All About Private Design Projects

How are Private Design Projects different from other Laurel and Wolf projects?

In a Private Design Project you will only be working with one designer. You will not need to pick a package but will instead be assigned a Premium or Signature package based on which type of designer you've selected. Once you launch your project, you'll work one-on-one with your chosen designer over the next 1-2 weeks.

In an open Laurel and Wolf design project, you will receive designs from multiple designers then pick your favorite to work with one-on-one.

For all projects, you'll receive a complete Final Design package which includes a final style board, shopping list, floor plan and set up instructions.

How do I work one-on-one with a designer?

Private design projects are initiated by the designer—a designer will invite you to work with them. If a designer invites you to work together, you'll click through the designer's private design project link in order to start your design project with them. You'll start by taking a Style Quiz, provide information on your space, upload photos then checkout. Once your project is launched you'll start working one-on-one with your selected designer.

How much do Private Design Projects cost?

The cost for a Private Design Project is the same as the cost for a regular Laurel and Wolf project, however, with Private Design Projects there is no need to select a package. The package for your design project will be pre-selected for you, either a Premium or Signature package, based on the level of your designer. For example, if you are working with a Premium designer for a residential project, a Premium Residential design package will be selected for you.

How do I know if the designer I want to work with is a Premium or Signature designer?

After you take the Style Quiz you'll be asked to Confirm the rooms you want to have re-designed. On this page, you'll also see the name of the designer you have chosen to work with and whether he or she is a Premium or Signature designer.

How long does a Private Design Project take?

A typical Private Design Project will take about 2 weeks. Once you launch your project, you'll start working one-on-one with your designer immediately. Your designer will ask you questions and submit an initial style board for you to provide feedback on. You'll communicate back and forth with your designer over the next week or two until you are super happy about your design at which point your designer will put together and deliver your final design package.

What's included in my Final Design package?

Your Final Design package includes a final style board, shopping list, floor plan, and setup instructions.