Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laurel & Wolf?

Laurel & Wolf connects clients across the country to a community of talented, professional designers to provide online interior design services. Clients pay a flat fee per room, and designers earn a flat fee once the project is completed. Designers and clients can be automatically matched based on style or clients can choose their designer based on concept boards. Alternatively, clients can work directly with designers via Design With Me.

What makes Laurel & Wolf different than other interior design services?

Laurel & Wolf provides interior designers an opportunity to connect with design projects and opportunities nationwide and 100% virtually. Our talented Designers (you) from across the country as well as our proprietary online, easy-to-use platform make the Laurel & Wolf experience stand out from the crowd. And while Designers design, Laurel & Wolf takes care of the marketing, payment, product ordering and stress!

How does a designer become part of the Laurel & Wolf design platform?

Requirements to be accepted on the platform include a review of credentials (i.e., degree, certification and licenses), work experience, portfolio and/or sample design concept submissions, and overall professionalism.

If you are interested in joining, click here. You will need to provide a background summary, a professional resume, your interior design credentials and portfolio and/or sample design concept style boards (image formats only please, i.e., .jpg or .png).

Are there other benefits to being a part of the Laurel & Wolf Design Community?

Laurel & Wolf was founded by an interior designer for interior designers. We understand that our Designers are looking to build a business and we help them do that with a number of different opportunities. Benefits of being a Laurel & Wolf Designer can include:

  • National Press Coverage
  • Education on brand and business building
  • Access to our designer online community forum and local Designer events
  • Leverage our easy-to-use platform with your existing clients

How does the process work?

For Classic and Premium packages, we match a client to their designer from the start based on package type and style preferences. For Signature, Signature Plus, and commercial packages, clients preview personalized design concepts from multiple designers before choosing one to continue working with to complete the space.

The client and designer will collaborate for 10-13 days, depending on the package. Projects with multiple rooms may have longer time frames. Once the design is approved, the designer will submit a Final Design Package including a final style board, a shopping list and a digital floor plan with set-up instructions.

What is the general timeline for an online design project?

Since this is an online platform, Clients and Designers save a lot of time by using this process. Typically, the design flows as follows:

Typical project timeline

Designers should submit a concept board to a project within 3 days of the project launching. Projects start closing once 3 designers have submitted. We will provide notice 12 hours before project is officially closed, after which you can no longer submit.

Once the submission period closes, Clients typically choose the winning Designer within 1-2 days.

In Design Time, Designer and Client work together for approximately 10 days (for single room and +3 days/additional room).

Once Design Time is complete, the Designer has 1 – 2 days to finalize and deliver the Final Design Package.

How much time does it take to participate in a Laurel & Wolf online design project?

While each Designer is different in their approach, a design project should take approximately 9 to 16 hours from start to finish, per room. This is an estimate based on the following breakdown:

  • Creating and submitting a concept board: 3 to 5 hours
  • Design Time: 3 to 5 hours
  • Create online shopping list: 1 to 2 hours
  • Create Final Style Board: 1 to 2 hours
  • Create floor plan and installation instructions: 1 to 2 hours

What is included in the concept board submission?

The concept board is a style board which illustrates your concept for the space to be designed. Typically, Designers use creative suite software such as Photoshop to prepare these. Everything that is on the concept board must be available to the Client for online purchase, deliverable to them in anywhere in the US, and within their budget (excludes labor). We have vetted a robust list of online retailers for our Designers in our Sourcing Guide which we urge Designers to source from when working with Clients.

What happens when the Client selects my design?

After you've been selected, Design Time of the process begins. It is during this period that the Designer and Client exchange feedback, communicate back and forth, and make any changes to the items for the space. If the Client does not like something, you can offer other options. Once all items are approved, you'll move on to the Final Design.

What is the Final Design and how does it work?

The Final Design begins once the Client approves all the items during the Design Time phase of the process. Putting together the Final Design Package is straightforward. Start by uploading the final style board(s) for the space, a digital floor plan and instructions for the Client to install your design.

How are Designers paid for completed design projects?

Designers are paid semi monthly. Payments for Projects which are delivered between the 1-15, will be processed on the 22nd, and for projects delivered between the 16th-31st on the 7th of the following month. Please expect 2-3 business days to see the amount in your account. Taxes are not withheld.

How do I communicate with the Client when I submit to their design project?

All communication is done on the Laurel & Wolf platform in the comments section. There are two places you can comment: general comments (in the Design Brief) and private comments (in a specific style board). General Comments, are public facing, so all other designers can see these comments. Private Comments are between you and the Client only. If you have questions, we are here to assist you at any time!

Are there different levels of Designers?

There are! Designers new to Laurel & Wolf start out in our Classic tier. Designers who show continued success on the platform are hand-selected for our Premium tier. Any designer can complete a Classic or Signature project, while Premium and Signature Plus projects are reserved for Premium designers.

Are there any tips for ensuring the best design project possible?

Make sure to carefully read every part of the Client's Design Brief which includes the style results, room survey info, budget, needs and wants. Using the information in this section will help Designers create concepts tailored to the Client's specific design project.

How do I create a successful design entry?

The most successful Designers pay close attention to the information that Clients provide and designs for the project at hand.

Communicate! While the project is live, don't be shy about commenting in the general comments section. The Client's feedback will help assist in the design process.

Check the site often! The best way to keep on eye on a project is by checking in.

Where can I shop for products for the design projects?

Laurel & Wolf has built a robust Sourcing Guide of online retailers curated by our team, which reflects a variety of products at different price points. Our Sourcing Guide is exclusive to Laurel & Wolf Designers, and we stand behind each retailer on this list. We encourage our Designers to source exclusively from our Sourcing Guide.

How do I factor the Client's budget into the design?

The budget should reflect the retail price and does not need to include taxes, shipping cost or labor. It is the Designer’s obligation to address the budget with their Client in Design Time. Some Clients may ask for tax and shipping to be included in the budget where we ask Designers to factor in 20% for those budgets.

If a product becomes "unavailable" before a Client purchases it, how is that handled?

If an item selected is discontinued or an individual item is sold prior to purchase, then we ask the Designer to resubmit a new option for the Client.

How do I accurately recommend finishing materials?

You can suggest finishing materials (e.g., tile, cabinetry, wallpaper, etc.) along with custom options, but you must reiterate that your Client must work with a contractor for accurate measurements to ensure that the correct amount of materials is specified before ordering.

What if the Client continues to contact me after I've delivered the Final Design?

Clients have up to 30 days to contact you with questions after you deliver the Final Design. If your Client contacts you outside of this window, please notify us at or call us at 310-734-7950.

Do you have any requirements to follow as a Laurel & Wolf Designer?

We do have requirements in place. Please review Laurel & Wolf 101 to make the design process as fun and easy as possible.

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