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Are you contemplating a renovation of your kitchen or bathroom? If that’s in your plans, keep in mind the importance of various elements, notably, the sink. The sink is a vital part that demands your attention to enhance the beauty of your home. Although there are countless sink brands in the market, this conversation is specifically about the Hahn sink. Read through the rest of this post to determine whether Hahn sinks align with the requirements of your home.

Why Hahn? Because the brand has spent over 40 years of manufacturing kitchen and bathroom products. They offer high-quality reliable products and it’s the reason why Hahn has gained the trust of homeowners across the US. These are the reasons why we present you with Hahn sink reviews so that you can one of them according to their features and build quality.

7 Best Hahn Sink Reviews by Laurel & Wolf

  1. Hahn FH001 33-Inch Under Mount Farmhouse sink
  2. Hahn ZR003 30-Inch Undermount sink
  3. Hahn EVO30S Kitchen Sink
  4. Hahn Chef Series SS012 31.5-Inch Under-mount sink
  5. Hahn Chef Series SS006 23-Inch Under-mount sink
  6. Hahn Ceramic VC008 Large Rectangular Ceramic Bathroom Sink
  7. Hahn Chef Series SS004 32-Inch Under-mount sink

1. Hahn FH001 33-Inch Under Mount Farmhouse sink

Hahn FH001 33-Inch Under Mount Farmhouse sink

Hahn FH001 might be a suitable purchase for medium to large families. Its easy to clean, so the sink could be a great addition if you don’t want to spend much time maintaining the kitchen fixtures.

The handmade FH001 has sleek lines and a sophisticated finish that suits all the modern and traditional kitchen styles. The 16-gauge sink is available at a cost-effective price that’s comparatively lower than the comparable models from other brands. Built with the finest quality 304 stainless steel, it’s attractive as well as long-lasting.

Hahn FH001 comprises chromium and nickel in a ratio of 18/10 respectively. The overall construction is 25 percent thicker, which keeps that operation quiet. Moreover, there are sound deadening pads that reduce the vibrations caused while rinsing pots, dishes, or any other activity.

What do we like?

This Hahn sink has a pure stainless steel appearance that looks better than most of the other finishes. It never shows off the water spots and you can easily clean the sink. Due to its slight round corners, the maintenance becomes convenient as well.

With a depth of 10 inches, FH001 is deep and provides sufficient space to accommodate large dishes or pots. Also, this 33-inch sink hides all the dirty and unsightly dishes. To protect your kitchen cabinets from condensation, it comes with a non-toxic undercoating called DripGuard. The coat minimizes the number of water droplets that can be produced under this fixture.

What could be better?

The farmhouse sink drains slow because of a somewhat flat bottom. Apart from that, this Hahn sink might get scratched by other hard objects. However, the marks will not be visible enough to spoil their appearance.

2. Hahn ZR003 30-Inch Undermount sink

Hahn ZR003 30-Inch Undermount sink

ZR003 is perfect for houses where sound travels easily and disturbs other family members. Its simple and sleek design mixes well with any of the kitchen interiors. So, could the right choice if you need a long-lasting and attractive fixture for your kitchen?

It looks simple but ZR003 is a highly functional sink that brings elegance to your kitchen. It’s 33 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. After looking at the dimensions, you can understand that this sink is a suitable fixture for large families with high volumes. For significant dishes or big pots, the sink can accommodate them without any compromise. Even if you use it commercially wherein the usage is higher, ZR003 comes out as a winner.

What do we like?

The handmade sink has a premium T304 16-gauge stainless steel construction, which is thick and durable. In other words, the sink will take no scratches, no dents, and no damage if even if you drop a heavy object by mistake. So, if you like the sink, then you can try it with confidence.

Most of its users appreciate the sound dampening mechanism. Sinks can be very noisy, but this is not the case with ZR003. Due to its sound reduction coating on the base, the sink absorbs all the vibration as well as unwanted noise.

