Best Blanco Sink Reviews – 7 Picks in 2022 (In-Depth Analysis)

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Blanco is a reputable manufacturer of kitchen and lavatory fixtures. The brand has been active since 1925, but they’ve been seeing an all-time rise in their sales figures. Why? Because they shifted all their focus to quality and innovation. So, if you need a luxury kitchen sink then you might thank the German makers because they are manufacturing some of the best models to choose from. 

Similar to any of the established brands, Blanco also has a wide range of kitchen sinks that might confuse you. You don’t have to worry, our best Blanco sink reviews will help you choose the right one.

7 Best Blanco Sink Reviews by Laurel & Wolf

1. BLANCO 440194 Diamond Undermount Kitchen Sink

Blanco 440194 is great if you are looking to modify your kitchen as it comes with dual mountable hardware and is also available in a range of finishes. So, you can choose any of them according to the existing style or decor.

The first recommendation comes from the Diamond series, which is specially built for heavy-duty usage. Blanco has given detailed attention to all the parts of this sink so that it can perform as per your requirements. The very first factor that makes this fixture unique is its installation pattern, which can be under-mount or drop-in. So, you can choose the installation type depending on the style of your countertop and your personal preferences. Its assembly is also easy because of the included instructions. 

What do we like?

This granite composed sink is resistant to chips, scratches, and dents. So, no matter how often you use it, it will maintain its smoothness throughout its life. Moreover, its Silgranite composition makes sure that the sink can withstand heat up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Oh, have we mentioned that the sink has a very smooth and non-porous surface that discourages bacterial growth and also makes it stain-resistant? This means no bacterial or mold development in your kitchen. Above all, you don’t have to use any of the harsh chemicals to clean the sink. Another point of attraction is its offset drain that gives you some extra space to work. 

What could be better?

The sink doesn’t come with a strainer. It might not be a big problem because you can purchase it separately. But the following part could be trouble; it is prone to hard water stains. Apart from that, some users also reported that it started chipping after a few months. However, you can avoid these minor hassles via proper maintenance.

2. BLANCO 440149 Precis Anthracite Sink

If you need a spacious sink that can withstand regular usage as well as meet your daily requirements in the best possible way, then try the Blanco 440149.

Working in a kitchen can result in a lot of stains and marks on your clothes as well as on the surrounding objects, especially the sink. It’s for this reason that Blanco designed the 4400149 Anthracite that’s made of 80 percent granite. Its silgranit composition is scratch and stain-proof. 

The single bowl sink is anti-chipping and very easy to clean. Engineered to tackle all the tough kitchen tasks, this fixture is durable, it’ll be in your service for many years. There are no risks of thermal shock, so hot or cold liquid can’t discolor its surface. 

What do we like?

The sink has a non-porous and smooth surface that pushes water for complete drainage. Apart from that, it never allows bacterial or mold growth, so you don’t have to use harsh cleaning chemicals. So, the sink is not only hygienic, it is also easy to clean. 

All thanks to the presence of Silgranite, this kitchen fixture is heat resistant up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. Household acids and alkaline solutions also don’t stand a chance due to its extra smooth surface. 

What could be better?

The bottom is slightly flat, which results in slow water drainage, which in turn makes the sink prone to food stains. Hard water can leave lime stains as well. So, regular cleaning is recommended.

3. BLANCO 401927 LIVEN Undermount Laundry Sink

The sink is aesthetically attractive, has great depth, and comes with a useful steel basket. So, it’s suitable for homeowners who need the next level of convenience, functionality, and comfort in their laundry room.

Are you looking for a sink for your laundry room? The Liven undermount fixture by Blanco is specifically crated to fulfill all your washing requirements, including soaking and rinsing. It has a massive depth of 12 inches and includes a steel basket where you can keep some cleaning tools. 

The Liven is built with Silgranit material, which looks beautiful and is resistant to scratches and stains. It’s heat resistant and can take on temperatures up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. Its temperature handling ability is higher than the normal boiling and baking point, which makes it immortal against hot and cold fluctuations.  

What do we like?

The sink is compatible with dual installation patterns; top mount as well as undermount. In both conditions, attaching this fixture with a countertop is easy. It has a significant radius on each corner, which makes the sink easy to clean. 

Blanco 401927 has Hygienic + Plus formula that provides complete protection against germs and bacteria. So, the sink is 100 percent food safe and any of your family members can use it. 

What could be better?

