16 Best Smoker Box for Gas Grills (2023 Updated)

Enhance your grilling experience with the top-rated smoker boxes designed specifically for gas grills, delivering delectable smoky flavors to your favorite dishes.

Many men and women feel the only method to accomplish a rich and smoky taste to broiled meat is by way of a stationary smoker unit. That is not always true, though. There are ways about obtaining a smoky taste without paying the full cost to get a smoker box for a gas grill.

Obviously, it will not be the exact same impact as when cooking strictly charcoal/wood fuel, however, you’ll surely see a change for the better. The best smoker box for gas grill efficiently shields the timber from burning while also generating sufficient smoke to successfully influence the food’s taste.

Looking at all of the features offered in these very best smoker boxes for gas grill is able to help you figure out what’s the best smoker shop for the grill or firepit. We spent hours studying all of the information available on the best smoker shop for a gas grill.

What is a Smoker Box?

A smoker box is fundamentally a little steel box that homes wood chips. The chips are all lit and attracted into a smolder. As soon as they are smoldering the lid of this box is shut, and also the pockets and air vents onto the lid permit smoke to flow in the room of the gas grill.

Due to how easy they are, they may be used with just about any gas grill, and may even be used with charcoal grills also. This smoke stream makes them a simple and cost-effective method to receive fantastic smokey tastes from your grill which you wouldn’t be in a position to.

List Of 16 Best Smoker Box For Gas Grill Reviews

1. Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel V-Shape Smoker Box For Gas Grill Wood Chips

Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel V-Shape Smoker Box For Gas Grill Wood Chips

  • Creating a smoker box appears like a very thoughtful process and also this V-shaped smoker box illustrates it. It’s created at a well-thought-out plan to burn wood chips in a fantastic manner whilst maintaining all residue out of the burn over the box. It’s numerous amounts of pockets on the very top of it that release smoke nicely on the food.
  • In this manner also, ashes don’t stand the prospect of flying to the meals since they settle in the base of the smoker box for gas grill throughout the cook. Its durable stainless steel creates and purposely made to take care of heavy-duty jobs.
  • It’s not a massive box since the Cave Tool’s however its hinged lid makes it rather simple to add wood chips into the box with no disturbance to the cook. After smoking, then enjoy the simplicity of cleansing it by simply emptying the box and giving it a wash.

2. Carpathen Smoke Tube – Pellet Smoker for Gas Grill

Carpathen Smoke Tube – Pellet Smoker for Gas Grill

  • Different from its impressive and streamlined design, this smoker box out of Carpathen supplies a whole lot of flexibility regarding both handling and cooking. Carpathen also takes good care in providing their kits with extra accessories and studying material, and also this Z-smoker kit is no exception.
  • At 12 inches long and two inches wide, this stainless steel tubing is created for smoking a vast selection of poultry, legumes, and other foods like poultry, cheese, sausages, as well as different nuts.
  • The tube operates on many kinds of pellets preferred by smoker grill fans and generates up to five hours of smoke that’s sufficient to suffuse just about any bit of meat together with the yummy smell of walnut, apple, or cherry smoke.
  • The smoker box for gas grill was designed to match gas grills from many producers, from Weber into Char-Broil, as well as some ceramic grills, which means you will not need to get any specific fittings to accommodate the tube to your grill version.

3. Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips

Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips

  • If something has a fantastic appearance, it does not need to work hard to acquire. The idea crossed my mind when I looked at the Cave Tools smoker box. However, in my experience, the not hardworking variable proves to be incorrect. Allow me to clarify why I think about it the best grill box.
  • A stainless steel box with a gorgeous end to whiten your eyes from beneath the cooking grates. The lid opens and closes immediately allowing you to add up wood chips to the box full capacity. The smooth inside does not get stained too readily.
  • Its function as a grill high smoker box for gas grill is not bad in any way. Just ten evenly spaced holes are there to allow the smoke. An entire box without tough corners, so this one is a little longer and thicker than Grillaholics wood chip box to get a gas grill.

4. Broil King 60190 Smoker Box

Broil King 60190 Smoker Box

  • The Broil King Imperial consists of high-quality stainless steel. 1 thing that grabbed our attention is that the sliding lid damper. What it really does is allow you to adjust the quantity of smoke output to your liking. This is something that other smoker boxes do not have.
  • The lid can also be hinged. This means that you don’t need to think about it falling off. Additionally, there are two thick and sturdy handles on either end of this box. These make it simple to take out the box, particularly when it’s extremely warm, away from the leftovers.
  • In addition, the Broil King Imperial is combined using a reverse V-shaped leg beneath the primary body. The leg permits you to place the box right on top of this deflector bar. Because of this, the timber is nearer to the flame and it makes you smoking quicker. The leg also matches in the event that you opt to put it along with a cooking grate rather.
  • This particular smoker box for gas grill is somewhat smaller in contrast to others on this listing. But, it is a fantastic product with a few practical and handy capabilities. We believe the advantages truly outweigh the downside.

5. Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box

Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box

  • The smoker box for gas grill consists of quite heavy-duty cast iron with holes around the base of the box and massive slots on the surface of the box to make a really even airflow for ventilation functions inducing the smoke generated in the box to pass directly on your meals.
  • The lid can also be made from cast iron but does not attach or lock into position, but this isn’t needed because this item is quite heavy and the weight of the lid holds it in position.
  • This smoker box may operate with pretty much any grill with almost any temperature array. The smoker box may keep heat quite well, however, there are complaints regarding the substantial quantity of time that it requires for the box to warm up prior to starting to smoke.
  • This may be problematic if you’re wanting to grill quickly and use a little bit of fuel per ingestion. The smoker box may hold any wood chips that you need to put in them if they’re new or saturated in fluids. In any event, this smoker box will stop the wood chips indoors from catching fire making an even and warmer smoke to your grill.

6. Weber 7576 Universal Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Weber 7576 Universal Stainless Steel Smoker Box

  • Constructed for virtually every gas grill on the market, the Weber stainless steel smoker box is a must-have in case you are a regular griller.
  • Simply put the box, half-filled with wood chips on your grill for about 15 minutes when grate-warming so as to acquire the smoke began.
  • And just so that you understand, you can use wood chips of any sort. Just be certain they are soaked to prevent flame combustion.

7. Smoker Box Maximum Wood Chip Capacity

Smoker Box Maximum Wood Chip Capacity

  • Imagine if you’ve got a bigger grill having more meat? Evidently, you need to go with a bigger smoker box for gas grill. This one definitely qualifies, since it steps 13.6 from 4.7 by 2.8 inches.
  • There is a water reservoir that may produce the smoke warmer or supply space to get more wood chips. The stainless steel is again thicker than normal to reduce warping.
  • It’s possible to squeeze the V-shaped bottom underneath the grill. There are not any holes at the base of the smoker box to allow the wood chips to catch fire. You won’t bother using a hot lid as this includes a hinged lid.

8. Skyflame Wood Chip Smoker Box

Skyflame Wood Chip Smoker Box

  • This smoker’s exceptional W-shape lets it sit right on the fire deflector bars, maintaining it off your grill grates for longer cooking space. The stainless steel design makes it more durable when put indirect heat. The suitable hinged lid makes it feasible for simple refills when wood chips get reduced.
  • The lid’s wavy characteristic allows for compact smoke over a bigger area. The ash from the wood chips remains contained inside the smoker, which makes no mess on your grill. Between the box shape and also the wave layout, smoke could penetrate deeper.
  • Together with the capability to sit on any fire deflector bar shape, the box measures 3.3″ x 12″ x 2.5″ and weighs 1.2 lbs. Manufactured in the USA, the Skyflame Wood Chip Smoker Box is a patented design.

9. Stovetop Smoker – Gourmet Mini Stainless Steel Smoking Box

Stovetop Smoker – Gourmet Mini Stainless Steel Smoking Box

  • Gourmet Mini Stovetop Smoker from Camerons is a superb method to incorporate a healthy, smoky taste in your meat, seafood, veggies, and poultry meals. It saves you the need to include extra fats, salts, oils, or calories to improve the taste of your meals.
  • This smoker box can help to keep food moist and organic tastes, preventing your meals out from toughening or dying outside. It’s versatile. It is also possible to utilize it like a steamer, roasting pan, or poacher.
  • You may use it on almost any heating source, be it electrical, propane, campfire, etc… The Gourmet Mini Stovetop is perfect for smoking poultry, meat dishes, and fish. What is more, it may turn your regular vegetables right into a tasty principal course.
  • Each of the pieces of the smoker box may float within it when not being used. Likewise, the grips can fold off. That makes it effortless to store. Its easy stainless steel construction makes it dishwasher safe.
  • These are a few of the top gas grill smoker boxes available in the marketplace nowadays. Check them out and select one which best fits your requirements and budget.

10. BBQ Smoker Box for Charcoal and Propane Gas Grill

BBQ Smoker Box for Charcoal and Propane Gas Grill

  • This wood chip smoker box was created using more vent holes compared to the contest to get a richer, smokier BBQ taste.
  • Powerful and durable stainless steel construction makes it ideal to be used with charcoal grill and also with natural and propane gas grills also helps prevent warping.
  • The “X” form of this port design not only allows for longer holes to be set on the surface where smoke wishes to escape but additionally offers a more visually pleasing, stand out appearance that combines form and function; this grill accessory makes a fantastic gift for daddy or the grill enthusiast on your shopping list; glossy packaging sleeve is environmentally aware.
  • Port layout already generates more smoke than the remainder, but our hinge-free design allows for flexible lid positioning, yielding even increased smoke quantity to even the most obsessive of smoky meat connoisseurs.

