10 Best Small Pancake Griddles Reviews in 2023


Pancakes are delicious healthy breakfast items if perfectly prepared. Using a pancake griddle, you can make beautiful pancakes and various other food items, including sausages, egg dishes, meat, and smokies. The Leading brands of pancake griddles manufacture versatile and durable equipment and here is a list of top 10 griddle pans for you to consider. You will find here the features, pros, and cons of each pancake griddle product along with FAQs to resolve your query.

Top 10 Best Small Pancake Griddles in Reviews 

1. Dash DMS001WH Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle

With compact, sleek, and kid-friendly design, Dash Mini Maker Griddle is our top pick. By using this, anyone can make cookies and pancakes in 2-3 minutes. This product is suitable for small apartments, college dorms, and small kitchens.

The perfect way to cook delicious meals in your small apartment would be choosing Dash DMS001WH Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle. It makes a delicious individual serving of pancakes, cookies, and eggs.

This ultra-modern pancake device is lightweight, compact, and weighs just 1.3 pounds. Its surface is non-stick to prevent any mess while the design is sleek to save space on the kitchen counter. The plugin device is simple to use and heats up in a few minutes. The pancake griddle is available in trendy designs and matches with any kitchen decor.

Want to enjoy delicious pancakes? You can make individual serve dishes in 3 minutes using this electric round griddle, it is great for small apartments, college dorms, and small kitchens. Also you can carry it when you are out on a holiday in an RV.


Easy to clean.

Compact design.

Easy to use.

Makes perfectly round and thick pancakes.


The design is too compact and lightweight for some users.

2. Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

This is a compact electric griddle with 8-1/2-by-10-1/ surface cooks two standard sized steaks. This product is ideal for 1-2 persons.

Presto 07211, an Electric griddle with a non-stick surface, is available in the dimension of 8-1/2â€-by-10-1/2†and is fantastic for 1-2 persons. This electric griddle has a compact design and makes 2 steaks at a time or up to 4 fried eggs. The textured non-stick surface is quite appealing and looks great in the kitchen, requiring only 1-2 drops of oil for food preparation.

So, it can provide healthier meals if you are health-conscious. This non-stick Liddle Griddle features Master Heat Control for an even distribution of heat from warm to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, its built-in cast iron feature prevents warping as well as distributes heat evenly.

This is a perfect mini griddle pan as it is easy to store. This product comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and very popular on leading shopping sites.


It has a built-in-channel to catch drippings.

1-year manufacturers warranty.

Requires very little oil for cooking.

Non-stick finish is highly durable.


Nothing to indicate if the griddle is still hot.

The grease collector is not detachable.

3. Lodge 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Griddle

The Lodge Essential Cast Iron Set comes with kitchen essentials, pans, and accessories to make cooking easy and enjoyable. A complete bundle of griddle and skillet set is best for baking, frying, sautng, braising, and broiling.

Want to experience real cooking versatility? Nothing can stop you when there is the Lodge Cast Iron Griddle featuring 10.5 Inch cast iron. The pre-seasoned cast iron offers an easy release to save you from messy clean-up.

This product is perfect for making Quesadillas, pancakes, and pizzas. The set is complete with griddle, skillets, trivet, handle holder, and 2 pan scrapers. It also provides a cookbook with 28 different delicious recipes.

Lodge’s legendary product delivers an even heat-retention to help cook delicious meals consistently. The red silicone handle holder offers heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The set of pan scrapers helps to scrape up meat, gravy, and sauce from the pan. So, you may indulge in serving more and more dishes to your guests rather than in the trash.


Versatile and elegant

Easy-to-wash and convenient to maintain.

Usually Rust free.

Perfect for induction cooktop.


Some user complains about rust after first use.

4. Lodge LPGI3 Pro-Grid Cast Iron Griddle Pan

This Reversible Griddle provides exceptional heat retention and distribution. It is recommended for two stovetop type burners.

Willing to invite time-honoured tradition into your food service kitchen? You can do that with the Lodge LPG13 Pro Grid Cast Iron 20 X10 reversible griddle/grill. Lodge is a renowned brand of pancake griddle, they’ve been making cast iron cookware since 1896 and continue to launch impressive products featuring superior quality and innovative technology. Their Pro-Grid Reversible Griddle offers fabulous heat-retention and heat-distribution while fitting on the stovetop burners.

Lodge’s cookware is seasoned with vegetable oil, there is no chemical or synthetic coating used. The more you use the iron, the better its seasoning will get. Its handles are easy to grip for convenient lifting, hanging, or storage when not in use. You can use this pancake maker to cook eggs, pancakes, steak, and grill chicken.


Versatile and elegant.

Durable and sturdy.

Grip handles available for easy lifting.

Even heating.


Raising the temperature all of a sudden can lead to uneven heating.

5. Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle with Removable Handles

The Presto 07051 electric griddle is budget-friendly and suitable for the entire family. It has an extra-large cooking surface and makes several pancakes at a time.

Presto 07061 22-Inches Electric Griddle is looking simple while the cooking surface is extra-large to make a sufficient number of small pancakes for the entire family. Investing in this electric griddle is sure to make breakfast sessions more enjoyable.

