Moving Soon? Make it STRESS FREE with Expert Moving Tips!

Before: A Refinery29 editor's new apartment in West Hollywood

Congratulations on finding a new place! The first step of your moving process is complete, but we all know how stressful packing and unpacking your home can be. Don't panic - there are lots of tips and tricks the moving experts use that you can steal to make your move go smoothly. Check out our favorite little known tips to making your move as fun and stress free as possible!

After: West Hollywood apartment makeover by Laurel & Wolf designer Lindsey McPhail

1. Stock up on moving supplies!

There will be lots to throw away so have plenty of trash bags on hand. Packing tape is a necessity and a few rolls of different colored duct tape work great for labeling, but use sharpies to label the contents of every box specifically. Liquor boxes are the best for moving because they are really heavy duty.

2. Change your address and transfer utilities AT LEAST one week before the move.

You don't want to end up with a stack of bills and mail sitting at your old place. Or even worse, no water or electricity when you arrive at the new place!3. Wrap breakables like dishes and glasses in clothing to optimize packing space and save on bubble wrap.

Why not cover two sets of items in one load? Things like heavy coats and sweaters that you don't wear very often make great padding.

4. Save on boxes by using laundry bins, hampers, suitcases and baskets.

When you use the containers you already have, you'll save trees and money and have less waste to get rid of when you unpack! A major hack is to put books in a rolling suitcase, because boxes get HEAVY fast when books are involved.

5. Forget stress and save money on a design plan for the new place!

New Orleans living room makeover by Laurel & Wolf designer Lauren Messina

Using an interior designer to help you come up with a plan is a great way to eliminate the stress of setting up your place. Short on cash from the move? An online interior design service like Laurel & Wolf is an affordable option that accommodates your busy schedule. By using Laurel & Wolf's online service you can get started on designing your new space before you even begin moving in.

Los Angeles Bachelor pad makeover by Jamie Nash

Moving doesn't have to be one of your most stressful life events. You deserve an easy and beautiful transition into your new place and Laurel & Wolf can make that happen!