Some users reported that they received a cracked product. If you face a similar situation, then you can get it replaced within 30 days of purchase.

4. BLANCO 522428 Precis 27″ Sink

Suitable for small families or users who don’t use their kitchen very often or heavily. It is also great for users living alone.

One of the most loved Blanco granite sinks, the Precis 522428 is relatively small, making it perfect if you have a small family. It’s also great for individuals who don’t use their kitchen much.  

The single bowl sink from Precis series of products mimics professional-grade quality and gives you the best in terms of appearance and performance. Talking about appearance, it’s available in nine different shades, you can choose according to your existing kitchen style. 

What do we like?

Don’t let its small size confuse you, the sink is build of 80 percent granite. This means it’ll last for generations. Resistant to chips, dents, and scratches, the sink is also heat resistant up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a depth of 8-3/4 inches which is neither significant nor very small. 

The sink has a non-porous surface that makes it stain resistant. So, none of the household acids or alkaline solutions can spoil its appearance. Overall, the sink performs as expected and gives you the worth of your investment. 

What could be better?

Blanco 522428 Precis is a great sink, but it’s comparatively expensive. Even after paying a high price, you are getting a small sink that comes with a length and depth that’s relatively inferior to low priced options.

5. Blanco 441770 Diamond Super Single Bowl Sink

If you need a strong and durable sink for your kitchen that can give you sufficient space for all kitchen related tasks, then try the Blanco Diamond 441770.

The single bowl sink from the Diamond series has a sleek appearance that showcases your style. The sink has an unmatched quality that is token of its durability. Blanco has tried to give you the best of all the necessary features here, including a significant depth of 9.5 inches that’s great for washing, rinsing, filling, and all other preparation tasks.

Made of 80 percent granite, this sink has a super smooth surface that’s resistant to chips and scratches and can withstand temperatures up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot pots or boiling water can’t make an impact on this strong contender.

What do we like?

The Diamond sink is available in multiple colors, you can choose one depending on your existing kitchen components or design. No matter what color you choose, the sink has a non-porous surface that makes it stain resistant. It is also resistant against household acid and alkaline solutions. It discourages bacterial or mold growth, so you can easily clean it with a dry cloth or sponge. Moreover, you don’t have to spend on chemical-based cleaning solutions.  

What could be better?

Considering its price, features, and build quality, the sink is perfect. However, some users are not satisfied with the drain hole location. So, you should match the location of your faucet with this sink before you install it.

6. BLANCO 519450 Precis Sink

Do you want to include a unique and interesting addition to your kitchen? Then, the Precis 519450 might be a nice option because the integrated second level and colander make it one of the most versatile sinks you can purchase.

The Precis 519450 excels in form as well as functionality and gives you a professional-grade performance. It has a simple design but has sufficient space and features to accommodate your daily preparation tasks. This Blanco fixture is compact, but it can serve as single or double bowl sink. 

Blanco 519450 has an integrated upper level for rinsing fruits, vegetables, and any other preparation items. Combine it with the included stainless steel mesh colander and you can enjoy endless functionalities. 

What do we like?

The silgranit sink is durable due to its 80 percent granite construction. But what attracts us most is its scratch proof nature. The sink never chips or stains when it comes in contact with acidic or alkaline solutions. So, fill it with pots, forks, knives and it will remain beautiful all its life. 

Due to the super smooth and non-porous surface, the sink never allows bacterial and mold growth. It’s the reason why the fixture is also very easy to clean. So, strong, durable, hygienic, and minimal maintenance, what else can we expect from a sink?

What could be better?

If you don’t install it according to the available space and given instructions, then it might crack. Also, the sink might be difficult to maintain if you have a hard water supply.

7. Blanco 441311 Performa 1.75 Medium Bowl Sink

Want some independent washing and preparation in your kitchen? Then, try the Precis Performa sink, it has all the features to give you unique and productive preparation time.

Make your preparation and cleaning jobs easy with Performa 441311. It comes with two bowls, and you can choose whether the small one will be on the left or right. The 33-inch undermount sink has a low divide, which means it can accommodate large pots. You can also keep cleaning and preparation items in separate chambers. 

The Performa sink allows you to conveniently wash your dishes without disturbing the preparation materials. Made of 80 percent granite, the sink is also scratch-resistant. This means you can throw sharp objects inside the basin without worrying about scratches. 

What do we like?

