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When shopping for tableware, you will need to look for credible reviews. Therefore, we have compiled detailed Far & Away Reviews above to help you decide.

Far Away Reviews

If you are looking for a company that focuses on bringing artisanal yet modern goods closer to you, Far & Away is your best bet! Far & Away was founded by Jacky and Albert, who had been struggling to find high-quality products with a modern aesthetic at pocket-friendly prices.

The eco-friendly company was also created to solve the issues caused by the current trend of mass production and globalization, where the environment has been sacrificed for profits.

The company feeds the desire of millennials to curate every part of their lives aesthetically with their sleek, inexpensive products. So, if modern, sustainable, and ethically sourced dinnerware describes what you are looking for, these Far & Away reviews will come in handy. Dive in!

Why Should You Purchase from Far & Away?

1. Sustainable and Ethical

Far & Away's products are manufactured by local artisans who utilize sustainable and ethical practices. They use recycled clay and optimize their production processes to help the environment at every step and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, the company contributes a share of its sales to fund reforestation projects worldwide.

2. Unique Color Palette

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If you love unique colors while traveling and you don't have time to travel anymore, Far & Away will meet your unique needs. The company's dinnerware sets have unique colors, bringing Portugal straight to your doorstep. Their dinnerware colors are inspired by Lisbon and Porto pastel walls, which offer four main colors: white, navy, green, and red.

3. Stackable and can be mixed and matched

Far & Away's sets have a clean, minimalist design, making them versatile and stackable. Apart from the minimalistic design, the four colors complement each other perfectly, so you don't have to choose between them.

4. Durable Packaging

Nobody wants to buy from a company that doesn't invest in its packaging. Far & Away designs its packaging to withstand bumpy rides when the delivery is headed to your home. To top it all off, the packaging is 100% recyclable!

They are fair to their employees.

Far & Away collaborates with a Northern Portugal family-owned factory with over 50 years of experience crafting high-quality ceramic goods. In addition, they are said to offer their employees fair wages and safe working conditions.

1. Dinnerware Set- 16 Pieces

The finest materials and skilled craftsmen were used in producing Far & Away's premier dinnerware collection, promising its durability throughout time. Each dinnerware piece is carefully handcrafted, checked for imperfections, then packaged safely to reach the shopper.

The dinnerware set has a functional design inspired by the walls of Portugal in mixed and matched colors designed to be stacked. They also feature vertical rims that help to prevent accidental spills.

A large plate, a small plate, a bowl, and a cup are among the four items in the set, with four pieces in each variation, giving a total of 16 pieces. We recommend the dinnerware set for serving parties of two to four people, and people with bigger families will need to add a few more sets.

In addition, these artisan-made ceramic items are not only fashionably modern but are also safe for microwave, oven, and dishwasher use. We assure you that once you try out these Far & Away dinnerware sets, you will never return to the generic sets again!


  • It has vertical rims to prevent spills and allow stacking.
  • Locally sourced and recycled clay
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven Safe
  • Artisan-crafted in a family-owned

    A semi-matte reactive glaze finish


  • The dinnerware set may take a while to get delivered because the company limits its pieces to being produced in small batches.

Of course, you need a cutlery set to match your dinnerware set, and we have the perfect one for you! Luckily, Far & Away sells a unique and versatile set to pull off any vibe you are going for.

The Portuguese cutlery set has a matte finish and sleek curved lines that give off an appealing modern aesthetic. In addition, each piece comes with ergonomic handles and a balanced weight distribution that takes your dining experience to another level.

The cutlery set is made using high-quality, certified premium European stainless steel (304 grade), containing 18% chromium and 10% nickel (18/10). This type of steel guarantees durability since it offers more rust resistance and doesn't leave pesky marks on your plates.

The Far & Away cutlery set can serve four people in a fine dining setting, thanks to its 20 pieces, which include forks, spoons, dessert forks, teaspoons, and knives.


  • Made with 18/10 premium European stainless steel
  • It is fully anti-corrosive and rust-proof.
  • Hand-finished by Nothern Portugal artisans
  • Semi-matte brushed finish
  • 100% dishwasher safe.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.
  • The steel is recyclable and locally sourced.


  • The customer service could be better.

3. Portuguese Cork Bundle

The Portuguese Cork Bundle is the perfect choice if you can't decide which cork product to settle on between the many choices and if you want variety. Far & Away's entire line comes reversible and has a dark smoked cork layer and a light organic cork layer.

Professional farmers harvest Far & Away Portuguese corks sustainably in Alentejo, Portugal, and they are done manually by experts to prevent tree damage. In addition, they are an eco-friendly way to protect your table from messy eaters and heat since they are double-layered for extra durability.

Whether you are interested in impressing your guests for a dress-up dinner or you want to enjoy a quick family get-together, the cork bundle is durable and versatile enough to handle both. In addition, the bundle has 12 pieces to serve a 4-person table setting for a top-tier dining experience.


  • It is anti-bacterial, thermally insulating, and water resistant.
  • It is a double-layered material for improved durability.
  • It is dark cork colored since it goes through a natural smoking process.
  • It is easy to clean and food safe.
  • crafted from the leftover cork scraps from wine stoppers
  • It contains four trivets.
  • Locally sourced and recycled cork


  • The customer service could be better.