What could be better?

ZR003 is an under-mount sink, which requires professional assistance while installation. Even if you are an expert, you need to contact a plumber. Other than that, it’s one of the best stainless steel sinks that you can purchase.

3. Hahn EVO30S Kitchen Sink

Hahn EVO30S Kitchen Sink

If you need a durable and stylish kitchen fixture that’s available at a budget-friendly price, then you can try the EVO30S. It never disturbs your family members and is also easy to maintain.

EVO30S is a heavy-duty sink that suits any of the existing kitchen styles. Made of high-quality steel, this fixture has a sleek and stylish appearance that gives a classic appearance to your kitchen. And why not? Its perfect cuts, straight lines, and under-mount design look great with all the countertops.

This Hahn sink is massive. With a length of 30 inches and 10 inches of depth, its suitable for high-volume residences and commercial sites. The sink easily accommodates a large number of dishes and it’s difficult to imagine pots or containers that won’t fit.

What do we like?

Makers have given attention to all the details to create a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Its central drain design is proven because it allows the water to move without taking much time. So you can keep using the sink for a long without waiting for the water to pass. Its 3.5-inch drain opening is compatible with any garbage disposals. So, if you are modifying the kitchen and already using the disposal, you don’t have to look for a new one.

Next comes its design. The sink appears rectangular and edgy, but its internal corners are rounded which leads to easy cleanup. Such built prevents any water pooling or grime accumulation that can ultimately become a breeding ground for bacteria. It also has a sound dampening coating to reduce the noise.

What could be better?

You might find the installation challenging because it’s an under-mount sink. We have also received feedback that the setup takes time. So, you should contact a plumber if DIY missions are not your cup of tea. It might add up to the initial cost, but you will not be disappointed after the assembly.

4. Hahn Chef Series SS012 31.5-Inch Under-mount sink

Hahn Chef Series SS012 31.5-Inch Under-mount sink

The Chef Series sink is a fine investment if you need an attractive, durable, and stylish sink that comes with several accessories to it even more functional.

The SS012 from the Chef series gives you enormous space, durability, and multiple useful accessories, but never asks much from you in return. Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 16 gauge, this fixture has a length of 31.5 inches and 10 inches of depth. Its 18/10 composition of chromium and nickel makes the sink rust-free as well as corrosion-proof.

Not only strong, but the under-mount sink is quite as well. It has sound-deadening pads that reduce all the disturbing noises. The sink has a satin finish and rounded corners, which is easy to clean. It also has the DripGuard to protect kitchen cabinets from condensation.

What do we like?

The chef series sink has sufficient space that is great for large utensils and filling big pots. As it has high-quality stainless steel built, the sink remains scratch-free and maintains its luster for a long. It includes stainless steel drains and basket strainers, so you don’t have to purchase them as an extra item. You will also find a couple of stainless steel dish grids that elevate the dishes and allows proper water drainage. Microfiber cloth and cleaner are included for better installation and cleanup.

What could be better?

SS012 is a great sink with an attractive finish, but when you don’t clean or maintain it properly; it loses its shine and might rust. It’s the reason why chemical cleaning agents are not recommended. So, you should mild dish cleaner or only water to take care of this sink.

5. Hahn Chef Series SS006 23-Inch Under-mount sink

Hahn Chef Series SS006 23-Inch Under-mount sink

If you own a small kitchen and need a cost-effective, durable and elegant sink, then you can try the SS006. The fixture is easy to maintain and resists almost everything to maintain its top form.

If you own a small kitchen and need a cost-effective, durable and elegant sink, then you can try the SS006. The fixture is easy to maintain and resists almost everything to maintain its top form.

The Chef series sinks are durable and reputed to perform well in households as well as commercial sites. Our next recommendation comes from the same line of products. SS006 is a simple, yet stylish kitchen sink with a mirror finish that makes it aesthetically attractive.

