Interior Design For Under $500? You Won't Believe What One Company Is Doing!

Interior design has traditionally been a hobby for people with lots of money who live in big cities, but millennials around the world are discovering that creating a beautiful space that you love living and working in doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Living room makeover by Laurel & Wolf designer Lauren Messina

Online interior design is the hottest way to design your space. Interior designers are taking their services to the web to give you access t interior design for way less money. Until now, interior designers charged clients an hourly rate, which included home visits, hours spent designing, and lots of time shopping in stores. By eliminating the need for an interior designer to come to your home, online design saves both you and your designer valuable time and money!

There are a few individual designers that offer online interior design through their own websites, but if you're looking for a fun way to find an online interior designer, check out Laurel & Wolf. Laurel & Wolf has a network of over 700 interior designers, and believes that everyone deserves a well designed space - offering you a brand new room designed for a flat fee of $299!

Brooke Burke's Malibu loft makeover by Laurel & Wolf designer Carisse Lynelle

With Laurel & Wolf, you'll receive:

Laurel & Wolf makes the process totally painless… and really fun! Start with a free style quiz to see what your personal interior design style is today!