer a soft and mood-enhancing glow that will look very good.

These solar lights have a built-in rechargeable battery that has 2200mAh. The best aspect is that the battery will fully charge in around 8 hours, and it lights up for up to 12 hours once it is fully charged. This way, you can be guaranteed that this best outdoor solar spotlight will maintain proper security all night long.

The TomeCare light upgraded 43-inch light is waterproof, meaning it will withstand any weather. Plus, the lights have a great build that makes them super durable compared to many other options in this category. Moreover, the solar spotlights are easy to install and do not require any wiring.


Has waterproof protection

Super durable

Offers up to 12 hours of lighting

Has overcurrent protection

Has a high-capacity rechargeable battery power

Easy to install

Great Build quality

Offers great convenience


May not offer adequate brightness

4. InnoGear Solar Lights Outdoor, Upgraded Waterproof Solar Powered Landscape Spotlights

InnoGear Solar Outdoor Lights

If you’re hunting for a set of four spotlights, the InnoGear Solar spotlight is an excellent choice. It’s energy-efficient, and it features light heads that are beautifully designed with a 5W solar panel.

The InnoGear Solar panel light is a great option if you want to get a set of four spotlights. The best part is that all the four spotlight heads have an elegant design and are constructed with a 1.5W solar panel that will help keep the outdoor solar lights powered up. Again the solar panel and the spotlights are adjustable to 180 degrees and 90 degrees, respectively.

These lights are also highly flexible seeing that you can use them nearly anywhere. You could install them near your heated pool, in the driveway, garage, pathway, yard, or garden without any hustle. In addition, that has a long-lasting battery that will fully charge for only 8 hours and will light up for more than 12 hours in low light mode and up to 6 hours in high brightness mode.

The InnoGear outdoor lights also feature two lights with pre-mouthed solar panels, and they each have four LED lights. Additionally, the spotlight has a lighting sensor that automatically turns on and off, saving battery power.


Multiple installation methods

Waterproof construction

Perfect if you want to keep your yard lit up for up to 12 hours

Ideal for low light seasons

Automatic On-Off feature

Offer two lighting modes

Great Build quality

Heat resistant


Has a longer charging time compared to other options in this category.

5. LEREKAM Solar Spot Lights Outdoor, Solar panels

LEREKAM Solar Spot Lights

Featuring 40 LEDs, 12-degree solar panel angle rotation, and a 36-degree adjustable head, the LEREKAM Solar Spot Lights Outdoor are the best solar spotlight. You can also choose from three lighting modes according to your mood.

Another perfect option for outdoor lighting is the LEREKAM Solar Spot Lights Outdoor. This best solar spotlight has 40 LEDs, solar panel angle rotation that can go up to 12 degrees and a light head that can adjust up to 36 degrees. They also come with three lighting modes that you can easily change according to your mood.

These best outdoor solar spot lights use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and have a luminous intensity of a thousand Lumen. It also has a battery capacity of over 2200mAh and 3.7 voltage power. In addition, the solar-powered spotlights feature high-quality bright light heads and a highly efficient solar panel that will charge directly via sun exposure.

Finally, solar spotlights can automatically turn on and off, making them more convenient in terms of energy. The best bit is that these perfect outdoor lighting systems are water and weather-resistant, making them last even longer.


Deliver bright light for hours

Energy efficient

Water and weather-resistant.

Easy to install

Has three lighting modes

Super safe to use

Adjustable base


Takes up to two days to fully charge.

6. Solar Spotlights, Magictec Warm Light 2-in-1 Adjustable 4 LED WallSolar Lights 

Solar Spotlights, Magictec Warm

Solar Spotlights, Magictec Warm

The Magictec Warm Lights lighting fixture is a great option for anyone looking to light up a room but will also make it a lovely part of the space. This lighting fixture provides fantastic illumination for your yard or garden, your driveway, or your patio.

If you are looking for the perfect spotlight option that will light up your space and still be decorative, the Magictec Warm Lights are a great pick. These amazing lights will provide the light that will be able to light up your yard or garden, driveways, or patio.

