How to Install Fireclay Farmhouse Sink?


Recently purchased a fireclay farmhouse sink and unsure about how to install it?

Whether or not you have previous experience in installing kitchen sinks or plumbing fixtures, move ahead and follow the DIY fireclay farmhouse sink installation tips given here.

Required Materials

Before you start installing a farmhouse sink, shut off the water supply, turn off the power, and have all the necessary tools ready. This step is part of preparing the area. Gather the items given below:

  1. Plumber’s tape and plumber’s putty
  2. A razor blade or putty knife
  3. Caulk gun
  4. An adjustable wrench
  5. A small bucket
  6. Wood glue
  7. A saw

How to Install?

Step 1- Remove the Old Sink After Disconnecting the Plumbing System

Look for fasteners that hold the sink. Use a putty knife and cut through the silicone bead around the sink. The sink will come out to lose or else use the flat pry bar. It is also time to free the countertop. Detach the doors, drawers, and cabinets while using the knife to break through the silicone beads.

Step 2- Make a Support Frame For a Farmhouse Sink

As the farmhouse sink is pretty weighty, you have to make a frame of 2X4s and screw that to the sides of the kitchen base cabinet. To know the exact diameter of the frame, you have to use the plumber’s tape and measure out the cabinet height and the sink height. Deduct the sink height from the cabinet height to have the exact dimension of the frame.

Step 3- Remove the Fake Drawer You Have Below The Old Sink.

The fake drawer is kept in place with spring clips that may be pulled hard. Now, mark the cabinet area where you want to install the farmhouse kitchen sink. The kitchen sink will protrude through this cabinet only. Don’t forget to leave a gap of ¼” on both sides. If there is any gap in-between the cuts, it may be covered by the trim board. The sink should be exactly in a central position before you start cutting. Use a saw to start the cutting process. This will be followed by a sink installation. Preserve the pieces of wood for they will be used while installing the sink.

Step-4- Install the Sink

You don’t have to do much at this stage, you already have the frame and the layout for the apron front. Just slide in the farmhouse sink, there is no need to use an adhesive or fastener at this point. Adjust the position of the sink by using a ¼” gap. Make sure the sink is leveled properly for efficient draining of water and also use shims to make adjustments.

Step 5- It’s Time to Install the Countertop!

Hide the seam by using silicone. Effectively cover the seam of the countertop and the sink and let it dry, it will hold the farmhouse sink firmly after drying.

Step-6- Install the Cabinet Top

Resume work after the silicon dries and re-configure the cabinet. Install the top of the cabinet by using the wood you saved. Now, mount the cabinet boards into the framing to complete the look. Re-install cabinet doors while the cabinet front is totally flat. Secure the sink by adding trim around the farmhouse sink.

Before installing the sink, cut the drain hole. Make sure the sink is 1/8” below the cabinets so there is more space for countertop installation. Do not over-tighten the disposal drain, doing so may damage the sink. Use putty to create a sealing between the sink and the drain.

Credit: Sinkology

Pro Tips for Installing a Farmhouse Sink 

The farmhouse kitchen sink appears good in all kinds of kitchens. The following are some pro tips that will help you in installing the farmhouse sink correctly:

  1. Just after placing the sink in the desired position, cut the drain hole and then install the sink.
  2. Be careful when tightening the disposal drain.
  3. Remove the old countertop cautiously to avoid any damage.
  4. The size of the farmhouse sink is similar to the existing countertop. Understand the dimension of the countertop, the sink, and the cabinet.
  5. Your cabinets will require repainting work.
  6. Use the caulk to install the faucet in the region of the countertop and then attach the waterlines.
  7. The doors will probably be cut down or need to be replaced.
  8. Attach the drain pipes after installing a garbage disposal.
  9. After the installation is complete, check the faucet, drain, and water lines for any probable leakage.

Final Words:

You may always take professional help if you aren’t sure about installing a fireclay farmhouse sink. Following the above step-by-step instructions, you can complete the job perfectly. A farmhouse kitchen sink is obviously a valuable addition to a kitchen. If things are right in the kitchen, you will love and relish the cooking experience.

With technology advancing so rapidly, homeowners are turning to a simple and classic look. The farmhouse sink fits your needs if you are one such person. It is durable and long-lasting and will give your kitchen a quaint and simple look.