8 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your House Look Expensive

Want to elevate your home’s aesthetic without breaking the bank? Join us as we explore the best inexpensive ways to make your house look expensive!

Inexpensive Ways to Make Your House Look Expensive

Your home could be tens of years old now, and its once-beautiful curb appeal is quickly fading. The interior space is a shadow of the once-top-of-the-world interior design trends you invested in some years back. While this could be your reality, getting your home in tip-top shape can be daunting, especially when interest rates on building materials are high. 

The home improvement process doesn’t have to be expensive and exhausting. Below, we share eight inexpensive ways to make your house look expensive so you can live in a better-looking space or attract higher value when selling.

Inexpensive Ways to Make Your House Look Expensive

1. Touch-Up the Exterior 

Homeowners often focus on bringing life back to the interior space and forget about the exterior. While the interior upgrades are important, an exterior touch-up is crucial for boosting your home’s curb appeal. This could help attract more buyers if you plan to list the house after the renovations.

You could opt for simpler touch-ups like painting the front door, replacing old hardware, or
replacing an old shed with a new one from a cyclone rated shed builder. You could also paint the hardscape to highlight specific areas in your yard and make it as appealing as you like. 

2. Install Statement Lighting

Install Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is a sure way to improve your interior ambiance and make it look more
expensive and classy. For instance, a chandelier would instantly change the theme of an interior living room, and the good news is you don’t have to break the bank to buy one. You can also choose from the many chandelier ideas that best suit your living space to create a unique modern design.

Besides installing a chandelier, pendant lighting can also do the magic, as most of these come in classy designs that would turn heads. A perfectly installed pendant will help emphasize your room’s height, making it feel bigger and brighter.

3. Cover Up With Rugs 

If your flooring is no longer the pride of your rooms, the budget to redo the entire floor can be a stretch. In such instances, layering your rugs can help cover the degrading floor and significantly improve the floor’s standards, making things look new and expensive. Instead of having furniture everywhere, area rugs can help cover the bare spaces to add depth and cohesion and make the room feel collected and finished.

You can also use area rugs to introduce patterns and irresistible artwork into your spaces while matching the rags' colors with your room’s interior design decorations. Ensure to choose the ideal size of rugs that perfectly fit into the space to achieve a perfect sync. 

4. Update Your Staircase 

Staircases are among the first home structures you and your visitors notice when entering the house. Updating an existing staircase might be the last thing you think of when trying to make your house look expensive. However, trying a new staircase idea can change the whole view and give your space an expensive, modern finish. Additionally, you can refinish the handrail and the banister or paint the risers to transform how visitors perceive your home.

It’s also important to check new staircase trends to gain inspiration for how you may want your staircase remodeled or updated. If you’re working on a limited budget, consider decorating your staircase instead of a total transformation. You could add new wood finishes or replace the old staircase rugs with newer ones to improve the look and add some grip to reduce accidents.

5. Give Second-Hand Furniture a Chance

New furniture can significantly exceed your budget, especially if you plan to shop for all your home’s furniture at once. At the same time, going for cheap, low-quality matching sets at a big box store isn’t a lasting solution. It’s best to consider beautiful and sturdy second-hand furniture in such instances. 

These not-so-worn-out pieces of furniture need a little touch-up, like sanding, painting, or
staining, to give them a completely new look. You can also have them professionally
reupholstered to breathe new life into their fabrics and give your space a new look and feel. For a start, look at thrift stores, consignment shops, or marketplaces for second-hand furniture at a discounted price. These can be great options that need little to no upgrade work.

6. Decorate With Art 

Decorate With Art

A curated art collection can lighten up your living room or any other space where you want to display art. While decorating with art has stunning outcomes, the process can be daunting, from choosing the right texture, color, and size to picking the right position. Luckily, there are numerous online resources on using unique and stylish art to express your artistic taste

Always think through the pieces you genuinely like and pick those that fit your space perfectly so they can bring an authentic and delightful feel. Eventually, you want to create an art collection that perfectly syncs with your colors and other interior deco features for a perfect, expensive-looking space.

7. Hide the Electric Wires 

The number one sell-out sign that your interior finish doesn’t rank any close to an expensive finish is when electric wires are left hanging in plain sight. In this technological age, it’s common to have wires connecting all sorts of devices in every room. As such, it becomes overwhelming to have all these connections hidden in perfect design patterns under the walls or drywalls.

To achieve an expensive look, it’s important to hide cords and organize cables in perfect
symmetry with your wall and art designs. You can run wall-mounted TV cables through the wall and hide peripheral devices in adjoining cabinets or sideboards to achieve a seamless look. For general cable and cord management, you can install an in-wall cable management system, which requires drilling and electric work.

8. Decorate With Flowers 

Decorate With Flowers

No one can resist the freshness of colorful, healthy flowers perfectly stationed in strategic
positions in your house. Perfect flower decorations can quickly and effectively make your home look expensive, even though it’s an inexpensive approach. Flowers are attractive to touch, smell, and admire and will instantly work to your advantage, especially if you have other features, like art and lighting, ideally in place.

While buying fresh flowers is a good idea for quick fixes, it can be expensive and exhausting. To minimize these expenses, you can plant a cut flower garden in your backyard, where you can cut fresh flowers every time you need to spice up your space.

Wrapping Up

These eight tips should get you started with your upgrading project within an affordable budget. The main areas of concern should be your exterior space and all the open areas inside your home that are most exposed to your visitors’ sight. You can handle most of these touch ups alone or work with professionals to get the desired result.