10 Best Shaved Ice Machines for Home in 2023 (Excellent Collections)


We love snow cones, ice creams, margaritas, slushies, and daiquiris, especially during summer. Fortunately, you can crank out high-quality snow cones fast at home. Well, that’s only possible if you own a machine that does that for you; a shaved ice machine.

A home-use shaving ice machine provides you with a cheaper (in the long run), easier, and healthier way to make cold treats for you and your family. The best-shaved ice machine for home use should feature durable blades and powerful motors that work together to turn ice cubes into fluffy soft snow in a matter of minutes.

Today we’ll review 10 top-rated shaved ice machines for home use on the market. We also provided a buying guide, so you can feel confident in making a decision.

10 Best Shaved Ice Machines in 2023

1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Electric Shaved Ice Maker (S900A)

Despite a comparatively powerful motor, the S900A remains an affordable light-duty machine perfect for snow cones. Its top performance is evidenced when used to make a few cones at a time, so we recommend it for small parties at home or in the office.

This unique ice shaver stands out for producing crispy granulated soft ice and soft snow-like shaved ice. It can be used to make different milkshakes, cocktails, desserts, cold soups, and more.

The S900A Hawaiian Shaved Ice Maker is a durable and lightweight machine. It measures 8 x 6.8 x 12 inches and weighs only 3 pounds. It features a sleek, attractive design that disassembles quickly in case you want to store it away for later use.

The package consists of a motor unit, a support base, an ice crusher cup, a non-slip mat, and 2 molds. Besides, the S900A comprises of a 3-piece design for easy assembly and 2 ice molds freeze round blocks of soft fluffy ice for shaving. It’s also equipped with quality, high-precision stainless steel cutting blades to ensure you obtain great fluffy ice at all times.


Includes 2 ice molds and a non-slip mat.

Features a precise and adjustable stainless steel blade.

Easy to operate.

Attractive design for adding elegance to your kitchen.

Durable body.

BPA free.


Some users find it a bit noisy, though we don’t think it’s any noisier than competing units.

2. Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver – Premium Shaved Ice Machine

This is an ideal machine for parties that comes at a great value for its price; best-quality materials, easy to clean, quick operation, and so on. If you seriously need a piece of equipment that will incredibly meet your shaving ice needs, then Little Snowie 2 is the way to go.

The sleek Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver made of durable polycarbonate material lets you make professional-quality snow at the comfort of your home. This device uses regular ice cubes to save you the trouble of creating special ones. Notably, the end product is fluffy ice, thanks to its hardened and sharp stainless steel blade.

Furthermore, its outlet works with an assortment of cups to create enticing dome shapes, and it comes with several accessories, including a snowy shovel used to scoop the ice.

At 0.6 x 2.8 x 10.2 inches, 3.52 ounces, the Little Snowie 2 is of convenient size, so it can be easily moved from one place to another.

For guaranteed quality, the Little Snowie 2 is patented by Snowie LLC and has a 1-year hassle-free warranty.


High-speed; can make fluffy snow in 3 seconds.

301 toughened stainless steel blade.

Dishwasher-safe machine parts.

Hassle-free 1-year warranty.


Relatively expensive. Nevertheless, it offers real value for its price.

3. Shaved Ice Machine and Syrup Party Package by Hawaiian Shaved Ice

This is a great choice for home parties or home barbecue, especially when you want to produce large quantities of shaved ice in minutes.

Make kid-friendly, healthy, and delicious refreshing treats with the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine S900. The precision-cut stainless blade works with the cylindrical ice block to give you fluffy fine snow every time. The adjustable blade lets you customize the shape and size of the ice crystal.

Unlike other models, the S900 is easy to use. All you need is fill the bowl with ice cubes and soft-press the power button. To get the party going, the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine S900 comes with extra accessories. Apart from the unit itself, you will get round block ice molds, 3 shaved ice flavors, 25 spoon straws, 25 snow cups, and 3 bottle pourers.

This 8-pound machine stands at 14.5 x 9.75 x 7.75 inches. Consequently, it won’t take up much space on your kitchen counter. And more, it can be carried easily outside the house when having a home barbecue.