Apart from making delicious pancakes, the electric griddle is also easy to use and is convenient to store. The design is compact, and the handles are removable for hassle-free cleaning.

Everyone wants to go for stick-free cooking to avoid using oil or grease. Presto Electric griddle has a premium grade textured non-stick surface to allow easy cleaning and stick-free cooking. Featuring control-master technology, the electric griddle maintains the desired cooking temperature, this allows for fewer adjusting to save time and make cooking hassle-free.


Extra-large cooking space.

The drip tray is removable for easy cleaning.

Gets quite hot very rapidly.

Durable non-stick surface.


Some users complain about uneven heating.

6. Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Griddle

A small pancake maker having so many user-friendly features and innovative design, using it will make cooking sessions fun and enjoyable.

This titanium-infused beautiful pancake maker in apple red colour by Oster is an innovative and unique non-stick griddle pan. It comes with an additional warming tray to keep the food warm and also allows you to make other food items. The non-stick cooking space is large enough to let you cook any number of pancakes.

The cool-touch handles allow easy serving while there is also adjustable temperature control to help adjust the temperature for making pancakes. Its ceramic coating is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Thus, you can make pancakes, eggs, burgers, and other delicacies in a worry-free manner.

People often complain of the griddle pan surface peeling off and staining only after a few usages, but this will never happen with Oster Titanium-Infused Dura Ceramic Griddle, the design is beautiful, and the colour is appealing.


Cooks much faster to save time and energy.

Removable temperature control.

Comes with a warming tray

.Large cooking surface.


Side may not heat after few uses

7. Hamilton Beach 38546 3-In-One Grill/Griddle

Despite a few cons, the pancake maker by Hamilton Beach is one of the best. The plates are easy to wash and fit well in the dishwasher and the griddle is easy to assemble and configure. It is recommended for whole family pancake making

Priced affordably on leading shopping sites, Hamilton Beach 38546 features two reversible grids that easily snap in and out. The small pancake griddle has two separate cooking areas, a separate grease channel, and an adjustable heat mechanism and drip tray for catching oil and extra fat.

With the double-sized grids, one enjoys 3 different cooking options like grill, griddle, and a combination of both. The grids are removable for easy washing and cleaning. Thus, the 3-in-1 cooking griddle offers restaurant quality cooking result and is a quite adjustable indoor grill.

It can make crispy pancakes for the entire family to enjoy together. At the centre, you will find a tray and a grease channel to reduce the mess. Also, the grease tray and cooking plate are easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.


Facilitates 3 ways of cooking.

Dual cooking areas with adjustable heat.

Can make pancakes for the whole family at once.

180 square inch surface.


People complain that the grease collection component is non-immersible.

The oil drip collection tray or mechanism may work poorly.

8. Ecolution Evolve Griddle Non-stick 11 Inch, Crimson Red

This small pancake griddle is best for families having dietary concerns for you need not use excessive oil or butter to make the pancakes. The pan also looks good and adds to the decor of the space. With so many amazing features, it is best to choose Ecolution Evolve Griddle Non-stick 11 Inch Pan.

Are you looking for a sturdy and durable mini griddle pan? The griddle non-stick pan by Ecolution Evolve is durably crafted and made from heavy-duty aluminium material. The colour of the pan is crimson red, and it is made for high performance.

Its heavy gauge aluminium surface is textured and permits an even distribution of heat. Thus, the cooking result is much better when compared to other pancake makers.

Ecolution Evolve cookware is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and sure to cook healthier meals for the family. As the non-stick coating is Hydrolon, which is safe and non-toxic, it releases pancakes easily and is convenient to clean as well.

The heat bands towards the bottom are textured or grooved to facilitate much superior conductivity, making the cooking result consistent. The handles are soft and squeezable to offer comfortable and secure gripping.


Durably crafted pancake maker.

Grooved rings offer consistent and even heating.

No need to use excessive oil or butter.

PFOA free griddle.


As the pan is made of aluminum, it may not be ideal for induction cooktop.

9. Tilt ‘n’ Drain Big Griddle 23” Tilt ‘n’ Drain Big Griddle

If you are looking for an affordable or budget-friendly pancake maker, then Tilt ‘n’ Drain Big Griddle 23 is the best buy, it has all the features you can possibly want in a pancake maker

An efficient and square-shaped pancake maker can hold many sandwiches, eggs, and pancakes at a time so you can make meals for more family members. It is more convenient to use than the rectangular pancake makers.

The cooking surface is large enough to make up to 50-60% more pancakes than jumbo griddles. The surface base is cool touch and surrounds both the sides along with the front. The premium non-stick pancake maker is easy to clean. For stick-free cooking, the surface is non-stick with premium grade coating.

For most homeowners and chefs, food handling is quite difficult, Tilt ‘n’

Drain Big Griddle features a backstop ledge, making food handling very easy. There is also a separate drip tray to catch excessive oil and fat, this again slides out for easy emptying. The Control Master mechanism controls temperature and maintains even cooking temperature. You can also remove the heat control component to immerse the griddle.