The solar-powered spotlights feature 200 lumens that give them a high energy retention capacity allowing you to enjoy a 10 hours light up. In addition, the lights offer a warm white glow which you can focus on any sculpture you would like highlighted during the night. Again the solar landscape spotlights are heat and water-resistant, which can withstand even climate conditions.

The installation process of these solar spotlights is super easy and will only require you to drill screws for wall mounting. If you want them on the ground, you will stick them directly to the position you want them in. Plus adjusting the solar panel and spotlight for up to 180 degrees for maximum usage. The best bit is that these solar landscape spotlights will provide exceptional light performance.


Offers a 3-years long warranty

Great build quality

Two light modes, including white light and warm white light The landscape lights, are designed with waterproof technology

Auto On/Off feature

The lights provide light

Good charge retention capacity


Does not have a mode feature

7. Lemontec Solar Lights, 62 LED Wall Solar panels

Lemontec Solar Lights

Strong motion sensor underwater lights are offered by Lemontec Solar Lights . Composed of 62 bright lights, they can be selected from two different lighting modes during operation. Their lithium batteries are also super-efficient or soak up the sun’s energy as and when required.

If you want highly powerful motion sensor lights, the Lemontec Solar Lights are ideal. They are designed with 62 bright lights with three lighting modes for convenient and easy operation. In addition, the solar panels with these lights are super-efficient or harvest solar energy and retain it.

The lights have a strong long light mode, dim light modes and strong light modes. The strong lighting modes are usually meant for security reasons, and they can be switched off if need be. The best bit is that it has motion sensing detectors that automatically turn the lights on and off any time it detects movement.

The Lemontec Solar wall Lights store the solar energy in a lithium-ion battery with a battery power of 3400mAh. The battery can provide more than 10 hours of illumination in low light mode and up to 6 hours in high light modes. Moreover, the lights can fully charge for only seven hours.


Has a 5-year warranty

Has three lighting modes

Waterproof and heat resistance

Has a motion sensor range of around 10-26 feet.

Heavy duty and solid construction

Has multi-color led lights

Easy installation instructions


Might need an extension cord

8. Solar Spot Lights Outdoor Garden

Brightown Solar Spot Lights

Brightown Solar Spot Lights

You might not regret purchasing the Brightown solar spotlight if you want an unconventional option. Each includes SMD LED lights, producing heat and producing a peak illumination amount.

The other ideal option you could purchase if you are looking for an affordable option is the Brighttown solar spotlight. They feature SMD LED lights in each spotlight, and they offer about 30 lumens that provide accurate focus and a long-throw range. Compared to other lights, the best bit is to provide a more comforting and natural light.

The outdoor solar lighting system has a high-quality build that makes the light more durable. In addition, the solar lights have an ip44 waterproof rating which makes them more suitable for outdoor purposes. The solar panel is flexible up to 180 degrees allowing you to change the light angle.

Furthermore, the battery capacity is about 600mAh, and it does not take long to charge fully. The best bit is that the lights have an auto turn and auto charging feature brought about by the super-sensitive sensors that the lights have.


Perfect light sensor for preditors Weatherproof

Adjustable illumination angle

Environmentally friendly

Come with all the tools required for installation

Auto On/Off feature

Good charge retention capacity


The light turns off and on sporadically for no reason once in a while.

9. Solar Lantern Outdoor Lights, Hanging Wireless Waterproof Lights

Solar Lantern Outdoor Lights

Yet another great option is solar Lantern candles from Derynome. These solar lamps have a classic and sleek design that looks great on any type of landscape.

Another great option is the solar Lantern outdoor lights from Derynome. These solar spotlights have a classic and sleek design that makes them look stylish on any home yard or garden. The best thing is that you don’t require to worry about turning the lights off or on since they will automatically switch. Also, they will provide soft and warm lighting that will provide more than lighting to your space.

These best solar spotlights are designed with high-quality material that is super durable. Plus, the material used is water and dust-resistant, ensuring that your solar lights can stand any weather conditions, including the winter. Additionally, it has a battery that can store enough solar energy, ensuring that you can use the lights for up to 10 hours, depending on the modes you are using.

