9 Best Green Wine Glasses Reviews of 2023 You Can Try

Sip Sustainably with the Top 9 Green Wine Glasses. Stylish Eco-Friendly Choices for Your Wine Moments. Go Green and Toast Responsibly!

Green wine glasses do not necessarily come with the most expensive price or the most fragile structure. In truth, the concept of a “premium” wine glass significantly depends on individual preferences. However, it can be strongly highlighted that the transparency of the glass contributes to an outstanding tasting experience. Your ability to discern the shades and aromas of the wine improves your overall drinking pleasure.

A wine glass is more than just a receptacle for holding your favorite red or white. When choosing green wine glasses, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and how that may affect your drinking experience. Here is the list of 11 best green wine glasses you can try.

List of 9 Best Green Wine Glasses Reviews

1. Blue Rose Polish Pottery Green Confetti Wine Glass

Blue Rose Polish Pottery Green Confetti Wine Glass

  • Entertaining just got easier with this elegant liquid dispenser perfect for everyday use or gatherings. Ideal for red and white wines, the glassware looks great set out on the table while you entertain! The beautiful design is handcrafted in Poland and crafted to be lightweight, stable, and dishwasher-safe so it’s always looking its best.
  • Elegant stem green wineglass that is perfect for everyday use and entertaining. Blown by hand, this Polish pottery will captivate your guests with its sleek design. A 10 ounce capacity makes it the perfect size for both red and white wines. Made to fit in your dishwasher, it’s the durable choice at an affordable price.

2. Taganov Green Wine Glasses

Taganov Green Wine Glasses

  • Taganov Green Wine Glasses are great for every day use. Use these durable glasses on your morning coffee or at cocktail hour or any time of the day! These wine glasses are designed with a vintage look that is elegant and unique. The color will not peel off after washes and wears due to their high quality glass structure. Place in dishwasher safe, lead-free glass material that is healthy and safe for regular use!
  • With their vintage, elegant design and beautiful color, you can’t go wrong with these 10 inch wine glasses for your next get together. These glasses are made from quality glass that won’t shatter easily or peel after it’s been washed a few times in the dishwasher! You’ll be able to use them with just about any beverage you need- they’re great for everything from lemonade to whiskey!

3. Emerald Green Nuance Full Accent Wine Glasses

Emerald Green Nuance Full Accent Wine Glasses

  • Explore the newest trend in low-budget cuisine with this elegant, environmentally friendly wine glass set. These amazing glasses are ideal for any occasion or event that demands elegance and sophistication–think formal dinners, weekends brunching with friends, or just an evening of indulgence on the patio.
  • Featuring a shape designed to enhance your drinks aromas and flavors (that’s not all it can do!), these Emerald Green Nuance Full Accent Wine Glasses make great gifts for anyone who enjoys their drinkies!

4. Arc International Green Stem Wine Glass

Arc International Green Stem Wine Glass

  • The Arc International 10oz Green Stem Wine Glass has a stem made of sustainable Canadian cedar wood for the perfect balance in weight, quality, and sustainability.
  • The heavy bottom helps to stabilize the glass while protecting hands from heat. The wine glass features an elongated bowl that’s great for deep reds or white wines alike, capturing aromas and flavors which are absorbed into the walls of this uniquely designed wine glass.
  • Cleaning is easy with dishwasher-safe materials plus use ARC’s Premium Wipes to keep these stems shiny! Give your home barware collection some diversity with this addition today!

5. Osci-Fly Slainte Handmade Etched Dark Green Wine Glass

Osci-Fly Slainte Handmade Etched Dark Green Wine Glass

  • Osci-Fly Slainte Handmade Etched Dark Green Wine Glass is nothing better than handmade wine glasses to enjoy your favorite bottle of red or white. Give an elegant present this holiday season for someone who needs a special touch in their life, while also leaving you lifelong memories!
  • These wine glasses are expertly designed to make a heartwarming connection between you and the recipient. Whether for graduation, birthday, house-warming or other occasions, these elegant pieces will remind your loved one that you’re thinking of them as they celebrate with delicious alcohol. Glasses measure 7 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter at the top.

6. Libbey Olive Green Wine Glasses

Libbey Olive Green Wine Glasses

  • Libbey olive green tinted wine glasses are the perfect way to introduce a new style of glassware. The Fasyil 18.5-ounce goblets are designed with elegant, curvy shapes that make most any dish look remarkable on your table or bar countertop.
  • Half of each bowl is soft olive green while the other half is clear, both combo for an eye-catching set of 12 goblets in varying sizes from 6 ounces to 26 ounces per glass.

7. Twill Goblet Beverage Glass Cup by Godinger

Twill Goblet Beverage Glass Cup by Godinger

  • This elegant red wine goblet is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a unique wedding favor to give your guests, or just want to add some flair to your next party to impress your guests, this goblet is the solution.
  • These glasses are made out of high-quality glass so there is no need to worry about breakages and they can be used day in and day out with the confidence that it will always look like new! They also come in a wide range of sizes from 8oz all the way up 22oz if you want something larger than what we have on offer today.

8. HPDEAR Vintage Champagne Flutes

HPDEAR Vintage Champagne Flutes

  • A Classic Retro Style High Quality Glass Flute, Comes in a Set of Six. These green wine glasses have the capacity to hold 5 ounces and are perfect for your next event or party! The classic retro style will add a classy touch to any gathering.
  • The heavy lead free glass construction provides stability while being durable and not easy breakable. They’re perfect for all occasions, from casual outings with friends to formal dinner parties that need classier attention! Get them now before they’re completely sold out because these glasses won’t last long at this price!

9. Lime Green Full Accent 16 oz Cachet Wine Glasses

Lime Green Full Accent 16 oz Cachet Wine Glasses

  • Make your drinks look elegant by using one of our Lime Green Full Accent 16 oz Cachet Wine Glasses. The set includes 6 glasses that are environmentally friendly and will make your table beautiful with its elegant colors!
  • They also wont break easily if you chose to go to a fancy dinner for someone’s birthday because it is lead free, so by giving this as a gift you are contributing without them knowing!
  • Enjoy these wonderful glasses during happy hour or wine time with friends because they’re something anybody would love. Imagine being at the beach sipping on some ice cold margaritas in one of these beauties while swaying side-to-side in your hammock.


When you’re considering a green wine glass, it is important to know what sort of design or style will work best for your needs. You may have different preferences depending on the type of wine you drink and how often you want to use these glasses.

In this article, we cover 11 excellent choices that should suit almost any palate – from casual drinkers looking for a top-notch value option to serious oenophiles who appreciate vintage designs. Choose wisely!