11. Grillaholics Smoker Box

Grillaholics Smoker Box

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  • Grillaholics have been in a position to generate a brilliant smoker box that’s going to have the ability to deliver each the tastes that you demand. There are loads of holes around the box to ensure the smoke flows evenly throughout the grill.
  • In addition to being ideal for gas grills, this smoker box for gas grill can be highly compatible with different kinds of grills in addition to some other designs and producers. It could sit at the top of these grill gates but it’s also slim enough to go under them in case you wanted additional distance.
  • Like many kinds of smoker boxes, it can be tough to learn the way to find the perfect quantity of smoke. It may take some time and patience to have the quantity of smoke you want. As soon as you work out it, you will have the ability to enjoy excellent smoke time after time.
  • A problem with a number of different kinds of cigarette boxes is the alloy can warp under an excessive amount of heat. This smoker box may hold up quite well on account of this thick stainless steel it’s made from. It is heavy-duty and ought to have the ability to endure the test of time.
  • The box has the ability to hold three cups of wood chips that need to be sufficient to secure more than smoke in the box for a complete cook. The hinges also open quite wide to make it as easy and secure as possible to bring the publication chips.

12. Outset QS77, 1 EA, Wood Chip Smoking Box

Outset QS77, 1 EA, Wood Chip Smoking Box

  • The Outset is a superb smoking box instrument made from cast iron. As a result of its structure, it can withstand extreme heat and scorching. In addition, the metal makes it be lasting and long-lasting. The box dimension is 5 x 8 x 1 inch, and it is a fantastic enough size to fit under gas grills.
  • What’s more, a sufficient amount of holes have been inserted from the lid which helps to bring a smoky sour flavor to the grilled beef. This smoker box for gas grill is specially designed to match charcoal and gas grills. Various kinds of wood chips could be added to the box to include aromatic smoke into the meat.
  • By way of instance, mesquite, applewood, and hickory wood chips. Each has a different odor of its own that enriches the taste of your BBQ. Aside from that, it’s a screw-down lid that produces a more suitable atmosphere for your wood chips to burn properly.

13. A-MAZE-N AMNTS12PF Pellet Tube Smoker Prefilled

A-MAZE-N AMNTS12PF Pellet Tube Smoker Prefilled

  • This A-Maze-N smoker tubing is just another stainless steel accession for this roundup. On the other hand, the 1 differentiation is its oval form. It will not roll off once you set the tube onto the cooking grates.
  • What’s more, you might even stand this up to save some distance if necessary. That is because the tube includes a cap on one end, which prevents the gas indoors from falling away. You can also hang it in case you’ve got a large enough hook to grab onto one of those perforated slots.
  • Talking of slots that are rigged, they are large enough to permit a fantastic smoke amount. Since the gas burns side to side or top to bottom, in addition, it burns slowly. In reality, you’ll have about two hours of smoke to the smaller 6″ variant while 4 hours to the more 12″ variant.
  • It is possible to use wood chips expect an irregular burn during the cook. In addition, you should light the tube since it is not perfect to put it between the burners. Owing to that, the startup time is shorter compared to other versions in this listing, which is approximately 10 minutes in total.
  • The A-Maze-N tube may work nicely on almost any grill, out of charcoal, propane into electrical grills. It’s simple to use and does not demand a great deal of cleanup. The tube can also be great for both cold and hot smoking. To find out more about it, just click on the button.

14. Cuisinart CSB-156 Wood Chip Smoker Box

Cuisinart CSB-156 Wood Chip Smoker Box

  • This is a really inexpensive version of a smoker box that might be the most suitable one for you if you’re not looking for anything overly unique.
  • This smoker box for gas grill is constructed of durable steel with a good plate underside and also a slotted latching lid to permit smoke to pass into the grill.
  • The smoker box is a far smaller-sized box compared to others coming in at 9×4″ which makes it ideal to fit in only about any kind of grill or dimension.
  • The box is also stated to not have the ability to maintain heat very well which makes it hard for the box to achieve a temperature to burn off the timber inside or hold the warmth to maintain the gas chips smoking.

15. DKS Smoker Cooker Box for Grill

DKS Smoker Cooker Box for Grill

  • You’re able to possibly gift a loved one that you know can’t exist without even grilling. And proceed even if this man or woman is YOU.
  • A smoker box for gas grill similar to this is a really handy tool since it makes sense for smoking on your own grill without needing to separately purchase a smoker.
  • The box includes a massive capacity that holds larger pieces of timber. Along with the whole structure of this thing is heavy-duty, with no warping issues by the way.

