Edgestar Countertop Dishwasher Reviews– Read Before You Buy

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Are you living in a small apartment with limited kitchen space? In such a case, you need a compact dishwasher that can capitalize without using much an open area. Well, Farberware DWP62BL is a compact dishwashing machine that packs all the features and power of a good dishwasher. Designed to cater to busy lifestyles, DWP62BL surpasses all your expectations and hence could be a great choice if you need a better dishwashing solution. Due to compact dimensions, this counter-top dishwasher fits under most of your kitchen cabinets without permanent installation.

Today, we are here with Farberware countertop dishwasher reviews, wherein we will discuss all its useful features, built quality, advantages, and disadvantages. Read to know whether it checks all the boxes to enter your kitchen.

Best Farberware Counter Top Dishwasher

Farberware FDW05ASBWHA Portable Countertop Dishwasher Review – Black

 Portable countertop dishwashers are for individuals living in small flats or apartments, wherein none of the fixed dishwashing machines could fit. If you own a small flat but running low on space to install a full-size dishwasher, then Farberware is the best bet. You can connect it directly to the kitchen faucet, whenever you need to wash some dishes. Once done, you can conveniently store it. 


  • Built material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Water consumption under regular wash: 2.85 gallons
  • Noise level: 52.3dB
  • Power: 1160 W/5.7 A
  • Input voltage: 120 V/60 Hz


Farberware is a six standard place settings countertop dishwasher with seven wash cycles. It’s very easy to operate and accommodates most of the dirty dishes when you want to wind up the kitchen work. Let’s discuss the machine in detail.

Feature analysis:


The Farberware dishwasher has a stainless steel construction that looks stylish as well as elegant. Its black color matches well with any of the countertops and surrounding appliances. You don’t have to place it anywhere permanently, which might be helpful when you want to modify the kitchen space.

Talking about dimensions, the machine is 17.3 inches tall and has a length of 19.6 inches. It has a weight of 44 pounds, which is comparatively lower than other models available with the same features and price range. Looking at the footprint and weight, it’s understandable that the machine never occupies much space on your countertop and is easy to shift or carry.

Installation system

Farberware can get ready for action within minutes. It comes with a quick-connect adapter that attaches to any of the faucets in a jiffy. Moreover, there is a five-foot hose to give you some convenience while configuring the machine.


This dishwasher has a stainless steel interior that looks stylish, no matter where you place the device. Its dish rack can accommodate plates with sizes up to 10.5 inches. There are a cup shelf and cutlery basket for better organization of the objects that you want to rinse.

The machine has a powerful spray arm that thoroughly washes all the dishes. There is a rinse agent dispenser that minimizes water spots on your dishes. Due to the heavy wash cycle and internal heater, the dishwasher eliminates all the bacteria and germs by increasing the temperature up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

Control system

Operating the dishwashing machine is easy and simple, due to its electronic controls and digital display. There are five buttons on the front part. Two buttons delay the washing process for up to four hours and the power button turns the machine on. Finally, there is a button to select the wash cycle among the seven options. Then there is also a control to start or pause the washing cycle. Unlike other dishwashers, DWP62BL comes with a child lock that you can activate by pressing the delay and pause buttons simultaneously.

Energy Efficiency

With the usage of 200-kilowatt hours per year, the dishwasher uses almost 61 percent less energy than the comparisons available in the same price range. It uses 2.85 gallons of water per wash, which is comparatively less. If you want to save on water and electricity bills, then it’s the dishwasher you might try.

What do we like?

Farberware is an economical dishwasher that consumes less water as well as electricity. It never makes much noise and hence you can operate the machine at any time of the day or night. The black and chrome finish makes it stylish and an ice breaker for new conversations.

The dishwashing machine provides you with unrivaled dish cleaning results without any spots. Its quick adapter is universally compatible with all the faucets. The machine also includes five feet hoses, so that you can easily connect them to the kitchen tap.

What could be better?

The dishwasher can raise the temperature for improved cleaning and kill germs. However, its heat warps the door gasket. You might notice some soap suds at the end of the wash cycle. Some of the users also reported that its front door was stuck after some regular usage.

Farberware FDW05ASBWHA

Dishwasher Brand Overview

Farberware exists since 2004. The brand is an industry leader when we talk about home and outdoor appliances. To offer a wide range of solutions, they have created two more brands named Koldfront and Avallon. Its mission is to provide us with the products that are needed to elevate our lifestyle. It’s the reason why the brand has managed to amaze us multiple times with some of the best dishwashers and refrigerators.

The company primarily deals in household appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators, icemakers, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. BBQ grills and outdoor freezers or refrigerators are the other machines that are manufactured by Farberware. Once you purchase any of their products, you can contact Farberware customer support 24/7 and 365 days.

Benefits of Using Farberware Dishwasher

Reduces the utility bills: Farberware dishwasher uses 200 kilowatt hours per year, which is relatively lower than similar options available in the market. So, it’s an energy-saving machine that works efficiently to conserve energy. On top of that, the dishwasher consumes very less water and helps you to conserve precious liquid.

Compact footprint: The low-profile dishwasher can conveniently fit under any of the cabinets. Moreover, it does not seek a permanent installation and is hence a perfect candidate for small kitchens.

Easy to operate: The electronic controls give you seven wash cycles, a play/pause button as well as a child lock. Also, some indicators make sure you know what is going on inside the machine.

Unrivaled performance: Edgestar dishwasher leaves no water spots on the dishes. Internal water heat and advanced wash cycles provide you with clean and hygienic dishes. It eliminates all the germs because the machine can rinse off the dishes with high-temperature water.

How Good are Farberware Countertop Dishwashers?

The compact DWP62BL appears as a stylish appliance and cleans the dishes according to your expectations. Its price tag is comparatively higher than the competition models, but high-end features compensate for the same. Seven wash cycles and play/pause buttons are some of the best functions that you can utilize for the best possible results.

You can attach the machine to any of the faucets because of its universal adapter. Make sure that you don’t overload the dishwasher and it will never create unnecessary situations wherein you need to contact a professional.

Should you buy a Farberware countertop dishwasher?

If you are running low on space in the kitchen, but need a dishwasher, then you can consider the buy a Farberware countertop dishwasher. The initial cost might be high, but you get the worth because of its multiple wash cycles and excellent performance. Moreover, it’s compatible with all the faucets.

Alternative to Farberware countertop dishwasher

Don’t worry if your mind is not swinging towards EdgeStar DWP62BL. We noticed that hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher is also a great option for your home kitchen or office cafeteria. Farberware FDW05ASBWHA is another great alternative that is rated high by experts due to its high-quality design and ease of use.

FAQS about Farberware countertop dishwasher

Do I need to be there when the Farberware dishwasher is cleaning?

You don’t need to stand there because the unit is entirely automatic. Moreover, it beeps for few times once the dishwashing is over. You only need to make sure that the faucet is properly connected, up and running. Once the wash cycle is over, turn off the faucet otherwise it will start dripping.

Does this dishwasher have an upper and lower spray arm?

Farberware dishwasher has only a lower washer.

Is this a self-heating dishwasher?

Yes, this machine has an internal heater that can take the water temperature up to 149 *F. If the water is hot already, then its heater will not change the temperature.


With high-quality built and a set of multiple wash cycles, the DWP62BL is an ideal investment if you need a dishwasher, but cannot choose a fixed version for some reason.  You can use it with all the faucets and store them anywhere on the countertop or kitchen cabinets. Overall, a safe purchase.