10 Best Small Bathroom Vanities of 2023 – Space Saving


Do you want to redesign your small bathroom or want to make it one of the attractions in your house? If yes, then we have some good news for you. There are a variety of objects that you can add to give the washroom an aesthetic update. One of those items can be a well-designed small size bathroom vanity.

By browsing online and you can easily find bathroom vanities with attractive appearances. However, if you may face difficulty to choose the appropriate vanity that will suit your interior design and fit in the available space. To help you solve the riddle of bathroom vanities, we have tested and reviewed dozens of them to cream out the best ones. We have reviewed each of the following vanities based on size, built materials, ease of installation, durability, buyer reviews, and many other factors. Let us start to help you choose one of the best small bathroom vanities product.

10 Best Small Bathroom Vanities Reviews

In a hurry? Pick your best one from this quick buying decision list:

1. RunFine RFVA0069W Vanity

RunFine RFVA0069W Vanity, White Finish, 19 x 24.6 x 34'


A fully assembled RFVA0069W comes with a long-lasting sink. Included drawers are enough to store towels, cleaners, and other related items. Due to the white color, the vanity is designed to fit almost any decor.

Our first recommendation, RFVA0069W, comes from a brand that was established in 2005 and specializes in washroom related products. RunFine is also into small indoor furniture, porcelain, and plumbing fixtures. So, you can trust the name as well as the product's quality.

If your master bathroom needs some styling but has little space, then RFVA0069W from RunFine is the vanity you should be looking to buy. The vanity comes only in one size, so it will only fit the requirements if you have the available space.

The vanity from RunFine is comprised of a sink and shelving units. Its integrated sink is made of vitreous china with a depth of 6.5 inches, which is large enough to give you a convenient face and hand washing. Furthermore, the porcelain is coated with enamel, which strengthens the material, protects its shine, and keeps the sink lustrous for long.

The pair of slow closing doors add to the style, and there is also a drawer at the bottom. Due to a decent width of 24 inches (2 feet), RFVA0069W is an excellent option for your washroom.

As the vanity comes preassembled, it is pretty easy to install and weighs only 110 pounds. Due to its lightweight structure, the vanity is comparatively easy to move.


  • Comparatively inexpensive.
  • Stylish slow closing doors.
  • Easy to install.
  • The sink is durable and convenient to use.


  • Little shallow sink.

2. Legion Furniture WLF6020-W Sink Vanity

Legion Furniture WLF6020-W Sink Vanity, 24', White


Easy to install and clean, the WLF6020-W fits any requirements where you need style and storage at the same time. It can be a perfect addition to your makeup room as well.

If you want to add some style to your house and increase the storing space of your bathroom, then you should know about Legion Furniture WLF6020-W Sink Vanity. Due to wood paneling on all the sides, it looks traditional; however, a pair of metal handles on the front adds a modern touch to its appearance.

The white ceramic top of the vanity comes with a pre-drilled hole where you can install a four-inch faucet of your choice. The pair of doors in the front gives you access to the pipes and a shelve where you can store several items. You will like the additional storage offered by the bottom shelf as well. There are wooden slats that run across the bottom to support any object you need to store.

The vanity comes included with a basket, which not only adds to its traditional styling but also helps you to hide embarrassing bathroom products. You can also add your favorite faucet to customize the vanity according to your style.


  • Three pre-drilled holes.
  • Soft closing doors.
  • Helps you while storing bathroom items.
  • Includes a basket.


  • Does not include a faucet.
  • Inferior build quality.

3. Simpli Home 3AXCVPAW-20 Paige 20-inch Contemporary Bath Vanity

SIMPLIHOME Bedford SOLID WOOD Universal TV Media Stand, 53.9 inch...


This product looks sober, yet stylish, it's medium-sized cabinet door and small drawer gives you additional storage space. If you want to impress your girlfriend or wife, the 3AXCVPAW-20 should be your choice. Overall, it is one of the best bathroom vanities for small bathrooms.

If you want to add some style to your house without sacrificing much of the available space, Simpli Home 3AXCVPAW-20 is a perfect choice. The white quartz marble on the top gives it an elegant appearance and the two drawers gives you space to store your bathroom items.

Mostly found in high-class salons and spas, the vanity has a width of 20 inches, which makes it perfect for small bathrooms. Apart from that, you can also use the vanity in a makeup or powder room and vanity vans.

The sink is made of vitreous china and has a depth of 7.6 inches. Even the weight of 27 pounds is comparatively less so that you can quickly move the vanity to the basement washroom. For easy installation of the selected 4-inch faucet, the vanity also comes with three pre-drilled holes. Its shining Nickel handles and scalloped legs add to its style.