SS006 is a compact sink with a length of 21 inches and 17 inches in width. Still, it tries to give you the best using its 10 inches of depth. Due to such space, you can use any of the pots or containers without thinking about the available space.  Overall, SS006 is a high-quality sink that withstands regular usage and is hence great for high-volume sites.

What do we like?

Whenever you purchase a stainless steel sink, its thickness is the most important aspect. Made of 16-gauge steel, SS006 excels in this department and stands tall as a long-lasting kitchen fixture. Do you know stainless steel sinks build up condensation faster than any other material? But, it’s not the case with SS006, because it has the DripGuard that prevents condensation and protects your kitchen cabinet.

The satin finish protects it from rust, corrosion, and scratches. It protects the fixture from regular wear and tears. Apart from that, the sink retains its shine for a long time. Due to these factors, the sink looks like new even after years of usage.

What could be better?

SS006 comes with deadening pads, but some of the users reported that the noise reduction was missing. Apart from that, it’s only suitable for small or maybe medium-sized kitchens. It might not be a great choice for big cooking areas.

6. Hahn Ceramic VC008 Large Rectangular Ceramic Bathroom Sink

Hahn Ceramic VC008 Large Rectangular Ceramic Bathroom Sink

VC008 is an affordable and elegant addition to your bathroom, especially if you need an under-mount sink that gives you easy cleaning as well as a classic appearance.

VC008 is an under mount bathroom sink that gives a seamless transition between the countertop to the sink. Such a design not only makes the fixture sleek and stylish but also allows you to clean it easily. The sink brings an unmatched elegance to your bathroom and becomes a point of conversation between your guests. It has an inbuilt overflow that makes sure that there will not be any water flow that can damage the cabinets and floor.

What do we like?

The white color of the ceramic sink matches well with any of the bathrooms, whether it’s contemporary or modern. It has a depth of 6.5 inches and is 21 inches long, which is enough for your daily activities. VC008 comes with a limited lifetime warranty as well. It’s pretty amazing to see that Hahn is offering so many features and lifetime coverage at such a budget-friendly price tag.

What could be better?

The sink needs a cabinet at least 24 inches long. So, match the dimensions before you invest in the product. If you are unsure, then consult a professional. The sink follows an under-mount installation. It’s the reason you need to contact a local expert. Because if you will do it as a DIY project, the installation might take time. If you are a beginner, then we don’t recommend that you set it up without taking external help.

7. Hahn Chef Series SS004 32-Inch Under-mount sink

Hahn Chef Series SS004 32-Inch Under-mount sink

If you need a stylish and multipurpose sink for a medium or large-sized kitchen, this Chef series SS004 might be the bill. Its durable, spacious, and available at a lower price tag.

SS004 has all the features that you can expect from a high-quality sink. A double basin design makes the under-mount sink versatile and allows you to be more productive as well as efficient. The sophisticated and modern sink is suitable for high-volume households. No matter what the existing style of your kitchen is, the sink suits the area very well and mixes easily with any of the countertops.

The dual basin sink is 32-inch long and 21 inches wide. Both the bowls have a depth of 9 inches and they are divided in a ratio of 60/40. As you see, the sink is built to provide you with maximum space that can accommodate all the pots or containers without making many noises.

What do we like?

Made of high-grade 304 stainless steel, the Chef series sink is durable. Moreover, due to 16-gauge thickness and sound deadening pads, the fixture reduces all the noise. Both the basins are excellent in terms of vibration control. Hence, you can use it any time in the day or night without disturbing or waking up other family members.

The sink is rust and corrosion resistant due to its satin finish. You can easily clean this fixture using soapy water, so there is no need to invest in harmful chemical cleaning solutions. Overall, SS004 is not only efficient and durable but quiet as well as stylish that fits any of the existing kitchen decors.

What could be better?

