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What makes Laurel & Wolf different than other interior design services?

Laurel & Wolf offers interior design services entirely online, which means you can design your space from the comfort of your home, your office, or even on-the-go using your internet-accessible device. And--no hourly fees here! With our service, you'll pay a one-time flat fee per room to receive complete design services from our talented Laurel & Wolf designers.

What's the difference between your packages? Which should I choose?

Our Classic Package ($149/room) offers our complete interior design service at our most affordable price. Get matched one-on-one with an interior designer to start designing your space straight away.

Our Signature Package ($249/room) offers our complete interior design service with your choice of designer. You’ll receive personalized room concepts from three interior designers, then select one to work with to perfect your space.

For each package we offer an option to upgrade to a Premium designer, allowing you to work exclusively with our most experienced Laurel & Wolf designers.

Each package includes one-on-one time with your designer with unlimited revisions to your room during Design Time. Your Final Design Package includes a style board, a shopping list and a digital floor plan of your space.

How does the process work?

For Classic and Premium packages, we’ll match you with a designer based on your style preferences, and you’ll begin working right away. For both packages, you’ll have 10 days of Design Time to work one-on-one to perfect your room.*

For Signature, Signature Plus, and commercial packages, you’ll preview personalized design concepts from multiple designers before choosing one to continue working with to complete the space. For both packages, you’ll have 10 days of Design Time to work one-on-one to perfect your room.*

At the end of Design Time, once you’ve approved your room, your designer will send a Final Design Package with a style board, shopping list and digital floor plan with set-up instructions.

*Multi-room projects receive an additional seven days for each additional room in the project.

How long does a design project take?

A design project typically takes about 2 weeks for a single room project. If you're doing a multi-room project, you'll have 7 additional days per room during the Design Time phase of your project. Need more time? Contact, and we'll extend your timeline.

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What's a concept board?

A concept board is a personalized preview of a designer’s work submitted during the first phase of a design project. Think of it as a designer’s first impression of your space, based on your design brief details. Remember, the concept board is not your final design--it’s meant to be a jumping off point for you and your selected designer once you’ve entered Design Time.

Faq concept board

I live outside the United States, can Laurel & Wolf design my space?

We can! Keep in mind, all items sourced for you will come from vendors in the United States, so shipping costs may be higher than usual and additional customs/foreign transaction fees may apply. Please reach out to to learn more.

I have an open floor plan. How do you define a "room" under an open-concept space?

If you have an open-concept floor plan, pricing is determined by each area you want designed. For example, if you have an open living/dining space, and you want your living area and dining area designed and furnished, we’d call this two rooms.

Still have questions? We’re happy to review your space and give you a quote for your project. Just send photos of your space and a floor plan with dimensions to

What's a multi-room project?

If you have multiple spaces that you’d like designed by the same designer, add all rooms to your cart during checkout. If you have multiple rooms and want each one designed by a different designer, please start a new, single-room project for each room you want designed.

For Signature and Signature Plus multi-room projects, you’ll only receive concept boards for one room in your project. You’ll be prompted to choose this room prior to officially launching your project for designers to review.

We're remodeling our home. Can you help?

Of course! If you have drywall up, we are happy to complete a full room design for you. Photos of the space are extra important at this stage, so we’ll ask for 4-6 good photos of the space to give our designers an understanding of the layout.

If you haven’t started building yet or only have the rough framework up, we can help you choose finishings for the space (e.g. paint, hardware, etc.), but we’ll need to wait until the drywall is up to complete a full design. For these projects, we’ll require detailed floor plans from your contractor before we can get started.

For any finishing materials, we'll require that you have a professional (i.e. a contractor) measure your space and confirm the quantity needed for proper dimensions/coverage of any specified material.

What If I Don’t Select a Designer for my Signature or Signature Plus project?

Once you've received all of your concept boards, your project will move into the Pick a Designer phase. If we notice that you haven't picked a designer, we will contact you via email and/or by phone with several friendly reminders.

If you don't select your designer or notify us within 15 days of receiving your final concept board, your project will be closed. If you’d like to resume the project after it has been closed, contact us at, and we’ll help you restart.

I need more time! What do I do?

If you need to request an extension for your Design Time, just let your designer know, and we can provide a complementary extension.

Can I ask for changes after I receive my final design package?

Our designers want you to have the best experience possible and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you love the design you receive. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask them within 30 days of receiving your Final Design Package. Can't get ahold of your designer? Send us a message at, and we'll help you out!

What is your refund policy?

Design is very personal, and your happiness is our top priority. That’s why we provide the Laurel & Wolf Happiness Guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with the progress of your Classic or Premium package, you must contact us at within three days of launching your project to be eligible for a refund.

If you’re unhappy with at least one concept board for your Signature or Signature Plus package, you must contact us at prior to selecting a designer and within three days of receiving your third concept board to be eligible for a refund.

In order to process the refund for any of our design packages, we'll need to speak with you on the phone to hear feedback about your Laurel & Wolf experience.

Our Ordering Process

How does it work?

At Laurel & Wolf, we make it convenient to purchase the items you want from your shopping list:

  • Add the items you want to your cart, fill out your shipping information and submit the form.
  • We’ll send you an invoice, which will include shipping and handling fees as well as sales tax. If your item has free shipping, we’ll pass that along to you as well.
  • Once you’ve paid your invoice, we’ll purchase your items and keep you updated with estimated shipping dates and tracking info.
  • We’re more than happy to coordinate returns for you in compliance with each vendor’s return policy.

Do I have to buy everything at once or can I purchase over time?

Of course not! You can come back to your shopping list and purchase items at your convenience. Please do keep in mind however, that items will go out of stock. If an item you want goes out of stock, we’ll work with an interior designer to find an alternate item for you.

What happens if an item I want goes out of stock?

If an item goes out of stock, we’ll work with an interior designer to find an alternate item for you. If it’s been more than 3 months since your final design package was delivered and you have multiple items out of stock, contact us at for assistance.

What happens if I need to return an item?

We are happy to help you coordinate returns if you received an incorrect item or something arrives broken. Since we purchase directly through vendors, we follow each vendor’s return policy (and time frames for returns). Please be aware of any final sale items (they will be noted on your Invoice) as we may not be able to return those.

How does your price match guarantee work?

If you find an item at a lower price, please provide a screenshot of the item at the lower price and we’ll happily match it for you prior to your invoice being paid. See Details

How do I track my purchase?

At time of ordering, our purchasing team will update your Order with any available shipping estimates. Once your items ship, we will update your Order with shipping and tracking information. Unfortunately, we cannot coordinate delivery dates for your items. If one of your items is required to be scheduled for delivery per the vendor's shipping policies, you will be contacted directly by the vendor to schedule your delivery.

I found a coupon, can I apply it to my order?

We are happy to apply any coupons you find to your requested items prior to your invoice being paid. The coupon must be valid for your purchase at the time we apply it.

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