With a robust hardwood design, the vanity is made to last. The soft white color of the vanity makes it suitable for all bathrooms. Due to the simple looking design, the vanity fits any interior design. The dark black color on the front will also catch visitors' attention.


  • The compact design makes the vanity perfect for small bathrooms.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • The sink has decent depth.
  • Plenty of storage.


  • Inferior build quality at this price.

4. eclife 24'' Modern Bathroom Vanity

eclife 24'' Modern Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo Stand Cabinet...


The ocean blue vessel sink gives you a feeling that you are washing your hands at the seaside while the attractive design catches the attention of anyone who enters your washroom. Using brass and other durable materials, the vanity is durable as well. An aluminum foot base discourages rust, and it also includes a mirror and faucet.

Vanity vans have a similar design, but eclife is a brand that offers a variety of modular vanities and other advanced bathroom products. One of their products, the 24-inch bathroom vanity, makes its place at fourth position on our list. The makers are expert at this vanity which is sold as a vessel sink.

In case of a vessel sink, the cabinet and sink are two separate items that can be used with a variety of other cabinets or sink that eclife makes. It is a special feature that makes it unique and allows you to experiment with a variety of sinks and cabinets.

Not only does the vanity stand out, its vessel sink is also very advantageous. Being space saving is one of the most prominent positive aspects of the sink. It is not set as a countertop into the cabinet, and this is the reason why it never occupies any storage space and plumbing is also comparatively more accessible.

Apart from the sink and cabinet, this modern vanity comes with other enticing features as well, it comes with a mirror and a faucet. The second addition is an excellent deal because a vanity needs a unique faucet to be the center of attraction. These are features why this vanity is preferred by a lot of buyers.


  • Stylish glass sink.
  • Comes with a mirror and faucet.
  • Plenty of storage.


  • Requires assembling every time you take out the vessel sink.

5. BATHJOY 24" White Bathroom Wood Vanity

BATHJOY 24” White Bathroom Wood Vanity Cabinet Top Ceramic...


The vanity looks great and comes with all the required accessories. The initial assembling process might take some time, but if you follow the instructions, it will be easy. Your family members and guests will appreciate your decision of choosing the Bathjoy 24-inch vanity.

With plenty of storage capacity and black finish top, the vanity from Bathjoy not only gives you full value for money but also looks stylish. If you want to renovate or redesign your bathroom with an attractive wooden vanity, this 24-inch Bathjoy is an attractive option.

The vanity comes with a ceramic sink, chrome faucet, mirror, and some other installation hardware. Assembling this bathroom product is easy if you follow the easy instruction manual. Once assembled, the beautiful piece of wood shines in your bathroom and gives it a modern look. Due to a smooth design, the vanity is easy to clean as well.

Its tempered glass finish has a thickness of 0.5 inches. The sink has a depth of 16.5 inches, which is comparatively higher. On the front, you will see a pair of soft closing doors and drawers that gives you access to the storage area.


  • Includes a mirror and a faucet.
  • The sink has a decent depth.


  • Comparatively less height.

6. Fresca FVN2302GR-CMB Hartford 24" Gray Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Fresca FVN2302GR-CMB Hartford 24' Gray Traditional Bathroom...


The lovely grey finish of the vanity adds some real style to your bathroom while the ceramic top and satin nickel handles add to the elegance. Also, it has enough space to store washroom essentials. Overall, it is a gorgeous looking vanity that you can include in your bathroom, powder room, or vanity vans.

An attractive, chic grey cabinet and integrated white ceramic bowl combines beautifully to give you the 24-inch traditional bathroom vanity. You can get this combination with Fresca FVN2302GR-CMB, available in different colors to match the interior decoration of your house.

Constructed combining sturdy wood veneer over a wooden frame of MDF panels, the vanity has a convenient width of 24 inches. Its ceramic sink has a center mount that allows you to attach one of the attractive faucets. On the front, there are soft close doors to give you access to the under sink storage space. Nickel handles and furniture-styled legs give it a perfect finish.

Whether you are looking for a sophisticated or elegant vanity, the Fresca FVN2302GR-CMB fits the bill and makes a striking appearance. Due to its width and appearance, the vanity is suitable for both small and large-sized bathrooms. The vanity does not have the mirror or faucet included; all you get is the cabinet, countertop sink, and installation hardware.


  • Durable and high-quality construction.
  • Stylish appearance.


  • Faucet or mirror not included.
  • No rear covering.
  • No drawers.