Even and uniform heating.

Cooks for the entire family.


Saves time and cooks fairly fast.


Lack of indicator at the centre to indicate change in temperature.

10. OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Dishwasher safe 11″ Square Griddle

Buying OXO non-stick pancake maker will give you good value for money. The hard-anodized aluminium body is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. It is perfect for different kinds of stoves. As cleaning and maintenance are also easy, this is a pancake maker you would love to have.

Oxo pancake maker features a good grip and is an innovative consumer product featuring sturdiness to endure performance. It gives even cooking result and has a superior heat retention mechanism with the material of hard-anodized aluminium.

This PFOA-free, German-engineered pancake maker has 3-layer coating for an even and uniform cooking result.  Food release is quite effortless with OXO non-stick pan while the edges are uniquely rolled for drip-free pouring. It gives a comfortable grip for the handles are contoured and stays cool.

The pancake maker is oven-safe and scratch-resistant, durable, and sturdy for best performance and output.


Dishwasher safe non-stick pancake maker.

Offers secure and good grip.

Easy to clean.

Long lasting and durable.


No drawback reported yet, but it can’t be used on an induction cooktop.

Why should you consider a griddle pan?

Do you know that a small griddle pan is a lot more convenient cooking equipment? Yes, it is a convenient cooking item and makes cooking restaurant style food easy. Having a small pancake griddle in your modern kitchen benefits you in several ways:

  • It makes it easy for you to cook several kinds of dishes, and the best part you can toss and turn the food quite easily for the surface is flat.
  • It enables uniform heating as an electric griddle heats up efficiently.
  • All throughout the cooking process, you will benefit from electric pancake griddle. It makes different kinds of restaurant style dishes in a limited time period. Set it on your kitchen countertop to free the stove and cook yummy dishes.
  • The appliance is compact, easy to use, and cooks healthier food items.

How to Buy a Pancake Maker: Buying Guide

If you have a great pancake griddle, then you can do several things rather than simply making pancakes, you can make eggs, pancakes, smokies, sandwiches, sausages, and meat. With so many manufacturers in the market, it is not easy to make the right selection, so consider the following tips to buying a small pancake griddle.

Buy a small pancake griddle:

If you want an efficient cooking result in a speedy manner, go for a small electric griddle pan. The small sized pan is just perfect for your kitchen. It is also easy to clean and maintain. You have to consider your needs before making a purchase, choose a reliable brand and appropriate model of non-stick pancake maker.

Closely watch the cooking surface:

The flat cooking surface of an electric griddle pan offers an even cooking result. Thus, you can make pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sausages evenly each time. A pancake griddle must allow you to cook a variety of dishes for the entire family. In other words, the cooking surface must be large.


Choose a unit that is lightweight and easy to store. Check the description of the pancake maker to get information. Find out the dimension of the pancake maker, the weight and other related details.

The features of the pancake griddle pan:

Check for heat and temperature control feature to set the right temperature. As per the model of the device, you may set that. Look for a detachable grilling grid so that you can get grill marks. A grilling grid allows you to make marks on the food so you can make restaurant style chops, pancakes, burgers, sandwiches, and steaks.

The cooking options available:

There are plenty of cooking options with an electric griddle pan. Choose a model which gives you the liberty to modify the cooking method and select griddle or grill, or the combination of both. This sort of appliance will be a fabulous buy.

Manufacturer’s warranty:

Look for a unit that comes with manufacturer’s warranty.

Your budget and pricing:

The price of the pancake griddle relies on the accessories, attachments, and features available. It is important to check the pricing and features, it should be something within your budget.

FAQs About Small Pancake Griddle

What sort of food can be prepared on an electric pancake griddle?

Anything you cook on a skillet, frying pan or a griddle may easily be cooked on a small electric griddle pan. The griddle gives you more surface area for cooking so you can make several ingredients at a time. The unit gives liberty to drain excess oil and fat. Thus, you can cook healthy food items within a few minutes.

How can the pancake griddle plate be cleaned?

It is crucial to clean the electric griddle plate on a regular basis, but you need to be careful when using the cleaning agent. Griddle plates are made up of different sort of materials, so the choice of cleaning agent relies on the material. It is important to go through the manufacturer’s manual or instruction manual to find the right way to clean your griddle pan. Each manufacturer offers instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Learn about the ingredients you need for cleaning the griddle.

How do I use the temperature setting?

People often ask whether or not they should reduce temperature setting after the heat level moves up. If the heat level reaches up, wait for the griddle to cool down and till then stay with the unit. Look for safety features in the griddle so that the heating element turns off automatically, everything depends on the model of electric griddle you choose, but you must always wait for the unit to cool down if the heat level moves up.

How do I store my electric griddle pan?

When it comes to the griddle pan, the flatness of the plate is important, so to make sure the appliance has a flat cooking surface all the time, you should store it properly. Never put an object on the Griddle pan. Clean it regularly with a mild cleaning agent.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned top 10 small pancake griddles are the best and carry positive reviews on leading shopping sites. Buyers are very happy with their purchase. Choose any of the products and start making healthy meals for the entire family.

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