30 Cool Things for Your Bedroom (Ultimate List)

Looking for cool things for your bedroom? These 30 ideas will help you turn your bedroom into a haven.


It’s evident that everyone doesn’t excel at home decorating. This endeavor can consume considerable time and resources. Those who are devoted followers of Pinterest can certainly identify with the exasperation of continuously reorganizing their rooms but still not achieving the desired results.

However, a little help from experts doesn’t hurt as well. That is why we asked our friends at Bwalk.com, who own over 200 rental apartments across Canada, for some tips – that is a lot of apartments to decor! So, here’s a list of cool things for your room to get your inspiration flowing.

30 Cool Things for Your Bedroom

No matter if you’re aiming for an all-out renovation or just looking for something to make the dull corners of your bedroom more lively, you’ll find every product on this list to be right within budget. Here are 30 of the best things you can incorporate with any room décor –

1) String Light Window Curtain

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light for Christmas...

String Light Window Curtain

Curtains are the first thing people notice when they step into a room. They take up most of the space on the walls, so it’s vital they’re worth the view. With string lights lining them, it adds an other-worldly glow to your room.

300 tiny star-like LED lights with 8 different settings bring the galaxy to your room. Don’t worry, they don’t flicker or run out quickly, and they actually consume minimal power, so you can leave them on for hours.

Just plug them in and switch them on, and you can have the perfect ambiance for a relaxing night or even parties — the light modes are endless, and the choice is yours.

2) Bedside Shelf Organizer

Easy Eco Life Bedside Shelf Accessories Organizer- Wall Mount...

Bedside Shelf Organizer

If you like to keep things neat and tidy, adding wall-mounted décor pieces is the best option.

All you need to do is peel off the plastic from the adhesive, and you’ll have an organizer right by our desk, bed, or in the bathroom to hold the miscellaneous things lying around.

With its 8.2 x 8.2 inch structure, it can carry all sorts of things, such as glasses, phones, remotes, chargers, and much more. If you keep it by your desk, it makes a convenient little spot to keep all your stationery at hand.

3) Photo Clip String Lights

AOSTAR Photos Clips String Lights (10ft. Warm White) 20 LED...

Photo Clip String Lights

Photo frames are getting kind of boring, but if you still want to keep those memories up on your wall, this is the coolest way to do it.

These LED string lights come with 20 lights that imitate small laundry clips. Not only are they a unique design, but they also hold each of your photos, even the small ones, while adding color to your room.

You can choose from steady to flashing on the light modes with a click of a button. They’re AA battery-powered, so they save a lot of energy and also don’t require a power unit.

4) Bedside Shelf for Bed

BedShelfie Wood The Original Bedside Shelf for Bed Bunk Bed Shelf...

Bedside Shelf for Bed

No bedside tablespace? To add to our list of cool things for your bedroom at Amazon, here’s the perfect solution to get more bedside space without a nightstand.

The best thing about this makeshift bedside stand is that it takes up little to no space while also holding a variety of things. This can include books, phones, chargers, mugs, plants, and more. You can even take it off and reposition it easily.

With up to 7 different styles, this bedside shelf can be installed on any bed frame. And don’t worry, you won’t need to charge up your power tools because its installation is completely tool-free and simple. Plus, it’s highly durable and lasts a lifetime. So say goodbye to your boring old nightstand.

5) Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Lights

66ft LED Strip Lights, Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED...

Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Lights

If fairy lights aren’t your thing, but you still want to add color to your room, this LED strip light is the best option.

Up to 66 feet long, this 5050 LED strip light is great for lining the edges of your ceiling, bed, or couches to give your home a futuristic aesthetic while the strips stay hidden. There are limitless color options and modes, which can all be toggled with the remote, or via Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Another cool feature is the “Smile Face” remote controller, which can play up to 10 levels of rhythmic music from anywhere in your room. The installment is easy, and the strip length can be cut to adjust to your room measurements perfectly.

6) Smartphone and Tablet Holder

B-Land Cell Phone Holder, Tablet Holder iPad Stand Universal...

Smartphone and Tablet Holder

Gadgets and devices can be difficult to organize without stands — use this product to fix this issue.

This lazy bracket device holder is excellent for supporting your phone or tablet when your hands are busy. Whether driving, cooking, working out, or just laying down, you can adjust the gooseneck mount around a steering wheel, your neck, on a counter, or the handlebars of a bike or treadmill.

Unlike other device holders, this one’s brilliantly sturdy with high-quality aluminum and a magnetic connection. It can be adjusted to hold almost any device at any angle. Plus, the color and design are minimalistic and sleek, making it blend into any room.

7) Touchless Automatic Trash Can

Ninestars DZT-12-5PK Bedroom or Bathroom Automatic Touchless...

Touchless Automatic Trash Can

One thing your room doesn’t need is a boring old trash can. So, spruce it up with this motion sensor trash can instead.