7. AECOJOY 24 Inches Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror, Espresso Wood Vanity Unit

AECOJOY 24 Inches Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror, Espresso Wood...


Use this cabinet with a white vessel sink and a white background and your guests will find the whole setup attractive. Apart from the attraction, the cabinet offers a lot of storage and also comes with a mirror.

Our seventh entry is another stylish bathroom cabinet from Aecojoy. Due to the simple and straightforward design, the unit matches any bathroom or house decor.

Constructed with MDF wooden panels, the unit is made to last. Also, the MDF panels used in the vanity are environment-friendly. Its wooden countertop has two pre-drilled holes that will be useful for attaching the vessel sink and a 4-inch faucet.

It has an artificial hand painted appearance that adds to the simplicity, it will definitely gather appreciation from your family members as well as guests. On the front, there are doors that gives you access to a couple of shelves where you can store all the related items. Also, large metallic handles give it a traditional twist and makes it suitable for luxurious suites, high standard spas, and salons.

The cabinet comes with a mirror and an instruction manual. The 26.5-inch long mirror comes in a wooden frame, which again looks simple but adds to the elegance of your wash room. If you follow the guidelines, it's easy to install and clean.

To reach its full potential, the cabinet needs only a vessel sink and faucet. Purchase a pan with a size equal or less than 15 inches so that both faucet and sink can be adjusted conveniently on the countertop.


  • Easy installation.
  • Looks traditional and stylish.


  • Inferior build compared to its price.

8. eclife 18.4" Bathroom Vanity Combo

eclife 18.4’’ Bathroom Vanity Combo,Modern Design Wall...


Eco-friendly, water saver, and durable, a vanity unit cannot have all desirable features, but this one does. This vanity combo is perfect for compact bathrooms. If you find the drain connection different than what you have in your house, purchase a coupler to make the right connections.

The bathroom vanity from eclife adds comfort to your life without making a big hole in your wallet. Compact and sturdy, this wall-mountable 18.4-inch vanity has a glass top, mirror, and a chrome plated faucet.

This stylish and modern-looking small bathroom vanity sink combo is specially made for compact bathrooms. The narrow vanity for small bathrooms has a long-lasting MDF construction, which is moisture as well as water resistant, hence corrosion free, it is also protected from other environmental factors. Its sink made of clear glass is resistant to scratch as well as stain. The faucet is made to save 30 percent of water without compromising on performance. Made of solid brass, you can expect the faucet to remain as it is for many more years to come.

The soft closing door gives you access to the storage area. Door hinges are made of 304 stainless steel, which has been tested for any fatigue. Another unique feature of the vanity is its 360-degree adjustable p-trap. As the vanity includes all the related accessories, you do not have to purchase any other item. The unit is easy to assemble if you read the included instruction manual.


  • Saves water.
  • Eco-friendly MDF construction.
  • Easy to install.


  • Lack of overflow.
  • Customer support is not the best.

9. Sliverylake 36 Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo

Sliverylake 36' Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo, Ceramic Vessel...


Looks attractive, gives you plenty of storage and is easy to install. It includes everything that you need to set up vanity in your bathroom, so you do not have to purchase anything else apart from the given unit.

Made to fit any bathroom decor, the 36-inch bathroom vanity from Silverylake has a modern and stylish design. As the unit comes with two cabinets comprising four drawers and one primary storage area with two soft closing doors, it offers lots of storage area.

The wooden cabinets made of fiberboards have a PVC cover, which protects from corrosion. The top tempered glass has a thickness of 0.5 inches, which is solid enough to stay the same way for a long time.

Apart from the wooden cabinets, the unit also comprises a ceramic sink, chrome plated faucet, p-trap, mirror, mounting rings, drain pop up, and all other required hardware. If you order through Amazon, it will arrive quickly with all the installation guidelines so that you can quickly assemble all the components.

The combo unit is made to be used with plumbing coming from the rear wall; however, if required, you can connect the drainage mechanism to the ground.

As the vanity combo is comparatively full, you may find it difficult to adjust the complete unit in the bathroom, so you can use the small cabinet in the living room as it can be readily separable from the primary unit. Due to the white finish, we would advise you to place the vanity combo against a black, grey, or granite background.


  • Stylish design.
  • Durable build.
  • Corrosion resistant cabinet.
  • More than enough storage area.


  • Not suitable for compact bathrooms.

10. Walcut 36" Bathroom Vanity with Sink

Walcut 36' Bathroom Vanity with Sink - MDF Wood Cabinet and Glass...


The luxurious design of the unit adds sparkles to your house while the durable construction makes sure that it stays with you for a long time. On top of that, it has all the required accessories and hardware, so you have to order only the product from Amazon, unlike several other vanities where you have to purchase the faucet or mirror as well.

