How To Keep The House Clean? :15 Excellent Tips

If are you looking for 2018 Best tips: How to keep the house clean? We have prepared some special home cleaning ideas just for you. So, Let's Start!


Maintaining a neat home implies following certain procedures. The purpose of this article is to provide unique suggestions for house cleaning. Reliable methods exist that can help your home stay clean and organized for extended periods. We have carried out comprehensive studies to demonstrate the most effective strategies to keep a household tidy.

First, set a schedule for the home cleaning purpose. Make sure there is a weekly cleaning schedule so that all family members can participate. You can draw a picture on a sheet of paper and hang it in a visible place. There are some tasks that you must carry out every day.

So, we are here to discuss in detail how to keep the house clean. Hopefully, our tips will give you the expected result.

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15 Secrets Tips to Keep a House Clean

1. Clean Together

Cleanliness is the first condition to make a house beautiful, but it is a tough task to clean the whole house individually. So, you can keep your house clean by working together as a family. You can do some interesting things while working together like listening to music, gossiping, etc.

2. Clean Every Day

Apart from putting things in their place, it is important that you clean every day. You do not need to do a deep cleaning. Make sure the surfaces of the kitchen and bathroom are clean. Vacuum or sweep the floor and wash the dishes. The mere fact that your house feels clean will inspire you to keep it organized.

3. Keep your Bed Clean

Always try to keep your bed clean. Returning home from work to a messy bed will increase your stress level. You don’t need a lot of time to clean your bed, so always try to keep the bed clean and arranged after getting up from sleep in the morning.

4. Keep it Simple

Stuffing your house with different things is not a good idea. Always try to keep things simple and unclutter your space. Old unused things will make your house look like the Amazon jungle. Buy and keep only useful items that are small in size and beautiful. Remove all unnecessary things.

5. Use a Clean Color

Always try to use colors that will give your house a fresh look. If it is impossible to color the whole house, then color a wall of your sofa room or your kitchen, you will see changes. You will be amused after applying this secret trick.

6. Choose the Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture can help to keep your house clean. You need to take advantage of your space and fill it with the right furniture. With furniture, everyone tries to save space at home. You can buy other accessories from stores.

7. Use Hooks

Small hooks on the wall near the entrance, in the closet, in children’s rooms, and in the kitchen can help you keep your home more organized. Instead of throwing coats on a chair or sofa, hang them near the door. Teach your children to hang their dresses and backpacks on hooks in their room. Hooks will give your room a neat and clean look.

8. Use Baskets

Buy several decorative baskets and put them in different parts of your home and put unnecessary things in the basket. If you have children, this is a good way to teach them to be organized.

9. Wash your Clothes Weekly

This tip will lessen your workload during weekends. Another trick to keep the house clean is to wash your clothes during the week. Never leave the kitchen dirty. Avoid picking up frets, washing, or taking out the garbage. This will only cause you to feel less excited to clean.

10. Stop Littering the House with Clothes

Be more conscious if you have the tendency of throwing your clothes in the chair, sofa, or anything. It’s a completely bad habit which reflects our negative sides. So, try to keep your clothes in a basket or on hooks.

11. Fix Broken Things or Remove Them

Fix broken things immediately, if possible replace a broken item with a new one or remove it. Doing this will help you feel better, it will reduce the tension in your home.

12. Clean Toilets Regularly

Always use anti-scale products to avoid stains that harm bathroom furniture. To eliminate yellowish stains, add a tablespoon of baking soda to the clean water. Your bathroom will maintain a new and fresh look for a long time.

13. Keep the Kitchen Clean

Keeping your kitchen clean and presentable is difficult due to the constant preparation of food. When you cook, use the same container for all the waste. You will collect everything in a moment. Clean the oven’s grates as soon as they become cool to prevent grease from sticking.

Kitchen napkins are essential for collecting any spilled liquid before it spreads throughout the kitchen. Wipe a damp cloth with a few drops of dish soap in the work area cover and tiles closest to the fire. It will take a few seconds and you will get it to look like “nothing has happened”

14. Put Curtains on the Windows

Curtains, believe it or not, prevent dust from entering the street. It is worth investing a little money to install a good set of curtains.

15. Make your Home Green

Introducing green plants is one of the effective ways to give your home a better look. Keep some indoor plants in the corners or unused spaces. It is helpful for your eyesight also gives your home a good feel.


Finally, we recommend you constantly evaluate the cleanliness of your home, especially rooms that you use every day, and rooms that have the tendency to get dirty (the kitchen, bathroom, and passage areas). Keeping these rooms clean is very important for proper hygiene and good health.