An Interior Design Service for Under $500?

You won't believe what Laurel & Wolf is doing!

Interior design has traditionally been a hobby for people with lots of money who live in big cities, but millennials around the world are discovering that creating a beautiful space that you love living and working in doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Let's look at 3 spaces of clients who used Laurel & Wolf's Classic package ($299).

1. Jen's Easy, Breezy Santa Monica Beach House Makeover

When Jen moved into her boyfriend's space they inevitably agreed there were changes to be made. The two decided to join "cohabitation nation", and used Laurel & Wolf to help create a style reflective of both their individual lives and personalities. Their designer Kimberly Valente designed a space with a modern beach-house vibe that perfectly suits the new cohabitating couple!

2. Brandon's LA Bachelor Pad Makeover

Brandon wanted a clean, streamlined, and cozy look for his living room where he could comfortably kick back and watch TV with his dog. Keeping the space very masculine was also a priority for him, so his designer Jamie Nash made sure to find structured elements in strong, deep colors.

3. Lindsey Calla's New Orleans Home Makeover

When Lindsey Calla launched her online design project through Laurel & Wolf, designers leapt at the chance to design a bedroom, living room, and dining room in one of the first apartment buildings in the United States. L&W designer Lauren Messina created a space inspired by Lindsey's 'classic and sophisticated style'. She used some of Lindsey's existing furniture and paired it with new pieces to freshen the space. After a few weeks of design and revisions, the results were simply magical!