High-precision stainless steel blade.

Relatively small, can be used outside the house.

Includes ice syrup, snow cone cups, spoon straws, and bottle pourers.

Makes incredibly fine ice.


Some first-time users were concerned that pushing the block of ice to produce the fluffiest services needs some practice.

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4. Cuisinart SCM-10 Snow Cone Maker, Red

We commend the SCM-10’s ability to create up to 5 snow cones in 1 minute. This is worth your investment, especially if you host an impatient brood of adults who always prefer their booze slushies served faster.

The SCM-10 works best with mild juices, syrups, and standard ice cubes. Making adult drinks and frozen lemonades never get this easy! This gadget boasts fast speed, creating about 4-5 cones in one minute, the reason why it is favored by large families.

The machine blades, pull out serving tray, and motor are equipped with an antilock safety feature for preventing accidents during operation. Not only is it safe to operate, it also makes it easy for children to make their cones. It comes with 4BPA-free re-usable cones, 12 paper cones, and recipes to kick start your snow preparation.

Measuring 11.5 x 12.5 x 13.9 inches and weighing 7 pounds, this sleek and compact designed gadget is a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Since it is lightweight, moving it around is simple and easy. What’s more, cleaning the SCM-10 has been made stress-free as the ice bin detaches easily for wiping.


5 snow cones in 1 minute.


Detachable ice bin.

2 fold-down cone holders.

Detailed recipe book and re-usable cones.

Works with both crushed and standard ice cubes.


Though made of sturdy plastic, we’d like it more if the handle was metallic.

5. Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker

We like the fact that this machine can produce 20 (8 oz.) snow cones in 1 run. For this reason, it is one of the most ideal choices to produce frozen treats at home, during family gatherings, or parties.

The Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage will evoke memories of your childhood fairgrounds since it innovatively mimics the traditional cone stands you used to see on the streets. Apart from its cute aesthetics, this device can produce up to 20 (8 oz.) snow cones at a time.

This machine uses stainless steel to shave ice cube producing decently smooth shaved ice. Additionally, it offers a 360° view in a clear chamber so you can see your shaved ice pile up from any viewpoint.

It comes fitted with a built-in cone shelf that holds 2 snow cones at the same time. it is also equipped with a safety switch to keep you and your family safe from accidents.

The Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage features a countertop design, measures 13.5 x 10 x 17.5 inches, and weighs 6 pounds, therefore, it can easily fit on your kitchen’s countertop, making it easy to serve snow cones anywhere.

Apart from the free cherry syrups and raspberry syrups, the package also includes snow cone cups, spoon straws, and squeeze bottle syrups.


Makes 20 (8 oz.) snow cones in one run.

Features a safety switch.

Stainless steel blades.

All parts are BPA-free.


Isolated complaints of the machine not fitting well in some contemporary kitchens.

6. ZENY Stainless Steel Shaved Ice Machine

The ZENY Ice Shaver machine stands out for its 4 rubber plastic feet and heavyweight iron cast stable base. This is our recommendation if you are looking for a low noise gadget with minimum vibration to produce frozen drinks for both home and commercial use.v

The ZENY Ice Shaver is not only ideal for use at home but also a great option for producing hand-made slush and frozen drinks for commercial use. it is used commercially in snack bars, cafes, restaurants, fast-food stores, and clubs, to mention a few, thanks to its highly-efficient motor which produces up to 143 lbs. of shaved ice per hour, a robust cast iron stable base, and a rubber foot that increases its stability.

The ZENY Ice Shaver is equipped with a commercial-grade stainless steel blade that rotates at 2,000 rpm to produce finer, softer, fluffier snow ice. Considering it’s made of water-resistant stainless steel, this model stands to last for years. Its sleek design also appeals to the eye, making it an attractive item to add to your kitchen.

For safe operation, it features a safety switch. This switch automatically goes off to stop the rotating blades as soon as the hopper handle is open. This unit weighs 12.1 pounds, measures 17.5 x 12 x 8.5 inches, and includes a stainless steel bowl.


Fast; shaves 143 pounds in 1 hour.

Ideal for both home use and commercial use.

Rust resistant.

Safety waterproof on/off switch.