Once again, the only challenging part is its installation. Similar to other models that we discussed today, SS004 is also an under-mount model that needs expert installation. You should not configure it as a DIY object, otherwise, any damage might void the warranty.

Overview of Hahn Sinks Brand

Hahn is a US-based manufacturer of faucets, sinks, and replacement filters for RO. The brand uses durable construction materials for production so that you can get the desired precision and functionality with all their products. Hahn sinks are high-end, but the price is relatively lower.

Almost all the sinks from this brand look attractive and come with useful features like decent depth and sound insulation. Due to strong construction, Hahn sinks live for a lifetime, and anyway, most of them are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Moreover, Hahn sinks also come with120-day money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product.

Benefits of using Hahn sink?

Hahn sinks delight you with their durable built and stunning style. There are more than a few reasons to choose this brand. Let’s know them, which will help you to make a smart buying decision.

World-class quality: The brand imports Copper from Mexico and stainless steel from China, only because these countries have the best metals in the world.

Included accessories: Almost all the Hahn sinks comes with all the required accessories, like fitting templates, dish grids, and drains/strainers, without adding up to the cost.

Ultra-deep basin: Hahn sinks have a deep design that helps you to accommodate large pots and hide dirty dishes.

Quiet operation: Sound-deadening pads are inbuilt with all the Hahn sinks, which means none of the noise will travel to disturb you or any of your family members.

Excellent customer support: If you have any problem with the sink installation, and functionality or you find any defect, you can contact Hahn via telephone, e-mail as well as chat. Hahn 120 days money back and lifelong warranty is rare and the industry’s best as far as sinks are concerned.

How good is Hahn sink?

Hahn sinks are durable, stylish, and versatile due to their extra deep design. So, sinks from this brand are not only elegant but also useful when you have a high volume. Due to sound insulation pads, they work without making much noise. You can have a conversation while washing the dishes without raising your voice level.

Maintaining them is easy because of their under-mount installation and rounded corners. Also, Hahn provides you with all the accessories like a strainer, dish grid, after-installation cleaner, microfiber cloth, etc. without any extra price. These are features of why one of the Hahn sinks could be great for your kitchen.

Should you buy a Hahn sink?

If you need an elegant sink for your kitchen that can last for a lifetime without losing its luster, then you can try one of the Hahn fixtures. The US-based brand uses the strongest materials to construct these sinks, hence they are long-lasting and functional. They are spacious and soundproof, hence could be a suitable choice for houses where sound travels fast.

Alternative to the Hahn brand?

Kohler: One of the best plumbing brands, Kohler manufactures some great sinks for the bathroom as well as a kitchen. This is the brand you can choose if you need to discover high-quality fixtures that are smart, stylish, and durable.

Ruvati: Style and performance are the two basic traits of Ruvati sinks. If you need a designer or luxurious fixtures for the house, then it’s the brand you might try.

Kraus: Another high-rated manufacturer for sinks for the kitchen as well as a bathroom. If you want to experience the widest range of sinks in various mounting styles, then browse for Kraus sinks.

FAQs about Hahn Sinks

Where are Hahn sinks made?

Hahn sinks are made in the US, but the construction materials are imported from Mexico and China.

Are Hahn sinks good quality?

Hahn sinks are made of high-quality materials, whether stainless steel or ceramic. Due to their thick construction, they are long-lasting and also reduce internal sound up to a great extent. Overall, you can trust Hahn sinks in terms of built quality and performance.


Hahn is a reputable manufacturer in the plumbing industry for more than 4 decades now. They achieved such a high market value because the company always focuses on providing high-quality solutions without an expensive price tag. It’s the reason why Hahn sinks are stunning, durable, reliable as well as functional for your preparation and cooking tasks, but are available at a pocket-friendly price.

We hope that after reading the Hahn sink reviews you will be able to find an option worth your investment. If you need a high-quality fixture for your kitchen or bathroom, then look no further and try one of the best Hahn sinks that we discussed today.