Image Credit: farandaway.co

Far & Away bamboo bedding sets are made from locally harvested, processed, and sewn organic bamboo by an OEKO-TEX® certified manufacturer in Southern China. Far & Away Chinese bamboo beddings offer superior comfort, breathability, and durability to guarantee a good night's sleep.

Apart from being dangerously soft bedsheets thanks to the 100% bamboo rayon blend, they have moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties. This makes them perfect for cold and hot sleepers since the material helps regulate the body temperature to guarantee a great sleep every night.

These Chinese bedsheets are a perfect alternative to linen or cotton bedsheets since they have a silky feel that is better for your sleep while still being eco-friendly. In addition, they are said to be more sustainable since a bamboo plant grows quickly and doesn't need fertilizers, irrigation, or pesticides.

These sheets are preferred since they are made of Chinese bamboo fibers, which are thinner than other types of bamboo. In addition, since bamboo materials have regenerative qualities, commercialization is less harmful and more sustainable for the environment. Lastly, the Chinese bamboo bedsheets are easy to clean.


  • It is made with 100% bamboo viscose fibers.
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial
  • Lightweight, silk, soft, and naturally stretchy.
  • Suitable for mattresses.
  • Thermal regulation through proprietary weaving techniques.
  • The bamboo yarn size is in the 60s with a 500+ thread count.
  • It is sourced from the bamboo fields in Southern China.
  • Locally grown and sewn bamboo


  • The customer service could be better.

Image Credit: farandaway.co

Or maybe you want fancy cups or mugs? Far & Away has Stoneware Cup sets made of thick heat-insulating ceramic walls. They feature a streamlined, handle-less design that doubles as a hand warmer during cold days.

The unique mugs have a semi-matte reactive glaze finish that gives them a touch of class enough to be used at an official dinner. The stoneware cups are perfect for stacking, and thanks to their versatile color, they can be mixed and matched and still create a minimalistic design.

Image Credit: farandaway.co

The Stoneware cups come in a 4-piece set, which is enough to serve four people, and also comes in four colors: ivory, rose, olive, and noir. You can choose a color that suits your dinnerware sets or decor.

We recommend the Far & Away set for a breakfast setting for families, a casual afternoon brunch, or an evening tea party. Traditional artisan craftsmanship with a modern twist combines with the finest materials to create cups that will withstand the test of time.


  • It has a semi-matte reactive glaze finish.
  • 100% dishwasher, microwave safe, and oven safe up to 220°C (430°F).
  • The cups are crafted in a family-owned factory in northern Portugal.
  • Defects are replaced free of charge.100% recyclable packaging.


  • The customer service could be better.

Is Far & Away Eco-Friendly?

Yes! From reducing non-compostable packaging to recycling waste, Far & Away has refined the production process to give their customers quality pieces that are better for them and the environment.

Far & Away only uses raw materials 50km from their factory in Northern Portugal to reduce the carbon footprint. Also, the excess clay trimmings or defective products from the production process are recycled and reused to produce new pieces. This ensures that no spare materials are wasted, thus their sustainability claims.

Image Credit: farandaway.co

Far & Away has partnered with The Trillion Tree Campaign to combat the severe environmental issues in many developing countries. They contribute a share of their sales to fund reforestation projects worldwide to reach 1 trillion planted trees by 2050.

In addition, the company has repurposed water waste gotten from the production process. They filter the excess water used and repurpose it for agriculture and local farming.

Image Credit: farandaway.co

Lastly, since plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues in today's world, Far & Away has tried not to contribute to it. Instead, they use 100% recyclable packaging, and they design their boxes so that they can withstand bumpy rides when headed to a customer.

Far & Away Ceramic Production Process

Image Credit: farandaway.co

Far & Away has a production process that uses modern techniques while giving tradition respect and still ensuring maximum quality and precision. The first step in the process is the creation of the mother mold, which is done totally by hand by Far & Away's highly skilled artisans.

This mold is used to press and shape locally sourced clay, and the waste generated during the process is recycled and utilized again. Then, they employ a unique single-firing method that consumes less energy without sacrificing durability. Lastly, they design their products in Berlin and craft them in Portugal.


Image Credit: farandaway.co

In the millennial world, aesthetics matter in every situation, and where and how you enjoy your meal is no different. So, if you have been looking for modern sets to match your home decor, we hope you will find something for you above.

After all, why not give back to the planet while showing off your elegant taste with your tableware?

Frequently Asked Questions on Far & Away Reviews

1. Are Far & Away's ceramics scratch resistant?

No, Far & Away's ceramics are made to be sturdy and durable. Unfortunately, all matte and semi-matte stoneware ceramics are often prone to short-term residual marks from stainless steel tableware.

However, these are easily removed using a mild cleanser like Barkeeper's Friends or baking soda and water solution. Notably, older or worn-out silverware may leave stains more easily.

2. What happens if my products are damaged upon arrival?

Far & Away thrives when customers have 100% satisfaction. So, the company claims to send replacements if your order arrives with any damage. Contact the eco-friendly company through the contact form, and they will send replacements for free.

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