Easy to use and clean.

Considerably silent operation.


Includes a small collection bowl.

7. Costzon Electric  Stainless Steel Ice Shaved Machine for Party

We love the elegant countertop modern design and transparent operation of this device. This is our recommendation for bartenders and cold drink servers at cafeterias.

Time for iced tea? The Costzon Electric Ice Crusher is a great ice crusher that gets the job done with the press of a button. With a 4.5-feet long cable, this machine plugs easily into just about any outlet to produce about 26.5 pounds of shaved ice in one hour. And it doesn’t need a manual operation to run.

On the same token, it’s equipped with stainless steel fast-moving shaving blades. It includes an ice chute shaped like a funnel, making the process of placing ice easy and convenient. Moreover, the transparent 12-cup capacity ice container lets you monitor the quality and quantity of ice you’ve crushed before emptying it.

Weighing 8.2 pounds, the Costzon Electric Ice Crusher stands at 6.7 x 10.5 x 18.1 inches. As a result, it is relatively portable and fits well on small counters. For smooth operation, the Costzon Electric Ice Crusher features an on/off switch that you can use any time. It also features an advanced shaving motor with a mesh-like back for quick heat dissipation.


Efficient function.

Transparent ice container.

Durable and resistant construction.

Funnel-shaped ice chute for convenient ice input.

Sleek countertop design.

Large ice storage.


It feeds slowly to make high-quality ice. If you overfeed, it may jam.

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8. VIVOHOME Electric Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine Silver

A good-looking automatic machine with a waterproof on/off button. The VIVOHOME Electric is worth your attention if you want a multipurpose device to churn out ice cones for your kids quickly, or create a refreshing cocktail for your guests.

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Designed for countertop use, the sleek VIVOHOME Electric Ice Crusher can be fixed permanently in your kitchen or bar to provide you with cold treats during holidays. This rustproof ice shaver is made of food-grade blade and hopper.

This shaver weighs 11 pounds, measures 17 x 8 x 13 inches and requires 110-120 volts to produce 143 lbs. of ice per hour. It contains a powerful motor and features a rotation speed of 2000 rpm to crush all kinds of ice effortlessly. With a sturdy base, this product is a stable workstation. The vibrations and noise are kept at a bare minimum.

For safety and convenience, the VIVOHOME Electric Ice Crusher is equipped with a watertight on/off switch. In case the hopper is unlocked, to avoid accidents, the power cuts off automatically and the blade stops rotating.

And how easy is it to operate? Just plug it in, feed it ice cubes, then press the handle for your strain-free shaved ice.


Quickly shaves ice; up to 143 lbs. per hour.

Made of food-grade stainless steel blade and hopper.

Sturdy base increases stability.

Minimum noise and vibration.


Not a big mess, but a few users had to place a piece of dry cloth at the bottom to soak up tiny bits of ice that made through while crushing.

9. Kid-Friendly Snow Cone Machine [S700] by Hawaiian Shaved Ice

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 is easy to use and features a safety lid that only operates when closed. This is our recommendation for kids.

This easy-to-use simple machine is equipped with a locking lid which prevents it from working without the cover in place, making it safe for kids. All the same, you must guide them if they are operating it for the first time. Still, the Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 creates decent snow cones, frozen cocktails, margaritas, and slushies.

The long-lasting, durable stainless steel blade makes the ice smoother. This, coupled with the device’s centrifugal force as it rotates, warrants soft and fluffy ice for snow cones in seconds.

Weighing 3 pounds, and measuring 0.2 x 6.5 x 11.2 inches, the Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 is relatively light and small, therefore, it’s a countertop-fit and an ideal model to add to your kitchen.

The entire unit can be easily dismantled for cleaning, and assembling its BPA-free parts takes very little time. Plus, most of the parts are dishwasher safe. On the side, it comes with some accessories; a free syrup in 3 flavors, straw spoons, and disposable snow cone cups.


Its stainless steel blades are easy to adjust.

Easy to clean.




Though it can use regular ice to create smooth and fluffy snow cones, we wish the end product was a bit fluffier.