It might seem tiny at first, but this trash can hold up to 3 gallons of waste without suffering damage in the unit from accidental spills to its water-resistant build. Plus, it neutralizes odor and eliminates bacteria to keep your home safe.

This is not an average trash can as it got 2 AA batteries powered with a motion sensor, delay sensing technology, and power saving mechanism. All tied together with a modernistic design that gives it its uniqueness. With this, you can make taking out trash easy while also adding liveliness to a corner of your room.

8) Smart Wi-Fi Night Light Projector

Star Galaxy Projector Light Smart Galaxy Projector Light Work...

Smart Wi-Fi Night Light Projector

One of the most popular and cool bedroom accessories right now is this light projector, and we couldn’t resist adding it to our list.

Just by pressing a button on the remote or toggling the app via Bluetooth on your phone, you can bring a sky full of stars right to your bedroom. You get to choose from 16 million color options as well as 10 different effects to set the mood for any occasion.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in speaker, which lets you play your choice of music while the lights move according to the rhythm. It can also be voice-activated with your Amazon Alexa.

Its power-saving technology allows you to save up on lighting while also providing consistent light for hours. Overall, it’s a great investment.

9) USB Bedside Table Lamp

USB Bedside Lamp for Bedroom, Small Table Lamp with USB Port and...

USB Bedside Table Lamp

Sci-fi fans that love to add a touch of futurism to their rooms will adore this product. And, it does more than any regular old-fashioned table lamp.

This multifunctional lamp comes with 2 USB cable ports and 1 outlet, which allows users to charge devices and plug in more gadgets under 800W while the lamp is active. So, you’ll not only save space but money on buying a multi-plug.

The design is also minimalistic, with a simple gray mesh shade and pendulum pull switch. Plus, with its AC85-265V voltage range, it provides a soft light that’s easy on the eye.

10) Rose Flower Desk Tree Lamp

COLORLIFE Gifts for Girls Aunt Mom Grandma Pink Room Decor 24Pcs...

Rose Flower Desk Tree Lamp

Flowers are a beautiful and classic touch to rooms. But, considering they wilt after a few days, here’s a flower tree lamp that is timelessly stunning.

This lamp is designed with 24 life-like roses with warm-toned LED lights to give any room a soft and comforting glow. It’s both USB and 3 AAA battery powered, which means you can position it anywhere around your home and save energy.

All you need to do is switch it on to see this lamp in all its glory. So, you’ll be getting an amazing trinket and convenient light source all in one.

11) USB Rechargeable Moon Lamp

BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Kids Night Light Galaxy Lamp 5.9 inch 16...

USB Rechargeable Moon Lamp

Ever thought of bringing the moon to your room? This moon-shaped lamp can make it happen, to some extent.

Battery-powered, remote-control operated, and completely size efficient, this moon lamp adds a subtle touch of the galaxy to your home. You can choose from 16 colors, and the lamp’s unique texture brings out the effect based on NASA’s astronomical data.

Users get to enjoy up to almost 12 hours of uninterrupted light. This is great if you’re a heavy reader or like to work in dimly lit ambiances.

12) Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock, with Wooden Electronic LED Time Display, 3...

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

Clocks are meant to keep you in touch with the time, but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull. This minimalistic alarm clock adds a pop of style to your tabletops.

In readable block numbers, this sleekly designed alarm clock allows you to keep track of time as well as humidity and temperature levels in your home. Its pyramid-like build sets it apart from every other alarm clock design.

Plus, it’s also built-in with a sound and touch sensor, which allows you to get the most out of its functions. Whether it be layout, brightness, or multiple alarms, you can adjust just about anything with this clock.

13) Neon Wall Rainbow

AIZESI Rainbow Night Light Rainbow Light Neon Wall Light 5 Color...

Neon Wall Rainbow

If space-related décor doesn’t suit your taste, then you might like this rainbow wall lamp. Asides from its beautiful color assortment, it also has a unique design to intrigue your guests.

You can choose to mount this lamp on the wall or have it on a flat surface, bringing an array of different colors to any part of your room. It’s both USB and 3 AA battery-powered, which means it won’t eat up power.

This lamp is ideal for brightly-themed parties, or simply adding a delicate yet vibrant touch to a neutral-toned wall.

14. Mason Jar Wall Décor and Sconces

HOMKO Decorative Mason Jar Wall Decor - Rustic Wall Sconces with...

Mason Jar Wall Décor and Sconces

For a more rustic aesthetic to your bedroom, this set of two mason jars with fairy lights and flowers gives any sort of room a gorgeous touch.

Unlike any other wall lamp, this one features a timer function that lets you set your own preferred time of activity and inactivity, so you won’t have to toggle settings every time. This not only saves time but saves a lot of energy as well.

