How to Arrange a Gallery Wall

Creating a photo gallery wall has been an ever-growing trend in interior design, and we understand why. They're stylish, fun and they provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your favorite pictures and wall decor!
Knowing where to begin can be intimidating, so our designers have shared some great ideas and layouts on how you can create your own gallery wall!

1. The Gallery Wall

Before hammering into the wall, we suggest creating a template with craft paper and tape to determine the layout. Ensure that the

bottoms, tops and sides of the outermost frames are equally aligned. Most importantly, this is your time to play! Frames don't have

to be matching; you can use a variety of colors and sizes, but keep an overall consistent theme in the artwork.

2) Perfect for Staircases

Photo gallery walls can be the perfect solution to adding color to a boring, neutral staircase. The first step is to follow the same

upward angle of the stairs. Hang large focal frames to anchor the stairwell and mix in smaller frames as accents.

3) Mix it Up

A fun way to brighten up corners is by adding a gallery wall. For an eclectic design, this is a great opportunity to mix in other wall

decor, such as mirrors, plates, sconces and wall clocks.

4) Streamlined

If your heart is set on a clean, modern design, keep the photo gallery wall symmetrical in an overall grid layout with matching picture

frames equally spaced.

5) Photo Ledge

Instead of hanging artwork, consider using photo ledges to display your favorite pieces. Group the artwork into a few piles with

staggered height, then simply overlap the pieces on the shelf.