10. Nostalgia RSM602 Retro Snow Cone Maker

This shaved ice machine can hold up to 20 (8oz.) snow cones at one time. If performance and capacity are what you need in a snow cone machine, then the Nostalgia RSM602 is worth a try.

The Nostalgia RSM602 features high-precision stainless steel cutting blades that’ll shave ice into your favorite fluffy snow cone, and it does so in minutes.

This equipment produces real shaved ice for adult fruit drinks, frozen lemonades, slushies, and snow cones. It has a big capacity of 20 snow cones and features a transparent chamber and a side shelf that holds 2 snow cones. The chamber is clear so you can see from any angle how your shaved ice piles up. The side shelf also serves as a prepping station while adding your preferred syrup.

It is equipped with stainless steel blades to rapidly trim regular ice into fluffy snow-like ice. This machine also features an automatic safety switch. It comes with an ice scoop for easy serving and 2 (8oz.) reusable plastic cones.

The Nostalgia RSM602 measures 12.5 x 10.5 x 15.5 inches and weighs 10.49 pounds. As a result, it easily fits on a kitchen countertop, hence you can serve cones almost anywhere. Furthermore, it has a quick-access serving door that makes scooping easy..


Large capacity; holds up to 20 (8 oz.) snow cones at once.

Stainless steel cutting blades.

Can hold 2 cones at once.

360° clear view chamber.


Latch and door design could be improved.

Buying Guide for Ice Machine

Devouring a cold snow cone ice is a thoughtful way to rehydrate yourself on a hot day. At the same time, buying shaved ice from your nearby stall is expensive in the long run. Thankfully, operating the right shaved ice machine will not only save you a few dollars but also provide you more hygienic cold treats 24/7.

To pick the best-shaved ice machine that meets your demands, consider the following significant factors:


Be sure the shaved ice machine you want to buy is equipped with standard security features, otherwise, you’ll take trouble home. The ideal shaved ice machine should NOT cause electrical accidents. At the very least, your machine should feature a waterproof on/off switch and a shut-off function.

Functional Efficiency

To determine the efficiency of a shaved ice machine, look at the amount of shaved ice produced in 1 hour. Also, ensure you go for a brand that can create fine-shaped cones. It is worthy to note that the higher the gadget’s horsepower, the faster the shaving speed and production.

Ease of Use

Always look for an easy to operate machine to make your work stress-free. Avoid complex models as they may get you doing things incorrectly. Moreover, your time will be wasted. Apart from normal operation and use, other doings such as cleaning, assembling, and disassembling should equally be easy.


Any machine made of substandard materials won’t last long and will ultimately frustrate you. On the other hand, high-quality products will render you good services for long.

Generally, machines constructed with a metallic frame are more expensive and last longer than those made out of plastic. Similarly, stainless steel blades and brass blades don’t need replacement now and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shaved ice?

Typically, it’s a tasty cold treat made out of fine ice shavings mixed with a particular flavoring, ordinarily fruit syrup.

How frequently should I replace the cutting blade of my shaved ice machine?

As the blade begins to dull, you’ll realize that the texture of your ice becomes crunchier and coarser. At this point, you should consider replacing your blade, but if your blades aren’t constructed from stainless steel, they could develop rust. Once you notice any advancement of rust, replace them straight away.

How do I keep my shaved ice from melting?

First, remove your ice block from the freezer about 10-15 minutes before shaving. Second, Place your ice block in a restaurant tray or 5-gallon buckets. As soon as the external surfaces start to melt, put the ice block in a chest-style 48 or 60-quart ice cooler to maintain the temperature.

What quantity of ice is needed for my shaved ice machine?

This depends on the frequency of use and the quantity you need per single drink. Assuming you’ll use it at home, the amount of ice in your freezer is most probably enough. Overall, you get almost 2 cups of shaved ice per pound of ice added.


A shaved ice machine is not an offhand expense, note that commercial snow cones often contain traces of allergens. Kids who are allergic to peanut, for example, will always miss out every time their friends are being treated to refreshing snow cones. But with a household shaved ice machine, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Any of these 10 top models would be a great addition to your kitchen. Most importantly, any pick will provide cool and refreshing tailored desserts or snacks for you and your family to enjoy in a matter of minutes.

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