It’s simple with a bunch of delicate flowers to bring elegance to any occasion or setting. And, of course, it’s the perfect piece of decor for bedrooms.

15. Color Changing Cinema Light Box with Letters

Color Changing Cinema Light Box with Letters - 354 Total Letters,...

Color Changing Cinema Light Box with Letters

If you’re a lover of words, you’ll find this cinema letter lightbox to be the best addition to your bedroom decor.

You receive up to 354 letters, emojis, and numbers to create any quote, word, or phrase of your choice and have it lit brightly with 15 color light options. Also, there are up to 5 light effects to choose from, which means it can fit into almost any occasion.

It has a USB port for charging and is remote-controlled, meaning you can change the color from any site of the room, all in the palm of your hand.

16) AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidifier

AquaOasis® Cool Mist Humidifier (2.2L Water Tank) Quiet...

AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidifier

From every list of cool things to have in your room for guys you scour through the web, you’ll find this product in them all.

This humidifier eliminates dry, coarse, and unbreathable air in your room by providing healthy humid air to flow out. You can even add a few drops of scented essential oil into the 2.2-liter compartment to freshen up the smell of your room.

With no humming, buzzing, or crackling, the 360-degree rotating nozzle perfectly distributes mist around your room to give you the ultimate therapeutic experience.

This will enhance your quality of sleep, as well as relieve stress levels while working. Plus, it has a sleek design, which means it’ll impress your guests.

17) Wooden Perpetual Calendar

14.1/2' Perpetual Calendar Wooden, Eco Friendly Material, Wall...

Wooden Perpetual Calendar

Calendars with plain layouts are very dull, let’s admit it. That’s why this calendar is designed with a compass-like layout to fulfill all your rustic home dreams.

This calendar is specifically designed to appeal to Legend of Zelda, Genshin Impact, and Harry Potter fans. It’s carved in intricate detail from cherry wood to give the most realistic fantasy merged with a rustic effect.

The year, month, and day are displayed on the calendar and can be readily changed by raising the notched ring and turning it. Mount it on any wall, and you’ll see the beauty of this 3-ringed calendar come into view.

18) Brightech Madison – Narrow Nightstand with Built-in Lamp

Brightech Madison Table & Lamp Combo with LED Bulb, Desk Lamp...

Narrow Nightstand with Built-in Lamp

If you want a lamp with more length but don’t have enough space on the floor to commit to a floor lamp, this is the option for you.

The 18 x 18-inch lamp dock saves more space compared to the average nightstand, and its long narrow neck won’t crowd your tabletops either. With the distance from the bulb to the dock, you receive a soft, warm-toned glow which is great for reading and light study work.

Alongside the tabletop, two shelves can hold all your bedside necessities such as books, phones, chargers, and more. As it’s made of all wood and ceramic, it will blend in perfectly with any room with whichever theme.

19) Motion Activated Bed Light

Vansky Motion Activated Bed Light, Flexible LED Strip Motion...

Motion Activated Bed Light

Nightlights are great if you like sleeping in dimly lit rooms, but most of them can eat away your power while also causing eye strain. So, here’s something to eliminate both problems.

With almost 12 feet of strip length, you can adjust the warm tinted LEDs according to the length of your bed frame so that the light is reflected on your floors for a sci-fi effect without giving away the sight of the cables.

It comes with a motion sensor and shut-off timer. You can set the times of activity manually to turn on the lights only when you need them. This saves a huge amount of power.

20) Aleen Braided Jute Rug

nuLOOM Aleen Braided Cotton/ Jute Area Rug, 3' x 5', Multi

Aleen Braided Jute Rug

We’ve been talking about walls for far too long, now it’s time to liven up your floors. And what better way to do that than with this beautiful rug?

Jute is a material that never goes out of style. And on this rug, it’s dyed and patterned in such a way that it brings the perfect amount of color without being too flashy. It’s also durable and doesn’t develop a musty smell as other rugs do.

This 3 x 5-inch bohemian aesthetic rug is perfect for people who like minimal decoration without too much dullness. You can never go wrong with this classy rug.

21) Modern Arrow Pattern Wall Sticker

Set of 44 pcs Triangles Modern Arrow Pattern Wall Sticker-DIY...

Modern Arrow Pattern Wall Sticker

A great way to change plain walls is to put wallpaper over them, but since that’s too much of an expensive and long-term change, these patterned wall stickers are the best alternative. And you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

This pack of 44 gold-colored vinyl arrow adhesives adds a bohemian touch to solid-colored walls to make them pop. They’re completely non-toxic and can be removed without leaving residue to ripping off paint, so they’re worth a try.

22) Flickering Flame Solar Lantern

TomCare Solar Lights Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lantern Outdoor...

Flickering Flame Solar Lantern

This is the perfect way to do it if you want to impress your guests before they even step inside your home.