What’s even better is that these best solar spotlights are super easy to install, and you don’t require any wiring. Furthermore, it offers multiple application methods, and you can install them on your garage, porch or mount them to your fence.


Has a high-quality metal construction that is rust-free

Offers a flickering flame effect

Offers up to 12 hours of lighting

No wiring needed

Uses solar energy

Perfect light sensor for preditors

Auto On/Off feature

Quick and effortless installation Provides a warm ambient glow 


The light quality is harsh or faint

  • Not as durable as other options in this review

10. ROSHWEY Solar Spotlights Outdoor

ROSHWEY Solar Spotlights

ROSHWEY Solar Spotlights

ROSHWEY’s Outdoor,600-lm Landscape Spotlight, Waterproof Solar panels is another alternative is to go for. It features a 22-watt-hour li-ion battery capacity that enables it to work for eight hours during fair weather hours and six hours when it’s cold. The advantage of these lights is that they’re energy efficient and durable.

ROSHWEY Solar spotLights Outdoor,600LM Landscape Spotlight Waterproof Solar panels is another perfect option that you could go for. It features a 22oomAh li-ion battery capacity that enables it to work for 8 hours during sunny days and 6 hours during winter. The amazing thing about the lights is that they are energy-saving and consistent.

This security light offers two installation methods, and you could mount them to a wall or fence or stick it into the ground. You could use these landscape lights on your driveway, pathway, garage, deck, porch and even yard. The lights can last for up to 12 hours in low lighting modes and 6 hours in high lighting modes.

Additionally, the security light is designed with water and weather-resistant material that makes it super durable. Also, the material ensures that your lights can withstand any weather conditions. The lights have adjustable spotlights that will allow you to change the lighting direction of the spotlight with ease.


 Environmentally friendly

Come with all the tools required for installation

Allows you to change your lighting angle easily

The  calming solar power lights have two lighting modes

Automatically charges during the day

Perfect light sensor for preditors.


Brightness doesn’t last

Types of Outdoor Solar Lights

There are various solar lights, and you can find the best outdoor solar spot-lights for almost any outdoor space. What sets the solar spotlights apart is the type of fixture you require. Some of the types include Path lights, Border and driveway solar lights, Table Solar lamps and Security or safety Solar Lights.

The path solar lights come in different designs and styles. Most of the path lights come with a small solar panel connected to the top of each view. The best part is that these path lights will enable you to place the lights at a distance best for you. This way, you are guaranteed that your driveway and pathway are well lit up. The lights will also automatically switch no and off to retain and save battery power.

The border and driveway lights are mostly used to light up your driveways and pathways in your garden. The lights are also stylish, functional, and energy-saving. The best bit is that they can work as perfectly as the traditional electrical lights.

The solar lamps are ideal for outdoor activities. Most table lamps will not use any electrical wiring to light up your garden, but some will require an electrical connection. This table light will give you a coziness feel in your space, and they are pretty easy to use. The lights work perfectly for walkways or driveways, but they will also do pretty well in living rooms.

The security and safety lights are usually the type that is used for security reasons. These lights can serve as decorative lights, but they will act as emergence lights that will enable you to light put your yard in case of anything. In addition, most of these lights will have motion and light detectors that will light up if they detect motion.

Factors to Consider While Acquiring the Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

1. Purpose

When purchasing the best solar lights, you must know the main purpose. This way, you will get the solar light that suits you best. For example, do you need security lighting or accent lighting? If you fully understand what you intend to use the solar panel lights for then, it will be very easy to know what features you should look for after that.

A good example is if you intend the light to alert you in case of predators, you could go for light with a good sensor feature. Again if you want one that will illuminate your pathways, driveways or porch because maybe you usually come home late, you could get a solar floodlight to get the job done. If the intention is to make your yard appear more stylish. Then you don’t worry much about the lighting, and you could go for a more attractive piece and have decorative features.

