How to Fix a Recliner Chair? – Quality Guide

Learn how to fix a recliner chair at home with this step by step guide.


A recliner can offer you the necessary comfort and ease you require at home. Whether you’re immersed in a book, watching a film, taking a short rest, or petting your dog or cat, a comfortable recliner can enhance your enjoyment. At times, due to its frequent use, the recliner might need some fixes. You have the option to call a professional for help. However, if you prefer to tackle such tasks yourself, be mentally prepared and refer to the suggested guidelines to identify and address any upcoming problems.

How to fix the springs of a recliner chair?

All the relaxation of a recliner comes from its reclining mechanism and related springs. These components will ask for replacement after frequent usage, which is normal. You will need an adjustable wrench and a new spring to follow the given process. Select a high-quality spring from the given options here.

Turn the recliner upside down and look for bolts that are responsible to hold the springs. Take out the bolts using an adjustable wrench.

  • Remove the broken or faulty spring from its clamps.
  • Configure the new spring with both the clamps and make sure it is tight.
  • Turn the recliner to its natural position. Try to sit and make sure the recliner is functional.
  • Dispose of the old spring.

How to fix the cable or a reclining chair?

If the back of your reclining chair is moving up or down without any input, the reclining cable is loose. Even if the chair fails to recline, you should tighten its cable. Make sure that the cable is placed against its piston bracket while tightening.

In case the reclining feature is not active after tightening the cable, you might need to replace it. Choose a suitable cable for your reclining chair here. Turn the chair upside down. Unscrew the bolts on its footrest. Also, take out the screws that keep the squab and its frame together. Now, you can easily take out the squab to replace the reclining cable. Reattach the squab once you are done.

How to replace the pull handle of a recliner?

The footrest is controlled by its pull handle. In case the handle is broken, the footrest will remain closed or in an upright position. However, it is not a big problem because you can replace the handle without investing much time. You need a screwdriver and a new handle for replacement. Follow the given steps to accomplish the task.

  • Start by pushing the footrest to a closed position if it’s open.
  • Take out the screws that are holding the pull handle. Use a screwdriver to remove them.
  • Remove the handle and also detach the cable. Insert the new handle and fasten it using the screws you removed earlier. Now, the new handle should work perfectly fine.

How to fix a faulty footrest in a recliner?

The footrest causes problems if it’s stuck, cannot lock properly, or does not settle in one position. If your footrest is behaving abruptly, then we recommended you follow the given steps. Start by flipping the recliner upside down, so that you can access its footrest and its underside where the screws are placed.

Find the screws related to the footrest and tighten them. If you will find the screws appropriate and not functioning properly, then it is better to replace them. In case you are changing them, then it is better to look for longer screws than the existing ones. Longer screws can hold the footrest firmly in its place. Once done, you need to bring back the recliner to its original position.

Use a lubricant in case the footrest is stuck in any position. Flip the recliner and loosen the screws that are fitted with the footrest. Use a cover to protect the cushion. Otherwise, the lubricant might spoil your comfort level. Apply the lubricant to all the joints. Check the functionality of your recliner’s footrest.

If the footrest is creating problems, then it might need some adjustment. You need to turn the recliner upside down once again to troubleshoot. Detach the bar that’s fitted with the front of the recliner’s seat and its ratchet. Try to move the footrest and see if it’s working properly. If the footrest is not fluent even after removing the bar, its spring might be the real problem. So, replace the spring to fix the footrest of the recliner.


The process to repair a recliner chair mechanism is not very difficult if you have some spare time, the right knowledge, and an appropriate set of tools. Plus, you will not have to bear any added investment. Above all, you don’t have to wait much to bring your recliner back into action. Keep a check on your precious piece of furniture every month and you might face no downtime at all.