16. Kaduf Smoker Box for Gas Grill

Kaduf Smoker Box for Gas Grill

  • The last choice on the list is an extremely efficient smoker box that may be used with various kinds of grills such as a gas grill, charcoal grill, and a pellet one. You may use this tool to bring the smoky taste of your appetite to all sorts of meat in addition to fish.
  • What’s more, utilizing the box is very straightforward. All you need to do is put it along with your cooking grates and you’re all set. The box is small-sized that saves a whole lot of room in addition to your grill. Because of this, the grilling area isn’t wasted. It utilizes wood chips to generate a smoky taste and produce your own BBQ taste heavenly.
  • As a matter of fact, you may use unique kinds of wood chips such as pecan, mesquite, cherry, apple, etc.. to bring a fragrance of your liking into the meat. The smoker box for gas grill is constructed from stainless steel that makes it durable. It’s also quite simple to wash.

How to Smoke on a Gas Grill

Buying Guide for the Best Smoker Box For Gas Grill

Smoker boxes for gas grill owners to acquire a wonderful smoky taste, but how can they operate? A smoker box has to be full of wood chips; those can smolder and smoke because you cook and the smoke rising over the food that you’re grilling generates the smokey taste.

Based on what you are cooking, you may pick from an assortment of kinds of wood chips to create the specific taste you desire. The smoker box is then placed over the batter (but under the grates), and the wood is warmed enough to smolder.

You might need to experiment a bit with the total amount of heat you use; recall, the aim is to get smoldering chips, not ones that are tolerable. Some smoker boxes are all intended to operate with no soaking wood chips, so check the manufacturer’s directions before use.

Box Size

The best smoker box for gas grill is big enough to accommodate a fair quantity of wood chips. If your smoker box is too little, it is going to have to be refilled frequently so as to smoke its contents long.

Not only is this inconvenient, however, but the very best sour flavor is also born in the smoker box lid being closed; yet this can’t be achieved if you are always opening the lid to refill your smoker box.

Easy to clean

Meat is notorious because of its own fat contents. This having been said, if meat is consumed, it is bound to discharge fat drippings. These droppings may wind up the interior of your smoker, so having a smoker that’s simple to clean is essential. For everybody who’s serious about smoking, acquiring a smoker box that’s tough to take apart and reassemble only will not do.

This usually means you ought to start looking for a smoker box that, along with using an easy-to-clean layout, can be coated using a non-stick coating. The existence of the coating makes it much easier for you to eliminate fat drippings if they come in touch with all the smoker boxes.

The majority of the time, you will simply need to be concerned about this facet in case your smoker box is made for use beneath the cooking grate of your own smoker.

Durable Material

Just like with almost any high-heat cooking apparatus, a fantastic smoker box for gas grill must always be made using a durable, high-quality alloy such as stainless steel or cast iron. The substance ought to be thick. Thin or low-fat substances may result in warping, rust, distortion, and, basically, you replacing your mailbox soon after obtaining it. A smoker box created out of good materials ought to have the ability to withstand regular use for ages.

Lid Type

Normally, smoker boxes are equipped with one of two lid tyles: hinged or lift-off, the latter being a lid that’s totally removable. Neither alternative is always better yet, the lid that your smoker box sports ought to provide you easy access to its contents. It also needs to be tight-fitting.


Although smoker boxes are seldom seen and function a fairly basic role, they nevertheless come in many of various styles. Largely, these fashions vary concerning shape. Some could be slightly rounded/oval, though some may be conventional box-shaped smoker boxes. The design you choose will depend on your taste, budget, and grill

Brand Name

More frequently than not, unbranded things are equally as excellent as their counterparts that are brand-name. Although, they frequently also lack great warranties and other assurance steps. That is why it’s never a bad idea to decide on a well-known brand-name box. Brand-named smoker boxes are more inclined to possess generous warranties.


A smoker box for gas grill is a fantastic BBQ accessory to have. It permits you to smoke to a gas grill so that you don’t need to spend money on an excess smoker. Additionally, it saves you space if you don’t own a huge backyard.

Based on what you are intending to cook, then you have to decide on a smoker box that’s ideal for your circumstances. To begin with, you have to take into account the material and also the lid layout. Then the contour, ability, and measurements. In the end, it is whether easy to wash.

The box is also the very best stainless-steel structure of all of the stainless-steel boxes accessible with its double-pane thickness construct preventing it from harms or warping at very significant temperatures.

The box can also be rust-proof and comprises the ash within the box nicely using a locking latched lid that’s hinged for simple access and effortless cleaning. The box may also work in any kind of grill and utilize any sort of wood. This smoker box for gas grill is flexible and certain to make your encounter with smoker boxes exceptionally simple and seamless.