Blanco Performa has a smooth and non-porous surface that makes it resistant to stains, especially from acids and alkaline solutions. Moreover, it never allows bacteria or mold to germinate. These are the reasons why this fixture is easy to clean without using harsh chemicals. 

This sink is heat resistant up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it can easily tackle boiling water and baked waste. It can handle temperature fluctuations quite well. 

What could be better?

The sink might develop dark spots if you don’t clean it regularly. So, wipe it with a dry cloth or sponge every time you use it.

Blanco Sink Brand Overview

Blanco is a go-to brand for luxury sinks and faucets. For more than 100 years, the maker has focused on quality, innovation, and unmatched customer service. It’s the reason they have successfully produced more than 50 billion sinks for their customers across the globe. 

Being a German brand, Blanco uses cutting edge technology to provide the best possible solutions to homeowners. What’s more? They are members of the Caux Round Table (CRT), an establishment that promotes moral capitalism all over the world. You should know all this so that you can trust the brand and choose one of their products for your next house renovation project.

Benefits of Using a Blanco Sink

Now we know some of the best Blanco sinks, we should also know some of the departments where the brand overshadows other manufacturers.

  • Durable: As you must have noticed, Blanco sinks are durable and scratch-free. Almost all of them are stain-resistant and never takes damage from a heated item or hot liquid.
  • Hygienic: These sinks never allow the germination of bacteria or mold. So, they are hygienic and very easy to clean.
  • Stylish: Blanco has granite as well as stainless steel sinks that look beautiful with any countertop and brings some elegance to your kitchen or lavatory. 

How Good Are Blanco Sinks?

Blanco sinks are reliable and give you great value for your investment. With one of their sinks, you don’t have to think about jams, stoppages, stains, or any other factor that might delay your preparation process. Even if you encounter such situations, Blanco sinks come with an extended warranty wherein you can contact the manufacturers for help. To cover all the features and give you complete peace of mind, Blanco has a high-quality customer support system as well. 

Due to the robust build of Blanco sinks, you don’t have to deal with water splashes or any of the unwanted sound that arises due to dish cleaning or water drainage. These sinks come with a rust and corrosion-resistant finish that can’t be damaged by water, heat, or acidic and alkaline solutions. 

Moreover, you can easily clean any of these models due to their super smooth surface.

Should You Buy A Blanco Sink?

The brand offers a wide range of sinks with different dimensions, so you’ll definitely find something that’ll suit your kitchen or lavatory. These sinks are available with different build materials, including stainless steel, granite, and porcelain. This means you can choose the material, size, as well as the color of your preferred sink depending on your existing house decor. 

Irrespective of the model you decide to purchase, it will be durable, scratch-free, and heat-resistant. So, you might try a Blanco sink if you need a high quality and functional addition for your house that can make your lifestyle easy. 

If you are looking for something cost-effective for a leased house, then Blanco sinks will not be the right ones to choose from. Due to their luxurious nature, fixtures from this German brand are comparatively expensive. Apart from that, some of them don’t come with strainers, you need to purchase a strainer separately.

Alternatives of the Blanco Brand

Kohler: Active in the production of kitchen sinks and faucets, Kohler is also one of the major manufacturers of bathroom accessories.

Sawnstone: An American brand that manufactures high-quality surface solutions for your bathroom and kitchen. Apart from kitchen and utility sinks, the brand is also involved in the production of bathtubs and related accessories.

Ruvati: This brand manufactures a unique selection of bathroom, kitchen, and laundry sinks. Ruvati is a very reputable brand that has a wide range of products for your house.

FAQs about Blanco Sinks

Who makes Blanco sinks?

BLANC & FISCHER Familienholding are the major shareholders and also the manufacturers of Blanco sinks. 

Where are Blanco sinks made?

Blanco sinks are exclusively made in Germany.

Where can I buy a Blanco sink?

You can purchase a Blanco sink from one of their dealers, you can find them here. However, visiting a physical store might be time-consuming, so you can select and purchase one of these products from online stores like Amazon. It will be delivered to your doorstep, so you don’t have to worry about fitting a visit to a physical store in your schedule. 


In more than 90 years of producing luxury household fixtures, Blanco has learned everything that can keep their customers happy. The brand produces stainless steel as well as porcelain sinks, but Silgranit is what makes them shine in the industry. There are minimal disadvantages of using Blanco sinks, and its quite difficult to find faults in their products. 

Try the brand if you need a genuine and long-lasting sink for your house.