2. Brightness

The other necessary feature you should consider is the brightness of the solar power lights. Now that you understand the purpose of getting the solar spotlights, you will need to get one covering your needs. For example, let’s say you want to illuminate your garden, porch, or driveway, and you need to ensure that the light you get is powerful enough to light up the whole area.

It is important to note that the brightness or the light power mainly depends on the model and make of solar panel light. For example, some solar spotlights can deliver up to 1400 lumen rating, brightening a large area, while some produce 200 lumens delivering a soft and warm light. Therefore you will need to choose again based on the main purpose you need the lights.

Also, you should note that because the solar spotlights mainly depend on direct sun exposure to light up, the weather may also affect the amount of light emitted. Plus, the size of the bulbs and the quality of the photovoltaic cells may also affect the brightness of your lights.

3. Lighting Settings and Sensing

Some solar power lights usually have light and motion sensing settings, and it is necessary to pay attention if you need them. You will find that some solar spotlights feature many lighting modes, and others will only have two or one mode. Also, you may find that some come with multi-colored LED lights that may include warm white, cool white, and natural white colors.

When it comes to sense, you will find that some models will come with light and motion sensors that will light up the lights if they sense movement. Those with motion-sensing features are the best if you want to get solar lights for security or safety purposes. The best models in this category are those with PIR motion sensing.

Additionally, you will find some models tha have an automatic switch that will automatically turn on or off the lights. These will turn on during the night and turn off during the day in most cases. If you want a better option that is energy efficient, you could go for these options.

4. Batteries

The best solar lights usually have a battery compartment that stores up the energy absorbed from the sun. These batteries will determine the period you will use the lights. Therefore you must check the quality of the batteries before making a purchase.

Most solar spotlights use lithium-ion batteries, which will enable them to recharge and store the energy. Basically, you should look for a solar panel light with batteries that will hold a charge for a long period. The batteries with high capacity will light up for longer periods. Also, you should get those affordable batteries that are easy to install.

It is important to note that poor batteries can affect the performance of your lighting system. Additionally, you will need to check the lights’ amount of time to charge fully. This is important because some models will take as little as six hours while others can take up to two days which is inconvenient.

5. Durability

Different solar lights will have different construction and durability. Since you will be using the lights for outdoor purposes, you will need a solar spotlight to withstand any weather conditions.

You will find some models have heat, water and rust resistance features, meaning they can resist harsh climate conditions, but some will not have these features. Remember the weather resistance can boost the durability of your lights.

6. Lighting Range

Another factor that you will need to look at is the lighting range. This factor basically decides the effectiveness of your lighting system. For example, standard solar lights can shed only a few meters or feet, so you may need more light to illuminate a large area.

7. Price

Most solar lights are relatively affordable, but this does not mean that you don’t need to plan and make a budget. The prices will mostly vary based on the different features of the lights. For instance, this with motion sensors or high-quality LED bulbs might cost more than the standard solar spotlights. Consequently, you will buy based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Outdoor Solar Spotlights

1. How to install the solar spot lights correctly?

There are usually two main methods of installing solar spotlights: the mounting method and the spikes method. You will need to first dig into the ground around 3 inches in the position you intend the light to be for the spiking. Then you will insert the spike into the hole you have dug and cover it up.

If you prefer the mounting method, you will need to install the solar spotlights on a fence or a wall. In addition, you will require fixing screws and brackets, which usually come with the mounting solar lights. The amazing bit is that the manufacturer usually provides clear instruction to guide you through the process for both methods.

2. How Do You Clean Your Outdoor Solar Lights Without Damaging Them?

If you want your best outdoor solar spot lights to provide top performance, you must maintain them properly. Essentially, you will only need to clean the solar panels that are usually at the top part og the light. Dirt will usually accumulate on the solar panel’s glass which can reduce the overall performance of the light.

To clean, you will remove the top cover of the solar panel, then use a damp cloth to clean it gently. You could use water and soap in some instances, but avoid using harsh chemicals. You will then clean the plastic or glass cover of the light bulbs following the same procedure.

For the battery compartment, you will need to use a soft brush to remove any white powder that may have formed on the batteries.

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