These rustic aesthetic lanterns can be hung up or lined along your driveway or doorway steps to greet your friends with a warm glow. They also complement gardens and patios very well and are completely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about rain or snow ruining them.

Since they’re fully solar-powered, they provide environmentally friendly light, don’t drive up your electricity bill, and don’t give you the stress of changing batteries or leaving them to charge. All in all, it’s a great starter for outdoor decor.

23) Homestar Home Planetarium

Sega Homestar Original Black - Home Planetarium - Star Projector

Homestar Home Planetarium

If you’re a fan of everything related to space and the galaxy, you’ll love this at-home planetarium.

This 3W LED star projector brings stars right onto your ceiling with 2 realistic discs and an adjustable timer, angle, and focus. The “shooting star” function lights up your room with up to 60,000 stars. All you have to do is press a button to be whisked away to outer space.

24) LIANTRAL Wall Mount Mail & Key Holder Organizer

LIANTRAL Mail Sorter Wall Mount Mail & Key Holder Organizer...

LIANTRAL Wall Mount Mail & Key Holder Organizer

Ever struggled with forgetting keys at your door? This is the perfect solution for that.

This mail sorter wall mount comes with 5 hooks to hold multiple sets of keys, which also comes in handy when guests visit and drop off their keys by your door. The small compartment at the top holds items such as mail, dog leashes, cat collars, or even tiny potted plants.

Apart from its functionality, it adds organization to your daily necessities and fills up the space by your door nicely. All the tools needed for assembly are included, so you won’t even have to exert much effort.

25) Bedside Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker

MRCOOL Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, Dimmable Table Lamp LED...

Bedside Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker

With this product, you’ll be saving on the individual prices for a lamp and speaker while also sprucing up the theme of your room.

The 2200mAh rechargeable battery allows up to 120 hours of wireless activity with only 3 hours of charge. You receive 4 different options of light intensity and can select from 16 million different colors. It’s touch-activated for easy access and can play any audio via Bluetooth.

Plus, it comes with a timer and FM radio for maximum multi-functionality.

26) Multiple USB Charging Station

Hercules Tuff Charging Station for Multiple Devices, with 6 USB...

Multiple USB Charging Station

If you have trouble keeping all your devices in one place, then you might want to check out this charging station.

This 6 port charging station allows you to charge all your devices at once, all in one place. If you frequently have people over, you know how hard it is to find a power unit in your house that isn’t already occupied for them to charge their phones. Plus, it has LED illuminated dividers to organize the devices and give a sci-fi aesthetic.

With this cool gadget for your bedroom, you’ll never have this problem again.

27) Rubbermaid Custom Closet Organizer System

Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit, Titanium, 4-8 Ft.,...

Rubbermaid Custom Closet Organizer System

After bedrooms, the most frosting part of the house to organize is the closet. Luckily, we have just the right organizer for this issue.

This 4 x 8 feet closet kit comes with multiple shelves, racks, and rails that are all adjustable. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, accessories, or bags, you can put them all in your closet with space to spare. With this kit, you can get the most out of your closet space while keeping all your things organized and within reach.

28) Prepac Kurv Floating Desk

Prepac Kurv Floating Desk, White (WEHW-0901-1)

Prepac Kurv Floating Desk

Desk work can be a pain, but after you replace your boring old desk with this floating one, you’ll feel inspired to work on it more.

This floating desk comes in various layouts, letting users decide which one they prefer according to their tastes. Handy shelves are incorporated into the design to keep your space clutter-free and organized. You can mount the desk to any height or area in your room to eliminate back pain and shoulder aches.

Installation is easy, and it has all the advantages contemporary desks fail to achieve.

29) Indoor Relaxation Fountain

HoMedics Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain, Automatic...

Indoor Relaxation Fountain

Who says therapeutic trinkets can’t be visually pleasing? You can bring a zen waterfall right to your room with this stunning piece.

This 3-tiered leaf fountain is perfect for people that enjoy calming decorative pieces on tabletops or at the center of their floors. It comes with neutral-toned rocks that can be rearranged so that the water flows smoothly down the tiers.

With a flip of the switch, warm light glows to liven the movement of the comforting waterfall. If you need distress after a hard day of work, this is the best way.

30) Himalayan Glow Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow 1002 Crystal, 5-7 Lbs, Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

To add to our favorite zen decorative pieces, this salt lamp is perfect for people who love calming ambiances or do early morning yoga.

A 15W bulb gradually warms up the pure Himalayan salt to reward your room with a comforting scent and releases soothing negative ions into the air. These help to reduce allergies, improve sleep and mood, and boost your immune system.

We saved this one for last because only those who made it up to here deserve this soul-soothing product.


Have you found something interesting from our list of cool things for your bedroom? Thank you for reading, we hope you have a great time choosing from our selections and making steps toward your dream room. Happy decorating!