How To Decorate a Living Room? [17 Unique Designs Tips 2023]

If you are worried about how to decorate a living room in a low budget? Here's the solution. We are talking, the cheapest decorating ideas for living room.


While relaxing, we primarily spend our time in the living room. An impressive or extraordinary room can greatly impact our mood and rejuvenate us. Consequently, it’s vital for us to strive for creating an aesthetically pleasing living room.

A well-planned living room may change your living room scenario. So, how to decorate a living room? Today we are here to discuss the issue that will enable you to make a comfortable living room.  We are going to share some valuable tips with you that must be helpful for you.

Frame Art on Wall

Frame art depicts your aesthetic nature. You don’t have to cover every inch of your wall with art, you should hang art that actually fits the color and furniture of the room. You should avoid hanging gawky or dull art. Always follow your inherent nature, which varies from person to person. When you pierce the wall to set up the pin, you must make sure that the piercing does not spoil your living room wall.

Sufficient Lighting

You should incorporate three types of lighting into your living room, ambient, task, and accent. The lighting should be gorgeous and depict your room’s beauty. You must give preference to the most used places where you continuously move such as the kitchen. You may use appliances that consume less electricity, this way you save electricity and save money. You should have it in the back of your mind not to set up lights that are too bright.

Paint Colors

Most people are very much concerned about their paint colors but choosing a paint color is not a strenuous task, all you have to do is follow your most expensive furniture and choose the paint color according to this furniture. You shouldn’t choose the paint color first.

Mirror Placement

Most living rooms have the mirror set up in the center, so it can easily highlight the overview of the room. You can set up your mirror behind the light place such as a candle or pendant lamp. To get an illusion or make it seem like there is another window, you can set up the mirror opposite the window.

Portable or Lightweight Appearance Furniture

While purchasing furniture, pick up lightweight furniture. You must avoid boxy furniture because they take up more space. Furniture with legs seems to be open and does not feel suffocated but wooden furniture usurps more space. That’s why you should choose light furniture.

Using Mixed Color

Using white or black to paint your walls makes them too approachable or too dark, which is highly unacceptable. Furthermore, you should prefer mixed colors that means white, black and so on. Color variation is the most important thing in this modern urban life. You may use a neutral color on the walls, floors, ceiling, and furniture upholstery.

Appropriate Rug

Problems arise when your rug does not match the shape of your room. If your area rug is too small, it may not fit appropriately. To get rid of this problem, you have to select the appropriate area. When you purchase any rug, firstly, see the best size and then see the instruction for the rug. There must be a distance between the wall and rug up to 10-12 inches. Then you place your furniture on the rug.

Placement of Furniture

Most people do not have any knowledge of placing their furniture in the right place. So, you need proper knowledge of arranging your furniture. You do not want to place your furniture in disorganized ways, such as chairs here and there, and sofas clinging to the wall. You have to consider ceding enough space so that one person can easily converse with another.

Light Curtain

A light curtain helps you to maximize your lighting if you match it with the wall color. So, it is your duty to choose a light curtain that is artful in nature.

Cleaning Strategy

Naturally, our much-loved pets roam here and there. Its hairs beacon to the debris. On the other hand, if your floor is hardwood or laminate floor, there remains dirt on the floor. To emancipate from the problems, you may use an electronic vacuum cleaner, or you may search terms of what is the best vacuum for hardwood floors and Pet Hair. These vacuum cleaners help you above all.

To protect the rug from debris, you have to clean the rug regularly. So, you may purchase a vacuum cleaner. After having a vacuum cleaner, you can use it to clean your rug as well as the floor.

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Cheap decorating ideas for living room walls

It doesn’t matter if your wall is tiny or you don’t have enough space, do not worry if you don’t have enough budget to purchase magnificent or gorgeous wall decorations. To offer you solutions we are here to share a stimulating idea with you, it is not magic, but it is possible to decorate your living room walls with a small budget.

Adding Floor Lamps

Adding floor lamps to a room can add personality and style while also providing light. Floor lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it is important to consider what type of lamp will best fit the needs of the space. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a floor lamp: the size of the room, the type of light desired, and the overall style of the room.

Floor lamps can be used to provide direct or indirect light. Direct light is focused and ideal for tasks such as reading or working. Indirect light provides a softer, more diffuse light that is great for creating ambiance in a room.

When choosing a floor lamp, it is important to consider the style of the room. A traditionally styled room might look best with a more traditional floor lamp, while a contemporary styled room might work better with a sleek, modern lamp.

Container wall plants.

You can easily embellish your wall with potted wall plants, this will give a green ambiance and make you feel close to nature. You can derive your own savvy thinking to decorate potted wall plants.

Hang up your guitar collection.

Many bloggers suggest that you can hang up your guitar collection. A stylish way must be preferred.

Hang up your hats.

You do not just hang up your umbrella or other things, you can also hang up your hats on the wall.

Display your books.

A well-styled bookshelf can be placed on the wall and adorned with your lovely books and magazines. This idea may save a lot of space as well as embellish your wall.

Calendar wall.

You can set up a calendar wall in an intelligent way. You need not go for an electronic calendar.

String light.

String light turns your blank wall into a magical wall. You can include some pictures with string lights.

Decorating a living room, I guess, is not a tough job at all. Just follow some instructions and apply your keen judgment. This article shows you a pinpoint idea regarding how to decorate a living room, it also proves that the budget doesn’t play a huge and defining role when it comes to embellishing walls.

Thank you for reading this article. We will appreciate it if you share any of your valuable opinions. Your response always encourages us.