If you are looking to renovate the bathroom, you might look for a vanity with a black finish that should come with all the required attachments. Well, keeping the same factors in mind, we give you the last entry on this list from Walcut.

Due to high-quality MDF wood construction, the unit is made to last and fits any decor. The tempered glass top, sink or the cabinets are all easy to clean. With a width of 36 inches, the vanity is made especially for luxurious suites and high standard salons.

With ample storage and a stylish appearance, the bathroom vanity from Walcut gives you full value for your investment. The unit has two cabinets and also includes a mirror, faucet, a countertop made of tempered glass, drain pop-up, glass sink, p-trap, and other required hardware. It may look like a long list, but all the components can be installed easily if you follow the instruction manual. If you face any trouble while installing the unit, you can contact the manufacturers.


  • Includes a faucet and a mirror.
  • Offers more than enough storage.
  • Convenient width of 36 inches.


  • Built materials are not scratch free.

Buying Guide of Vanities for Small Bathroom

After reading about the top ten bathroom vanities for small bathroom, you should be able to choose the right product for your bathroom. To further reduce the time you'll spend looking for a good product and ensure you choose the right cabinet for your house, we have prepared a list of the factors you need to check.


The first thing you have to consider is size of the vanity. You are probably seeking small size vanities because your bathroom has little space. So before making purchase, measure the available space and pick the vanity based your measurement.


Build materials determine the quality and durability of a vanity. There are durable materials that also look good at the same time, like a tempered glass countertop or sink, stainless steel hinges, metal handles, etc. You should look for such long-lasting materials so that you can enjoy the vanity services for a long time.


Natural and processed wood are the two materials that are used to build a vanity cabinet. Regular wood is seen as a durable material. However, treated woods like MDF can compete with the former in terms of longevity. So, you can either choose the cabinet made of MDF or solid wood. Our suggestion - choose a cabinet wherein the frame is made out of a hardwood and the panels are processed wood pieces.


An essential part of vanity is its sink. It is useful while washing and also serves as a center of attraction. So, you have to make a smart choice while choosing the sink. Look for a material that is durable as well as beautiful. Porcelain, vitreous china, and ceramic are good options. However, most buyers choose porcelain because it is scratch resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

There are several vanities that come with a stainless-steel sink, so select a vanity that looks good and has a long-lasting sink that is easy to clean.


If you check the design of listed vanities, you will find that an integrated sink into the cabinet is the most common design. If you want to save some space from the storage areas, you should choose a cabinet with a vessel sink. As we discussed earlier, a vessel sink sits on the counter top and never occupies any of the storage areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Small Bathroom Vanities

 Where can I buy bathroom vanity?

You can personally visit a furniture outlet in the market, but that will be a time-consuming process, and the salesperson will only be interested in showing you products that will earn them the highest commission. However, buying on Amazon is better, because you can order from your personal computer without any time management and physical effort.

Can I paint the bathroom vanity countertop?

Yes, you can. Clean the countertop with warm water with a mild cleaner and dry it using a soft cloth. Please follow the given process:

  • Use only 100 percent acrylic primer. We suggest you use a flash-bond primer.
  • Apply the first coat, let it dry, and then apply the second.
  • Once the primer is completely dry, use a semi-gloss enamel to paint the top. Apply the layer, wait for it to dry, then apply another one.

Can I add lights to the bathroom vanity?

Yes, you can. Check here for the available varieties.

Do I need a plumber to install the bathroom vanity?

You need to connect the water supply and the drainage to the vanity. All the best bathroom vanities come with instructions on how to install and attach all the components. If you can follow the guidelines and complete the process, you can do it yourself. However, you can always contact an expert if you face any difficulties while making the connections or attaching the hardware.

 What is the best size of a bathroom vanity?

A typical bathroom vanity measures between 12 to 84 inches. While the most preferred sizes are 24, 30, 36, and 48 inches, choose according to the available space in the bathroom.

 What is the standard depth of a sink?

Five to eight inches.

Final Words

We have mentioned the best small bathroom vanities, and then we talked about the factors you need to check while making the purchase. If you need a vanity unit for a compact washroom, you can have a look at RunFine RFVA0069. With the MDF build you do not have to think about the damage that arises from temperature or humidity, the sink is made of vitreous china, making it both beautiful and long-lasting.

Apart from the RFVA0069, we have mentioned nine other bathroom vanities that are perfect for your washroom. You can choose any one of them depending on the available space, budget, and buying guide. We hope that this post will help you while choosing the right vanity.

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