How to Store Furniture in a Storage Unit or Garage? – A Definitive Guide


Are you thinking about moving to a new house or workspace? If that’s the case, you must likely have a substantial amount of furniture that needs appropriate storage. To ensure the integrity of your furniture and avoid any harm, understanding the right storage methods is important, regardless of the furniture’s worth. You should be aware of these crucial tips and strategies.

1. Explore various storage options

Storage cost is prohibitive, especially when you store the furniture for a more extended period.  Therefore, when you decide to store, the safety of the furniture is essential. It is paramount to investigate all options at your disposal, depending on the conditions. You can engage services of self-storage & storage solutions in Melbourne, which will guide you on the best solutions. You will have ensured everything is well protected.

2. Ensure the facility is clean

It is notably essential to ensure the storage facility is free from any form of dirt. Never put trash in the storage space because the odor can easily travel to the nearby units. Ensuring a clean room will significantly reduce the chance of dust and mold piling up in the storage unit. You will minimize any likelihood of the furniture getting bad.

3. Disassemble the furniture before transportation and storage

When you plan to transport the furniture from the workshop, disassemble everything. It will lighten the ease of loading onto the logistic truck while reducing the chances of breakages. Equally, all the bolts, screws, and all other items make sure they are well labeled and placed alongside the piece of furniture it belongs to.

4. Wrap the furniture if its storage period is long

Completely cover the pieces of furniture inside the storage garage. It can be done by wrapping a plastic sheet both from the floor and on top of the furniture. You will be able to shield them from dust and moisture. It is also essential to ensure its loosely wrapped over the furniture to offer breathing space.

5. Protect fragile furniture

Tabletops made of glass and drawer mirrors require extra precautions. First, you should wrap the item with plastic packing indirectly. Secondly, you need to cover the glass surfaces with bubble wraps that protect the fragile parts. Lastly, put the furniture item in a wide box that takes the shape of the furniture item.

6. Don’t put the furniture directly on the floor

Furniture is likely to be ruined when directly placed on the floor when calamities occur, such as flooding, among other unforeseen disasters. It is recommended to use cinder blocks or palettes to keep the furniture items raised off the floor, thereby shielding them from flooding water.

7. Never leave food behind

During packaging, transporting, and arranging furniture, it’s relatively easy to get hungry rather fast. It’s often because the job is quite demanding. In the process, it’s tempting to carry food around and consume it while you are figuring out what needs to go where. However, you ought to be quite careful and never leave either food or anything perishable within the premises. It’s because these items might attract unwanted critters or become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. You also need to ensure you get to treat your storage facility entirely using pest control to avoid having pests that might devour your lovely furniture.

8. Your storage facility shouldn’t be too cramped

While having a storage facility, it only makes sense to use the most out of it. However, one might get carried away and squeeze the space in a bid to work on a budget. You need not overdo it while you are storing your furniture. It’s because there’s a high likelihood of breaking your valuables if you shove too many items into a small existing space. You should take responsibility for your storage unit or garage and organize it in the best way possible. It’d be best to start with large boxes of furniture at the furthest end as you arrange the others by size. You need not forget about having an aisle that can enable you to access any item, even the ones at the back of the unit. Often, you should de-clutter your garage or storage unit; thus, creating space for other things.

9. Label all items

Here’s one of the most vital tips when you intend to store your furniture away. Each table comes with a different make as well as a model. Some get made of fragile glass, wood, or marble, among other materials. You must ensure that all items are visibly and properly labeled to ensure safety and proper handling to prevent any breakage or accidents.

When storing furniture items, be it exquisite or just cheaply acquired, take due diligence to safeguard them from any damage. You need to conduct thorough research and consult services from self-storage & storage solutions that will enable you to settle for the perfect storage solutions. Get a chance to reap storage benefits and so much more by following the above tips and tricks.